Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Little Down Time

The Grand Opening of KT Bernina Quilt Shop & Emporium officially done. We closed the doors and retreated to the porch for a tall class of cold beverage (fill in your favorite) to relax and revisit the events of the past week. Many of the quilters who visited took advantage of our specials - fabric & precuts were on sale and a Bernina service special ($20 store gift certificate with a scheduled cleaning/service before June 1st). Robert is so pleased with the response and excited to get to work on the machines. We had a good bunch of ladies steadily wander thru the shop over three days, admiring displays and exclaiming over the quilts. Too fun! It's always nice to hear the ladies' reactions to the long hours to make our shop homey and welcoming. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped in to say "Hi" and check it out.

Since the last pictures, we added a a few things to the shop....

 That's my quiltin' hubby behind the checkout counter....he's not new, but cute anyway.

A ladder full of treasures over the cutting table..

and a lampshade frame tied with plaid strips and loaded with greeting cards that make me smile.

Just getting started with our little wool corner featuring Ewe-nique hand-dyed wools and Valdani threads - beautiful! Connie Huddleson, Starry Pines Designs loaned a few projects from her collection, too.

 Hands down, the most popular pattern all weekend was by Pam Buda, Heartspun Quilts, and her Endless Summer charm quilt made as a gift for me by Lois Sprecker (lower right just above the giant wooden stars). The 4 quilts cascading over the cupboard are also by Pam. My parents brought the basket of sunflowers - so pretty! - and Mom made oodles of delish cookies to filll the tin. They were a huge hit! Thanks, Mom.

I forgot to add in the last post that you can win a copy of Primitive quilts magazine with Pam Buda's and my versions of Friendship Garden. Just comment here about whatever's on your mind. We'll go with that for this week's giveaway while I catch up with paperwork and take a really deep breath. Later, Lynne

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 Days to Grand Opening!

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Nancyz - you're the winner of the new Love of Quilting magazine! Please send your mailing address to Thanks to all of you for the positive comments on the Quilting with the Stars videos.

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Grand Opening

Just a few days until the Grand Opening is underway with some pretty cool prizes, homemade cookies (courtesy of my Mom) and lots of specials - fabric $9/yd.; precuts 10% off; pattern 50% off with purchase of kit; schedule service/cleaning of your Bernina before June 1st and receive a $20 in-store gift certificate. Our KT Retreat space is open for browsing, too.

 We've been busy cutting kits for our favorite projects....

and hanging quilts on every flat surface. The new Pheasant Hill collection is just in and ready to go home with you to make the new Pheasant Feathers or Pheasant Crossing quilts. More pictures throughout the week. We're adding more displays/props every day.

Primitive Quilts Magazine

Have you checked out the summer issue of Prim Quilts? My buddy, Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts, and I played together to create a little quilt we call Friendship Garden. I've used my easy raw edge applique techniques on my version, Pam chose to embellish her quilt with wool applique. I love them both! Kits are available for $40.95 for the cotton + $36 for the additional wools from KT. Call us at 785-488-2120 or email for more information.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fons & Porter Alert!

Love of Quilting

The new issue of Fons & Porter Love of Quilting magazine is on the newsstands now, with a lovely article and pattern by none other than - ME! I was also lucky enough to be featured in this month's Quilting with the Stars videos. Mary made it look so easy and instantly helped me relax and enjoy the day. Thanks so much to Mary Ann and Mary for a delightful experience. Check it out!

The project in the magazine, Homespun Honey, features Moda precuts - charm squares or a Layer Cake along with a Honey Bun. The HB strips are layered on the squares and stitched close to the pinked edges, then 4 squares are sewn together to form each block. Set on point, the quilt spins and swirls and just makes me smile. It goes together quickly and would look great in brights for a child of any age.
To win a copy of the Love of Quilting magazine featuring this quilt, comment here before Monday, April 22. Watch for the last minute countdown to KT Bernina Quilt Shop & Emporium's Grand Opening April 25-27.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This week's winner!

Congratulations to DebrafromMD. You're the winner of the Pheasant Crossing pattern & charm pack! Thanks to everyone who commented on their favorite Pheasant Hill print/color. I appreciate the feedback for future collections. Today I'm trying to whittle down a huge pile of beautiful prints into a new 40 piece KT Favorites II collection. Oh my - I wish there could be 60! You'll see this new group just in time for Christmas this year! If there's a KT Favorite you love now, grab it before it's gone.

Lynne's Really Bad Day

Have you ever had one of those days/trips when everything that could go wrong, did? I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to IL last week, but it started out on April Fool's Day less than perfectly. I woke up to pack my clothes in the car and the handle broke on my suitcase. No problem, just repacked in 2 smaller suitcases - clothes in one, shoes/socks in the other. Out the door and on my way. Just about an hour down the road, my oil light came on. Funny, since I'd had the oil changed just the previous week. When I stopped to check, there was no oil in the car. Hmmmm, guess they forgot to put oil back in. Pretty easy fix, just added a couple quarts. Stopped in Des Moines for gas when the tire light came on. Really??? My rear tire had a bulging spot on the side with a slow leak. Buy an extra large Diet Coke, fill up the tire and move on, I'll have it checked tomorrow. Between Des Moines and Moline, I stopped every hour to fill the tire. Grrrrrr..... When I reach Davenport, IA and turn south to Moline, the front end of my car "clunks" loudly and starts grinding every time I turn the wheel. Sounds just like it did in Dec. when one of the wheel bearings went out. As I limped into Moline, I stopped at the motel and asked for the nearest tire dealership. There happened to be a Firestone just around the corner. I talk to a nice young man who says to come back at 8am for someone to look at my "issues". Back at the motel - a very nice Comfort Inn ungoing remodeling - I sink into a hot bath, hoping to soak away my really bad day. When I'm good and prune-y, I step out of the tub into a puddle of cold water - the toilet has been running over. SERIOUSLY??? I stood in the cold water, laughing/crying wondering how this day could get any worse. I gathered up my stuff, moved to another room and crashed for the night. About 4am, I woke up in a panic realizing I'd left my suitcase with all my shoes/socks at home by the bed. Could this get any worse? I'm up and waiting at Firestone at 8am. When I explained my situation to Bill, that I needed to be at the guild meeting by 11:30am to unpack all the stuff in my car, he was very understanding and promised they would have my car fixed or take me and my stuff there themselves. What a guy! I walked over to the mall, ate a cinnamon pretzel for breakfast and waited for the stores to open, wondering how the day would play out. Now I know most of you would love to HAVE to shop for shoes, but it's one of my least favorite things to do - right after bra shopping. My feet are wide so very few brands fit well. I prayed someone had a pair of Berkenstocks or Dansko's in stock in my size. Three stores later, Von Maur had 2 pair - black and taupe - that would work. I bought 5 pair of socks and headed out to Firestone about 11am. They were pulling my car out of the garage - with 4 new tires, an oil change, new wheel bearing and alignment as I arrived. Bill and his crew were absolutely great in working so quickly to get me back on the road safely. Thank you guys! So, the moral of the story is - if you need tires, go to Bill at Firestone in Moline, IL. If you need shoes in a hurry, Von Maur is the place (we don't have Von Maur where I live so I was pleasantly surprised by their huge shoe selection). The ladies in Moline were delightful and excited about my program and workshop. My very bad day disappeared and was replaced by a very good day with quilters. I figure when that many things go wrong all at once, I must be good to go with no major issues for a long time. Let's hope so, anyway! I'm driving halfway across the country next month.

Have you had a very bad day that ended well because of a saintly helper in your life? Share your story to win  a Pheasant Hill mini charm. Here's hoping your problems are "mini", your troubles few.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pheasant Hill flies into your local shop this week!

Pheasant Hill has arrived! 

If you love border stripes, feathery prints and deep rich colors, this is the collection for you. The swirly feathers and tone-on-tone puddles are a couple of my favorites - for everything! Stock up on those, for sure.

Pheasant Feathers is our new design featuring Moda's Dessert Roll - (20) 5" x WOF strips. The blocks and top/bottom borders feature our layered patchwork for easier assembly. Just add a mini charm pack and 4 fabrics to complete this lap quilt.

A few leftovers score big in a runner and pillow toppers. 

If you love KT plum purples, this is your lucky day! Pheasant Hill is this year's chance to collect the newest purples for your stash. Let me know what your favorite print is and win this "charm'-ing pattern and charm pack - Pheasant Crossing. 
I'm off to Davenport, IA on Tuesday/Wednesday,  Rockford, IL on Thurs-Saturday, then on to Yellow Creek Quilt Designs in Pearl City, IL on Saturday afternoon for a book signing of Loose Change. Hope to see you all there! I'm stopping by Blue Springs, MO on the way home for their guild program Monday night. Whew! See ya next Wed. to announce the winner.