Monday, June 25, 2012

Loads of work to be done...

First of all, congratulations to Gwen (comment #5). You're the winner of a KT Harvest Moon strip bundle - just as soon as I sort thru the 50 lb. box! In the meantime, I have lots to do to prepare for pictures for the new book, Loose Change, in a couple weeks. Here's what Robert and I did over the weekend with a little help from the grandsons altho they spent more time in the sand pile and pond.
 We used the old cedar fence posts that had enclosed the pasture for over 60 years as a perimeter around our big shade tree to hide the bare patch of dirt and cover the roots. I started out wanting an 8 foot diameter. We ended up with over 20 feet. Bigger is better. It really did need to be bigger to not be dwarfed by the tree but our little bags of potting soil just weren't going to fill it. Sooo...

 the guy dumped a load of dirt this morning to fill my little planter. Guess someone has a job to do this weekend. It's gonna take alot of plants to fill it, too. Anyone up for dirty fingernails in exchange for some fat quarters???

This is really more my speed of gardening - a half wind-burned plant in a cut-out chair. I water it every morning and it's still thirsty. Oh well...the best looking things in my garden are the succelents that are thriving in this extremely hot, dry weather.

I have an old chicken feeder full of chicks 'n hens, aloe and other dry-loving plants. They're loving this weather!

Let me know this week if you have any handy gardening tips about dry, windy, hot conditions and how to keep things looking perky. Someone will walk away with the July KT Stash pattern, Holiday Ties, and some scraps to get you started. Until then, stay cool. LMH

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally back in the groove

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. Thanks for wondering. Returned home from CO (where my iPad wouldn't let me blog easily except at McDonald's) on Sunday evening to take a breath and was greeted at the door a day early by my two grandsons, Cooper (11) and Rowan (9). So, we hit the ground running Monday morning trying to pack a whole summer's worth of fun in a week. Swimming, fishing, exploring, painting, shopping, eating, landscaping, rearranging furniture - they've been really good help to have around. I can vacuum or plant twice as fast when they're moving furniture and hauling dirt/digging holes for me. And they think it's great fun! Of course, the reward is going to the pool or a trip to DQ for ice cream. Totally worth it to me. However, their pullout bed is in my sewing room so it's hard to get to my computer thru all the water guns, shoes, clothes and wet towels. I love having them here, but glad I'm a Gramma and not a full time Mom anymore. Whew!

The ladies in Grand Junction, CO at the guild and at Quilters' Corner Quilt Shop were a blast to hang out with last week. Here are a few pictures of the variations on my Square Pegs quilt...

It's an hour later and I realized I shot video instead of still camera shots. So sorry ladies. We had such a great variety of fabrics - bright kid prints to plaids, KT to batiks. All very cool. I downloaded a program to convert a still photo from a video but it will take a while to master it. Geez, technology makes me feel dumb.

The second workshop was Just a Little Loopy using a charm pack and a Honey Bun. By simply centering a HB strip across the center of a 5" charm square and stitching close to the pinked edges, you create a rail fence block. How easy is that? We used the extra HB strips to make a loopy border, pillow and decorate the top of a quilted bag. Three projects from 1 Honey Bun! The ladies were delighted and did a great job. I always enjoy my trips to Grand Junction. Thanks again for inviting me!

I'm announcing the giveaway for this week a little late so be sure to comment soon. A Harvest Moon scrap bundle will be yours if you comment by Monday night. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday - promise.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Busy week

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here. First, Bennington's annual rodeo closed the whole block of downtown for a day of fun activities for the kids - turtle races, dunk tank, peddle tractor pull and pony rides. Here's 6 yr-old Delainey enjoying her first encounter with a horse, acting like a seasoned cowgirl - Yeehaw! note the KT studio in the background.

Then, this last weekend was the Smoky Hill River Festival, the most fun that happens in Salina each year. For just a $10 button, our whole brood gathers for a weekend of live music, fine arts, unique crafts and more food than we can sample in 3days. My daughter, Nicole, and I enjoy checking out all the inspiring art, especially the jewelry and art created with found and vintage objects - too cool! Even 8 yr-old Aleece looks forward to choosing a special piece after examining all the options in every booth. This year, she selected a beautifully made blown glass flower. She even asked the artist for his card so she could keep it with her treasure. I'll share a pic when her Mom sends one. Some of the other offerings...

Pottery of all shapes and sizes,

Delicate looking glass sculptures, (it didn't take us very long to look in this booth with all the breakables)

Tattoo art on boxes and signs,

And a 3-d framed piece that pointed out looked just like one of my quilts. She has a discerning eye and is a budding artist, for sure.

Besides all the wonderful art and food, the whole park is decorated with giant installations difficult to capture in a picture, and local art teachers who work with their students to wrap trees and paint the sidewalks. The whole experience is awesome.

Watch tomorrow for last week's winner and a new giveaway.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making a path to the Post Office

 I'm delighted that we've sent out over 5 dozen Twinkly Stars patterns to all of you blog readers so far that sent in a stamped envelope. I've been getting the mail, opening the envelopes, stuffing the included envelopes with a pattern and heading back to the Post Office. Even Gwen, our postmaster, noticed how often I was trekking back and forth. How fun was that! I'm counting it as my exercise for the day. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us.

Hmmm...I think I forgot something in last week's post. Maybe a new giveaway for the week? Duh! Sorry about that. This week, I think we'll offer the 3 new patterns from last year's Stash Society that are now available to everyone - Squared, Scrap Baskets and Pickets & Petals. Squared is a traditional square-in-a-square block x 3 with not-so-traditional raw edge plaid triangles sewn into the border seam and buttoned down. Very fun table topper or wall quilt for everyday.
Scrap Baskets make good use of all those little strips you've been collecting for just the right project. Pieced log-cabin style baskets have fused bias handles for the perfect finishing touch.
Pickets & petals is a fun way to celebrate spring with blooms peeking over the neighbor's fence. Simply pieced 9-patches create the flowers with raw edge stems and leaves over a strippy picket fence. Clusters of buttons are tied to the flower centers for a fun touch.
All of these patterns are also available on our website now at Have you checked out the new June newsletter with a delicious Macaroon cookie recipe, a patriotic flag quilt to make for the 4th of July and a sneak peek at the new Harvest Moon project? 

I'll be in Grand Junction, CO all next week for a program and workshops. I hope to blog from the road - we'll see how that works for me. Until then, have a great beginning of summer week.