Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home again, home again...

Another successful market is history. We always love visiting Minneapolis because of the shopping - Ikea, Mall of America, The Painted Porch Antiques and Terra Garden Center. All fun experiences and all so different. The Painted Porch was our first stop for garden junk for the booth. We scored a cool dragonfly wind whimsy, some plant stakes made out of old silver spoons and a great old cutting board. On our way north, we found Terra - one of the neatest garden shops ever. I bought some stepping stones with butterflies, dragonflies and bees on them for the first step off of my front porch (it's usually a mud puddle), some interesting bird feeders (one looks like a giant cattail) and a wonderful sunflower bird bath that we used in the booth to hold brochures. Ikea is always fun, too, for functional, practical office stuff and did not disappoint. A new outfit and lunch at the Mall and we were ready to go start setting up. I'll have a pic of the booth this weekend if I can remember to download R's camera.

Not too late to get in on this month's giveaway - a Square Pegs pattern. It was a hit at market. Just a Layer Cake and 2 fabrics makes it super fast and easy for the shops to kit and quilters to make.
More later, Lynne

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Panhandle QGuild in Scott's Bluff, NE

Here's a look at a couple of workshops from last month's trip to Scott's Bluff, NE. Twenty-five quilters took classes each day to learn my raw edge applique technique to make the Skipping Stones quilt on Friday or a Mini Table Treats quilt on Saturday afternoon. I love Diana and Alvina's versions with batiks! Thanks to Sharon Armstrong for sharing the group shot at their guild meeting.

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend of quilting!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May Giveaway

The May giveaway will be a Square Pegs pattern. Our photographer, Bill Roenne of Monarch Portraits, is coming up Tuesday to take pictures so I'll post an official cover pic later this week.

Cooper and Delainey are on their way up to play today while their parents are immersed in a major remodeling job. They've take a wall out between their kitchen and living room to create an open floor plan so it's made a mess out of their whole house. Demolition started a couple weeks ago; sheetrock and mudding was last weekend; texturizing the ceiling and painting cupboards is on the agenda for today. They're lucky they have several friends who are helping that know what to do. They're hoping to have it pretty much done before Delainey's birthday June 9th. Best of luck!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April's Winner is...

Just a quick note today to let you all know that Barbara is the winner of the KC Star book, Piecing the Past. Delainey, age 3, only counts to 22 (who knows why she stops there??) and picked the number 14, so Barbara was the 14th quilter to respond to the giveaway entry. Very scientific, huh?

Watch for the May giveaway announcement this week.