Thursday, March 14, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

8 Days to Opening on March 22nd!

Just a little over a week to go - and I'm leaving for NE in the morning to teach at Nana's Quilt Shop in Grand Island and sharing my quilts in a trunk show for the local guild that night. Later in the weekend, I'm headed over to Omaha to Cottonwood Quilt Guild for a couple of workshops and programs for their guild meetings. I've left lots of instructions for Robert and the crew, so I'm sure the shop will be totally finished when I return... Oh come on, let a girl dream!

It's been great fun shopping for all the extra goodies for the shop. Since we live in a little town with nothing but the deli/grocery store, soda fountain, puppy kennel, post office, bank and a bar, I've tried to include a few things for the local non-stitchers - greeting cards, soaps & candles & gift wrap for that last minute gift. It's so much more convenient that driving 15 miles to Target, don't you agree?

We found a really clever line of cards from Pigeon in my Parlour with vintage pictures and entertaining captions from the hysterical to ironic. One of my favorites: I cannot keep the birds of sorrow from passing over my head but I can keep them from building a nest in my hair.

Our battery-powered candles automatically conserve energy by turning off/on each evening. Isn't the spiral candle holder too cool/prim! And it's under $5!

How tiny can you go? This little basket is just big enough to hold a sqatty little candle and a few buttons.

Come on by throughout the next week for more sneak peeks!


  1. I want one of each! Sure wish I could be there for your opening. I think I need a road trip!

  2. your shop is going to be soooo amazing! love the spiral candle holder!

  3. Lynne,
    Your shop is going to be great! I hope we will be able to get the things pictured as online purchases as I live soo far from you!
    I will be buying the spiral candle holder for sure...:)

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  5. I love the candles and the holder is great. You are finding such a great mix of collectibles and decoratives. Wish I lived closer, looks like I could browse forever.

  6. I am very anxious to come in and see your store. I hope to stop in on Friday! Best wishes with you new store!