Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #39

Blockheads Week #39 Question of the Week

Have you started your Christmas preparations? Baking? Shoppping? Made a gift-wish list for yourself?
Kinda. I watch for interesting small gifts throughout the year for stocking stuffers (I LOVE stockings!) that I think the adults and grankids will like based on their hobbies/passions - wine glasses with built in ice cubes for Amanda, simple clothing patterns/fabric for Aleece, golf stuff for the twins, dinner and a movie for Nicole. Of course, anything electronic for the boys.  Some silly, some really cool. After what the family calls "gift interogations" at Thanksgiving, I make my final lists. Baking? No so much. Everyone brings appetizers and desserts so I don't have to cook as much. I love the variety of items from homemade meatballs to sushi to Brent's famous bacon-wrapped jalepenos to Nicole's best chocolate chip cookies EVER! It's an eclectic mix, but so fun to try a bite (or two) of everything.

Block #39 - Framed Star by Jo Morton

Jo's star would make a wonderful red/green Christmas quilt, right?  Kathy made her version in low contrast reds with earth tones. Lovely. Joy chose red/tan/blue for a patriotic vibe. Love'em both.

 Click HERE for Jo's instructions for Framed Star. 

Find my Layered Patchwork option instructions HERE.

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Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #38

Blockheads Week #38 - Question of the Week

I'm not that Mother/Mother-in-Law that insists my kids & grankids eat a second Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday just for me. Rather, Robert and I have a low key day, hanging out in our pj's, snacking on whatever we want and catching up on Netflix while the turkey roasts. "Dinner" consists of R dismantling the turkey (while basically eating his share) followed by pie. A real holiday for me. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, after the hustle and bustle of the holiday and Black Friday, everyone gathers to relax and enjoy leftovers. Yup, I do a turkey/stuffing casserole with all our favorite sides - and more pies (more pumpkin & pecan). I've decided over the years that the holidays need to be more about enjoying the people who gather together, rather than worrying about the perfect menu on a specific day. I am truly Grateful and Blessed.

Block #38 - Peace and Plenty by Betsy Chutchian

What a perfect block choice for this week! We can all use more peace in our lives and share our bounty with others. Kathy and Joy made very different color choices this week. Kathy selected a navy and cream from Betsy's collections while Joy used a variety of KT prints for her Layered Patchwork version (love the stripe!).

Kathy's blue/cream block (left); Joy's scrappy LP block (right).

Click HERE to find Betsy's instructions for Peace and Plenty.

My Layered Patchwork block eliminates a dozen seams.

Find my KT Layered Patchwork option HERE.

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Friday, November 17, 2017

All in a Row Again

I'm so pleased to be included in the second edition of Martingale's All in a Row Again book. It's always fun to see what the other Moda designers dream up for their rows and how they all seem to work together. A warm "Thank You" to Lissa Alexander of Moda for gathering all the creative minds and making the filler rows that offer unlimited possibilities. 

Be sure to visit Martingale's All in a Row Again Facebook page for great giveaways from all the participating Moda designers November 13 thru 24th, plus even more fantastic prizes from Moda and Martingale.

My row, Garden Time, features easy 9-patch flowers & a checkerboard border, our KT Diamond template for applique leaves, and a delightful watering can based on a vintage water can perched on my front porch. Choose your palette and color your garden to suit your home decor.

I'm still working on rows from the first book, All in a Row, but have found a few favorites in this book that will blend in beautifully! (Obviously I didn't rush to finish the first quilt because I knew I needed a few rows from this one. ; )  I love the nature-inspired theme of many of the rows, especially Kathy Schmitz' Autumn Wind that features a little applique along with piecing. I'm addicted to decorating with anything acorns or birds, and this has both! Who could resist?

Betsy's Stars and Geese row mixes two of my favorite pieced blocks in an unexpected way. I'm partial to "the dark side" of fabric and love her Civil War prints that are made for these traditional blocks.

Lisa makes her Tricolor Stars shine in just two colors. After following/making her blocks in our Moda Blockheads 48-week series, I appreciate her simply perfect take on this classic star. Maybe I'll try my row in a scrappy version. Which rows will you choose?

 Comment here to win an eBook version of All in a Row Again from Martingale. Do you make row quilts? How do you choose your rows - based on a theme, color, difficulty level? Winner chosen

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #37

Blockheads Block-of-the-Week #37 - 

Double Delight Star by Lynne Hagmeier

My Double Delight Star this week perfectly illustrates how my Layered Patchwork technique simplifies a difficult looking block. By breaking down the block into a basic 9-patch, then layering and topstitching the triangles & squares, I've eliminated more than 2 dozen seams in a 6" block. The secret of Layered Patchwork is to make sure the exposed edges are on the bias for softness and dimension after washing, but no raveling. 

Kathy's traditionally pieced block (left); Joy's Layered Patchwork block (right)

Click HERE to download instructions for Double Delight Star -  both Layered Patchwork AND traditional piecing options.

Question of the Week - Do you remember your first quilt market as an Exhibitor? When was it? Was it exciting, terrifying, both?

My first Quilt Market was in the spring of 1996. I had visited Fall Market 1995 to grasp the concept of market - what a booth looked like and how to plan - but was still overwhelmed by the positive feedback from shop owners. We wrote so many orders, we ran out of invoices! Exciting & terrifying pretty much sums up the experience. Our second market, we won 2nd place Single Booth Award. Even more exciting! By the third market, Moda approached us to design fabric and the whirlwind continued. No matter how many markets I attend, I'm never quite sure what to expect, but it's always interesting and a great deal of fun.

Meet the KT Piecers 
I'd like to take a minute to thank my piecers who have made all the Blockheads' blocks this year. With my travel/work schedule, it has been reassuring to know the blocks are ready to go each week for my blog posts. I couldn't have done this without you both.

Joy Johnson is an RN who retired from her position as Hospital Administrator several years ago and purchased a long-arm quilting machine to stay busy. Robert had worked for Joy at the hospital as a CNA for a few years before quitting to make the KT Quilt Shop a full time reality. (Who really needs a steady income and health insurance anyway???) When she stopped by the store and asked if we needed help, we jumped at the chance to have her on the team. Joy's quilting knowledge, long-arm artistry, friendly customer service and commitment to KTQ has made her an invaluable asset to our business. Her constructive input on quilt & fabric design helps me pare down the endless ideas rambling around in my head.

Kathy Limpic joined the KTQ team a little over a year ago after showing me her Dear Jane blocks while attending a KT Retreat. I had admired the quilts she shared at retreats for several years, but had no idea she was interested in piecing for a designer. She pieced the red/tan/blue Kansas Troubles quilt in my new book, Cozy Quilts & Comforts, and I was blown away with her perfect piecing/pressing skills. Since then, Kathy has become a valued member of the KT team as a piecer and a friend who has supported, encouraged and stepped up when life got in the way of quilting. I look forward to working with her in the years to come.

Check out the other Blockheads this week. And keep sharing your blocks on Facebook. It's really getting good.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

KT Winners

Look who's won an autographed copy of my new book, Cozy Quilts and Comforts - 

Judi Lovinger 
I have been awaiting this book (and not very patiently...just ask my friends!). I love the one on the wall above the bed, but this Checkerboard Garden takes my heart to a new level!! It is my favorite so far...

Sheila Lande    
So excited for the release of your latest book and would love to win a signed copy. So many to chose from that I may have to put the names in a hat and draw to see which to make 1st. Lol

The Quilts in your new book are gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it up close and personal. I love your fabrics/colors and the fact that they all go together from one season to the next...

I "found' a few extra books at market courtesy of Martingale, so I'll be giving away 3 books this week. Thanks for all your lovely comments about the book. It warms my heart. I would love to send each and every one of you a book. 

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVE the quilts in your new book! As always, your fabrics warm both heart and hearth and the quilts in this book are PERFECT! 
Its amazing how simple the quilt blocks are wit your technique and how complex they look when the quilt is done- love your technique- lets me be able to get more quilts made!!!
More great quilts! I like them all, but would love to make Skipping Stones. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Cozy Quilts and Comforts!

Ladies, please email your mailing address to and we'll send your books out ASAP. Thanks for following my blog. Watch for more sneak peeks and opportunities to win your own copy of Cozy Quilts and Comforts. Now available at your local quilt shop and online at

Order your copy today!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #36

Block-of-the-Week #36 - Shoo Dat by Carrie Nelson

Carrie offers us a fun, easy block this week that's basically four square-in-a-square blocks with sashing. Very cool! Find Carrie's instructions on her blog HERE.

Kathy's traditionally pieced block (left) goes all red and green for the holidays (are you even thinking about Christmas yet?) while Joy chose autumn tones for her Layered Patchwork block (right).

Kathy-traditional (left)/ Joy-Layered Patchwork (right)
 By layering the light print and pumpkin triangles on a background square (brown leaf print), Joy eliminated (16) seams for less pressing and a flatter block. Click below for my Layered Patchwork optional pattern.

  Block #36 - Shoo Dat - Layered Patchwork by Lynne Hagmeier

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Cozy Quilts and Comforts Sneak Peek - Day 6

November is FINALLY here! My new book, Cozy Quilts and Comforts will soon be at a quilt shop near you. Check out the final few projects in my Sneak Peek featuring traditional piecing and my Layered Patchwork technique below.

Preorder you copy TODAY!

My Prairie Pinwheel quilt is the perfect example of how Layered Patchwork makes quick work of a difficult-looking block. The entire quilt is made with rectangles and layered triangles. Simple. Because we've eliminated more than half the seams of traditional piecing, your blocks are more likely to measure the perfect size and lay flatter, so your whole quilt goes together easily. Our version features a fall theme KT Jelly Roll, but I can see this in a variety of colorways. Can you? Perhaps red/tan/blue for a summer accent in your home.

Christmas is just around the corner, but it's not too late to whip up a simple 9-patch + snowball quilt using traditional (hanging on the wall) or Layered Patchwork techniques with a holiday Jelly Roll and a few fabrics. Wouldn't you love to wake up in this cozy bed on Christmas morning?

To my kids and grankids, any quilt I make is fabulous, especially when it's flannel. I had to include a super quick and easy flannel project so I can make several for my family. The block is a tan square with a pinked dark strip across the center diagonally and small triangles stitched on opposite corners. See it? Another case of simplify the piecing to fool the eye. With the pinked edges, the topstitched strips and triangles fray slightly when washed to give a soft, primitive look and feel to the quilt. They only get better and better!

Love what you've seen? Let me know by commenting here to win an autographed copy of Cozy Quilts and Comforts. I appreciate all of your supportive words and wish I could give each of you a book. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Blockheads Week #35

Block #35 - Northridge by Lisa Bongean

Another great block by Lisa that's kind of a dressed up square-in-a-square. Very clever (no surprise). Kathy made her traditional version of Northridge in Lisa's navy and cream mini prints. Joy chose a red/tan/navy color scheme for her Layered Patchwork option.

Click HERE for Lisa's blog and the link to her Northridge block.

Click HERE for my Layered Patchwork version of Northridge.

Question of the Week: Do you make quilts to give as Christmas gifts? Have you started yet? 

Nope and Not even. Unless it's a small project, like my new Holly Joy Mini Table Treat that can be made/quilted/appliqued in about 3 hours, I don't make quilts specifically as gifts. Usually, the quilts I give to family are projects that are no longer needed in the store or for trunk shows. When the kids are home for the holidays and see what's new, they definitely let me know which ones they're interested in and know that in a few years, it might be wrapped up just for them. At our house, patience is a virtue.

Holly Joy Mini Table Treat w/runner & 2 pillows

Do you need a quick & easy project for a holiday gift - or for your own decorating? Comment to win a pattern for the new Holly Joy Mini Table Treat.

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