Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We're Open!

Thanks so much to everyone who braved the weather and came out on Friday & Saturday to help us celebrate our new Bernina/quilt shop. We still have tons of work to do but are looking forward to our Grand Opening on April 25-27 in conjuction with the North Central KS Shop Hop. We'll have fabric on sale, lots more kits, oodles of home decor items, more antiques and giveaways all weekend - including a 2 night stay at the KT Retreat for 2014! You won't want to miss it! Watch for our ad in the Kansas Country Register!

Store Hours

Our regular store hours will be Tues/Thurs/Friday - 10-6. Wed - 10-7. Sat. 10-3. Come on up to shop on Wednesday evening and have chicken at Westside Ventures with Gabe & Laurie. Please call Robert if you'll be coming thru on a Monday (he's usually there trying to catch up!) or need to leave/pick up a machine for service later in the evening any day. His cell # is 785-488-6214.

On the Road Again

Just returned home last night from Clinton, OK where I spent the day with a delightful bunch of ladies for a Skipping Stones workshop and finished with their guild program. I antiqued my way home thru OK yesterday - a much needed mental health day. Gleaned many ideas for store displays and figured out the layout of a new quilt while driving in the car. Sometimes it's good to have the time for your brain to just wander.

Giveaway Winner

I think in all my business with travels/store opening I missed the latest giveaway of a ruler necklace. Congratulations to Little Quilter, you're the winner of a one-of-a-kind necklace handmade by Me! Email me at and we'll talk necklaces.

For the next giveaway to end April 10th, we have a new patten for spring, Tulip Trellis. It's a great way to use up little scraps to make a big statement. Comment here for a chance to win.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

Only 24 hours to the end of our countdown. KT Bernina opens it's doors tomorrow morning at 10am. sharp.  The Bernina's are all in place, ready for you to come test drive the new 780 embroidery machine, the710 quilting edition, and the grand 830 that does it all! We have a selection of machines from Bernette's to sergers, embroidery to patchwork - whatever you have in mind. Come visit Robert soon!
Now, back to unpacking boxes. See you this weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

2 Days and counting...

I keep telling myself it's okay if everything isn't perfect, but I'm not really buying it. One of the things I'm having the most issue with is space - finding enough room to store 20 years of KT quilts. So, I've decided to share them with the world! Obviously, they are one-of-kind, KT originals -maybe even the one that didn't make it into a book or pattern. I don't have the time to sort thru all of them between now and Friday, but I have to clear them out soon. It's sad to think of letting them go, but also fun to think of someone enjoying them instead of being stuck in a cupboard.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

3 More Days!

The grankids are here helping out over Spring Break. You wouldn't think carry things up and down 26 stairs or sticking price tags on stuff would be that fun, but offer to pay them with a milkshake at the soda fountain down the street and they're all over it!

Of course, the shop will have a great selection of KT kits, patterns, precuts and our very own Five & Dime & Spare Change rulers, as featured in the book, Loose Change. I wouldn't be surprised if several of these items are on the list of giveaways for opening weekend.

Better get back to work - only 3 days to go!

Monday, March 18, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

Only 4 Days Left!

Yikes! I didn't think it would ever get here, now it's coming so fast! I dug through my boxes of treasures and found a few promotional items created by Moda - Sudoku and mini honey bun/mini charms. The Sudoku kit is made just like the puzzle with 9 each of 9 different charm squares featuring my Sandhill Plums line. It makes a nice size table topper/wall quilt. The Bake Shop box holds a mini honey bun and 3 coordinating mini charms to make one of 2 projects in the included pattern - what a deal! Quantities are limited, so hurry in today (I mean Friday!).

Sunday, March 17, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

5 Days to Opening!

I can't wait to get back home to add the finishing touches to the shop for Friday's opening. Robert said there are a dozen boxes to be unpacked, priced and put on the just the right shelf. A couple of fun items - for yourself or a friend - are our sewing themed magnets to hold important notes, and Amy Peter's unique charms. The magnets are reproductions of vintage button and pin cards. I love them for holding small applique pieces in place by my machine on a vintage tray. Amy's charms are so cute and so affordable - only $3-5 each - you can collect them on a chain to tell your story.

 Too cute!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

6 Days to Opening!

I know, I know, I've been going on and on about our opening on March 22nd. But we're so excited to finally open our doors to the public - not just for retreats, but 6 days a week! With the addition of Bernina to KT fabrics/products, we really have something to celebrate! We'll have our Grand Opening/Retreat Open House on April 26-28th. There will be giveaways - including the chance to sign up for 2 free nights at the KT Retreat - snacks and demonstations throughout the weekend. Plan a day trip - or two - and stop by KT Bernina as you Shop Hop across north/central Kansas. Stay tuned for more information.

I fell for these birds in Portland, OR a few years ago when we were shopping downtown after market, waiting to go to the airport. We walked into a gallery full of artisan jewelry, paintings, pottery and wooden bowls. So much wonderful stuff in one place. Robert and I both adore things made our of recycled junk, so the bird on a croquet ball caught out attention. Aren't they awesome? Each one is unique, the detail is incredible! I can't buy a whole flock at a time, but it's fun to search and collect them, one at a time, as we see them in our travels.

Don't miss the last few days of the countdown! And don't forget to comment for a chance to win a ruler or cross necklace!

Friday, March 15, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown - 1 week 'til Opening!

Only 7 days until we open the doors!

Don't miss our first day of business as KT Bernina Quilt Shop. We've rushing to fill every nook & cranny with fabric, sewing notions, home decor - and , of course, Bernina sewing machines for embroidery, quilting, serging and more! I'll have pictures for you when Robert is done unpacking and setting up all the machines.

As you know, I love all things primitive, including Primitive Quilts magazine! The current issue just happens to have one of my projects, Heads or Tails, that features my layered patchwork technique for easy, peasy flying geese. We'll have Primitive Quilts on our rack each quarter with tons of new projects in every issue.


Do you love prim? How about these stars made from recycled wood? They're supposedly for Christmas, but I think they're great for all year round. In 3 sizes, there's a perfect spot for one in your home. See you all tomorrow!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

8 Days to Opening on March 22nd!

Just a little over a week to go - and I'm leaving for NE in the morning to teach at Nana's Quilt Shop in Grand Island and sharing my quilts in a trunk show for the local guild that night. Later in the weekend, I'm headed over to Omaha to Cottonwood Quilt Guild for a couple of workshops and programs for their guild meetings. I've left lots of instructions for Robert and the crew, so I'm sure the shop will be totally finished when I return... Oh come on, let a girl dream!

It's been great fun shopping for all the extra goodies for the shop. Since we live in a little town with nothing but the deli/grocery store, soda fountain, puppy kennel, post office, bank and a bar, I've tried to include a few things for the local non-stitchers - greeting cards, soaps & candles & gift wrap for that last minute gift. It's so much more convenient that driving 15 miles to Target, don't you agree?

We found a really clever line of cards from Pigeon in my Parlour with vintage pictures and entertaining captions from the hysterical to ironic. One of my favorites: I cannot keep the birds of sorrow from passing over my head but I can keep them from building a nest in my hair.

Our battery-powered candles automatically conserve energy by turning off/on each evening. Isn't the spiral candle holder too cool/prim! And it's under $5!

How tiny can you go? This little basket is just big enough to hold a sqatty little candle and a few buttons.

Come on by throughout the next week for more sneak peeks!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

Just 9 Days to Opening!

These bracelets by Rosario Venegas of Praol's Story Bracelets at Each bracelet comes with a story about the charm or theme of the design - Hope, Rose/Faith, Love, etc. Don't ya just love it? 

Quilt Shop Wish List

I'm curious...if your local quilt would carry one thing on your wish list, that they don't right now, it would be.....

Comment here before March 21st and win one of my ruler necklaces - your choice of charms or cross. I'd love to know what's on your wish list.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

10 Days & Counting...

We'll offer kits for my wool table toppers, candle mats and sewing rolls along with wool and cotton pincushions. They're exclusive to KT Bernina Quilt Shop - you can only get them here! Now we just need to finish packaging them. 

How do you like the carpet? I love that it's a quilt pattern! The carpet tiles were so easy to install - just lay them down in the pattern you desire and trim around the edges. (Sure, it sounds easy when Robert is doing most of the work!) See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 11, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown to Opening

Only 11 Days Left!

Yikes, it's getting close! So much to do. How would we make it without our friends? Pam Buda, Heartspun Quilts, has graciously loaned me some of her charming quilts - many featuring KT charm packs. We'll have guest designers with items on display throughout the year so stop by regularly. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown to Opening

12 Days Left!

There are piles of boxes everywhere! Bernina boxes with all types of sewing machines, huge boxes with baskets, small boxes with greeting cards and sewing notions and soaps that make the place smell divine. Today, we're featuring our unique soap from Ten Good Sheep. They've wrapped organic soaps in their beautifully dyed wool for a delightful shower experience. I love them!

We also have Whispering Willow soaps and lip balm. With our very dry Kansas winters, I've finally found a lip conditioner that soothes and softens without being sticky. The bear is a special find in Florida, handmade at the retreat we attended by Heather Lynn. Robert collects bears & toys, I collect strawberry emerys - too perfect. We're not sharing!

We've had several quilters stop in to say "Hi" and check out the place, but I'm afraid it's still a work in progress. No early sales, ladies. We'll see you soon!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop & Emporium Countdown

13 Days Left to KT's Opening - March 22nd!

These delightful wool bags are intricately stitched and fashioned for everyday life. I use my small zippered bag to carry my iPad earphones, cords & accessories. So stylish! I'll bet you can't choose just one!

Friday, March 8, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop & Emporium Countdown

Only 14 Days to Go - March 22nd!

We're clearing out my stash of KT fabrics - including my favorite Farmyard Friends baby collection. Many of the vintage children's toys, high chairs, baby beds and dishes will also be looking for new homes. First come, first pick!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop & Emporium Countdown

15 Days to Opening - March 22nd!

I love baskets, especially those that look handmade with the look, color & patina of 100 years of use. We have baskets to hold mini charms,charms, fat quarters or little quilts rolled up. What will your basket hold?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop & Emporium Countdown

16 Days to Opening - March 22nd!

Julie Letvin's (Me & My Stitches) tiny masterpieces are a treasure to behold. She paperpieces each one on her sewing machine, then carefully frames then under glass. You can even see the paper foundation on the back! What a great gift idea for a quilting friend.  I have to get one of the new hexagons for my collection. PS - love her fabric choices, too!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Moda Designer Blog Hop Winners!

KT Bernina

Robert and I just returned from Bernina training classes held last week. My brain is mush! So much to learn, but they provided us with excellent tools and classes to get off to a good start. Come by and check out what these fabulous new machines can do - digitized embroidery, cutting out applique shapes, punching tool for crystals and painting with markers on fabric, tiles, plates - whatever! It's so much more than quilting! We even made an infinity scarf in 10 minutes on the serger - very cool. So much to share. Can't wait!

Moda Designer Blog Hop Results

The winners are: the Rx quilter ( - Pheasant Hill fat qtr. bundle
                          Ruth ( - Pheasant Hill Layer Cake
                          tpott ( - Pheasant Hill charm & mini charm packs

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who commented about their favorite quilt block. It was so fun to read and tabulate the results. Looks like 9-patch and star blocks rule!

Countdown to Opening

Watch here every day between now & March 22nd for a sneak peek at the new KT Bernina Quilt Shop & Emporium. We're working every day to bring you quality quilting products and gifts/decor in a unique environment. Stop by to say Hello!

KT Quilt Shop, Bernina & Emporium Countdown

17 Days to Opening - March 22nd!

I love Moda's precuts! It's such a fun, easy way to create a quilt. Add our layered patchwork technique in such quilts as Five & Dime or any of the projects in Loose Change, and you have a recipe for fast results. Are you collecting the new mini charm packs? We have the perfect little basket for displaying your stash.

Have you heard about the newest Moda precut - Dessert Rolls? Our Pheasant Hill and Dessert for Two lap quilts start with a Dessert Roll (20 - 5" strips) so you have an instant coordinated collection for your quilt.

Love these baskets? They're available, too!

Monday, March 4, 2013

KT Quilt Shop, Bernina & Emporium Countdown

18 days to Opening - March 22nd

We'll be prepared for all your quilting needs with Mettler cotton threads in all the colors to coordinate with KT fabric. I love to add dimension and fun to my quilts with buttons. Hillcreek Designs hand-dyes buttons in all sizes in my color pallete for a perfect match!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

KT Quilt Shop, KT Bernina & Emporium Countdown

19 Days to Opening - March 22nd 

I'm drawn to unique artisan jewelry, especially those that use recycled materials in their work. I've dabbled a bit myself to create these funky ruler necklaces with charms or crosses. Stop by the store and pick one out for yourself.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Announcing....KT Bernina, Quilt Shop & Emporium

20 Day Countdown to Opening - March 22nd

My husband, Robert, and I are delighted to announce the opening of our retail store front, Kansas Troubles Quilt Shop. In addition to hosting quilting retreats again after a 4-year break, we'll now have a permanent KT quilt shop featuring KT fabrics, patterns and favorite notions. Along with the most current KT fabric collections and precuts, we also have more than 500 yards of vintage KT from the past 12 years. I scored big at the Moda warehouse when they were bursting at the seams and had to sell some of the older KT fabrics from their library. What a find! There are limited quantities of many of my previous lines - Prairie Moon, Strawberry Jam, Winter Rose, Bound to the Prairie, Pressed Memories, Farmyard Friends and many more!

KT Bernina

In addition, Robert is partnering with the best sewing machine manufacturers in the world, Bernina, to service and sell their top notch sewing/quilting machines. We'll be offering classes quarterly and you'll be able to test drive the Bernina of your dreams. Call after March 1st to schedule service for your machine. 785-488-2120.

And so much more...

I've always wanted to have a home decorating/gift shop, so now is the time. We'll have unique gifts, greeting cards, artisanal jewelry, baskets and organizational items to "up" the cuteness level in your sewing room. Need a gift? We've got you covered with candles - real & electric, sentimental charms to create your own unique necklace or keychain, hilarious magnets, wool purses, unique collectibles and antiques.

We'll have kits for our Mini Table Treats, the latest KT quilts and old favorites in cool containers & baskets...

Grand Opening

Our first day of business will be Friday, March 22. We'll be open 10-6 both Friday & Saturday, March 22-23rd to welcome you to our new venture. Our official Grand Opening will be the weekend of our local quilt shop hop, April 25-28th. Come by with your friends to visit our retreat space and enjoy giveaways and specials all weekend long. And while you're in Bennington, have lunch at Westside Ventures where Laurie & Gabe will serve up deli sandwiches, chicken strips or the best cheeseburgers in town. On the other end of the block, The Linger Longer offers good ole' fashioned ice cream sodas, floats and fountain drinks from their restored soda fountain (I actually worked there in high school!). It's deliciously charming!

Store Hours

From Friday, March 22nd on, we'll be open Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - 10 to 5pm.,Wednesday 10-7pm. and Saturday 10-3pm. Monday, or any other day later in the evenings, by chance or appointment. Call 785-488-2120.

Check in every day for the next 20 days to see what KT Quilt Shop, Bernina & Emporium has in store for you!

Friday, March 1, 2013

New England Cruise


Love Quilting? Love the changing leaves in autumn? Want to hang out for a week at sea quilting and cruising from port to port with my buddy, Pam Buda and me? It's not too late to grab a girlfriend and come along! 

We'll each teach a 1/2 day class and share a mini trunk show of our quilts, plus another workshop one evening to make a pincushion, pillow top or other fun project. All supplies/kits are included in the cruise fee. 

My class will be this easy version of a churn dash block featuring my unique layered patchwork technique. So fun & you'll be done in no time!

Pam's project is a delightful quartet of Little Blue Schoolhouses, just perfect for September back-to-school stitching. Grab a girlfriend - or two - and sign up today!