Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #4

KT Winner

Happy day to:

Cecilia - Great block! I like to use Best Press when I'm squaring up my blocks. I would love to add some purple fabric to my stash.
You're the winner of our KT 6-pack of purple fat 1/8's for your stash. Thanks for being part of our Moda Blockheads group. 

Moda Blockheads Question-of-the-Week

Which thread do you prefer?
I discovered Aurifil thread about 5 years ago and instantly fell in love. Aurifil 50wt. is my go-to thread for topstitching on layered patchwork & piecing. It is smoother, stronger and finer than any other thread I've used. It's interesting how just a little less bulk to the thread makes your seams "skinnier" and press flatter. Even when hand-stitching binding, I've found it doesn't shred and break like other threads. I'm a believer! We have a KT Collection of 10 Aurifil colors that match my fabrics, all on sale thru the end of March.

Moda Blockheads Block #4

Block 4 - Bee Skep - Jan Patek  
Jan's Blog -
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Jan's delightful Bee Skep block (click on link above) was alot of fun for Kathy & Joy. They saw the applique from two totally different angles. Kathy found a great stripe and added some fancy machine stitching to make her version of the perfect bee skep.  Joy pieced folded strips to create her own stripes for a more dimensional bee skep. I love them both! Click on the link below for Joy's version of this adorable block.

Block #4 - Bee Skep - by Lynne

The selvedge quote from last spring's fabric collection, Bees 'n Blooms says,
 "Work like a bee, but savor the honey".  Ain't that the truth?

Joy's block - lower left; Kathy's block - top right.

Comment about your favorite thread to win a 6-pack of gold fat 1/8's this week. Just what you need to make our strippy, scrappy bee skep.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Moda Blockheads BOW #3

KT Winner

Congratulations to:
Carol C. - I usually don't pre-wash, because I like to use the pre-cuts. The layered method looks really intriguing -- thanks for sharing the additional information! I love sampler quilts, and love these blocks... thanks so much!

You're the winner of our fat 1/8's 6-pack of reds. Thanks for stitching along.

Check the Moda Blockheads FB page each Monday where I'll post the Question-of-the-Week. You can post your answers when you share pics of your blocks and see all the designers' opinions, as well.

Blockheads Question of the Week:  Do you starch your fabrics before or during piecing?

I prefer spray sizing. Starch seems to lay on top of the fabric surface and gets stiff and shiny when pressed. I like that spray sizing penetrates into the fibers of the fabric, adding body but not stiffness. It provides a crisp, sharp seam when pressing seam allowances, especially on small pieces. Best Press works well, too.

Now on to the fun stuff. Here's Jo's Four X design that creates a cool star block. Make it in two colors, like we did here - or three, for a totally different look. Go to Jo's BLOG for more fun information.Can't wait to see all of your blocks on FB - #modablockheads.

Block 3 - Four X - Jo Morton

Here's Kathy's block done in Jo's yummy prints. I just found the yarn winder recently. The colors are great together! It might turn into the perfect hanger for a tiny quilt. Love seeing all the little blocks you're showing using the cut-off triangles. So cute!

Jo Morton's Four X Block #3 by Kathy Limpic

My Layered Patchwork version of Jo's block is here:

Block 3 - Four X - Lynne's LP Method

Love these huge tailor's scissors found on a recent antique trip.
Joy recommends stitching across the purple triangle points (see below) to hold them in place. It gives a more polished appearance. She changed thread color to match the fabric on this block - Aurifil green #5013 and purple #2570. Joy eliminated 12 seams using my LP technique.

Detail of Four X block. Note stitching on purple triangle points.

My Aurifil thread blends so well with my KT fabric we've discussed using hot pink or white so the topstitching shows up better. Just can't bring myself to do it. Remember all of our Aurifil threads - singles & my 10-pack box - are on special through March 30th on our website at Lynnes-Favorite-Notions.

Back of both Four X blocks - Kathy's (left); Joy's (right).

How about a 6-pack of purple fat 1/8's to add to your stash this week? Comment here to win.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Moda Blockheads BOW #2

 KT Winner

Congratulations to:
Chelra - I plan to give your way a shot. I love learning new ways to do things. Thanks for the opportunity to continue my quilting education. 

You're the winner of (8) KT tan fat 1/8's. Perfect for backgrounds of the Blockheads' blocks.Reply to with your mailing address. We'll send them right out. 

Moda Blockheads Question of the Week

Do you have a question for the six of us - Jan, Lisa, Jo, Betsy, Carrie and me? Comment on any of our blogs on Wednesdays with your questions about quilting, the block-of-the-week or whatever you'd like to know and we'll all respond with the answer of the week. Watch for your question over the next few weeks. We'll answer as many as we can.

This week's question: Where do you stand on prewashing fabric?

I do not prewash my fabrics. Mainly because I start with alot of precuts which cannot be prewashed easily, and because it removes the sizing that gives the fabric body for better pressing. Also, Moda's fabric shrinks so little, it's not worth the time and trouble. I try to save time quilting by not doing things that don't make a big difference.


Welcome back to Week #2 of Moda Blockheads. 

All of us are delighted by the positive response to our block-of-the-week. Join our Facebook group, post your completed blocks with the hashtag #modablockheads and let's see how many variations are out there! I'm trying to see and "Like" all the blocks you're posting, but it's beginning to be an all morning job! Just know they're all turning out great. Thanks to everybody stitching along.

Click here for the traditionally pieced block by Betsy.

Block 2 - Aunt Dinah - Betsy Chutchian

Piecing by Kathy Limpic. Love those Betsy blues!

Just as nice on the back. Seams pressed open for fewer lumps.

Click here for my layered patchwork version.
Block 2 - Aunt Dinah Layered Patchwork Option by Lynne

KT Layered Patchwork Basics

I've read several questions regarding my layered patchwork (LP) technique on the FB group. Here are some basic guidelines when trying this method:

1. Fabric glue is perfect for holding the layered pieces in place while topstitching. Pins allow more movement, especially on triangle points. I add a dab of glue on triangle points or the corners of squares. No need to cover the whole piece. It's merely to hold the layered piece in place securely while topstitching.

My favorite glue pen is Sewline. It has a thin tip for easy application, doesn't make my fabric stiff, washes out well, and as a bonus, is refillable.
Find them at Lynnes Favorite Notions - Sewline Glue Pen.

2. I cut my layered pieces so all the exposed edges are on the bias to prevent raveling (Moda's pinked edges on precuts works well, too). A bias edge will simply soften and curl over time after handling and washing for a dimensional, primitive effect I love. After 3 rounds thru the washer & dryer, on regular wash (like a pair of grankids' dirty jeans, not like I usually wash a quilt) this is what a layered block/quilt looks like:

No raveling, just soft, dimensional raw edges that add to the primitive look I love.

Aleece's Charming Stars from Layers of Love book

3. Never square up a half square triangle again. Simply layer a triangle over the background square for perfect seam allowances every time. Since we're just adding the triangle over the top of a square and not trimming out behind, there is no more chance of a layered block coming unstitched in a quilt than a traditionally piece block. In fact, with fewer seams and doubled fabric in some places, my grankids have a hard time wearing their quilts out!

4. In the block below, I pieced traditional half square triangles for the corner units. Sometimes, it just makes sense to go the traditional route. The squares in the corners layered on top keep the unit square. Be sure to cut the squares so all sides are on the bias (on point).

5. I topstitch 1/8" from the exposed edge of my layered patchwork, but always use traditional 1/4" seam allowances to piece the block. Every time we stitch a seam and every time we press or trim a block, we've given ourselves another chance to distort or change the size. Fewer seams, less pressing, no trimming, all add up to flatter, more square and correctly sized blocks. Give it a try! 

To save about 16 seams and have much less pressing to worry about, try my layered patchwork version, pieced by Joy.

Great job, Joy!

Fewer seams, less pressing = flatter block.
Comment or ask a question this week to win a 6-pack of red fat 1/8's. Who doesn't love an assortment of good dark reds?


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Moda Blockheads BOW #1

Betsy, Jo, Jan, Lisa, Carrie & I are all so excited you're joining us in our 48-week long BOW. The adventure begins with our first 6" block, Whirlygig. Try it on for size and post your block with the hashtag #modablockheads to all your social media sites

Thistle Farm Basket

David Schulz has been anxiously awaiting Blockheads BOW by making an adorable fabric basket out of my new Thistle Farm fabric collection. So fun! It's filled with a KT starter pack and lots more. Want more info? See the note below from David on how he adapted the simple instructions for patchwork.

 The pattern is called "one hour basket" and best of all, it's free! 

It really does only take an hour if you use plain fabrics, but of course I used patchwork. 

I selected 8 squares from my Thistle Farm layer cake and cut into 3" square, and sewed together into a two grids (4 squares by 7 squares - the pattern says you need two pieces of exterior fabric 10.5" x 16.5" - I trimmed the patchwork to length when done). There were a few 3" squares left over for the scrap basket.

Instead of fusing with fusible fleece (as directed by the pattern),  I made a quilt sandwich with my top, cotton batting scraps, and a "backing" of a medium weight sew-in interfacing to give it some structure. Then quilted with some simple straight line stitching in a bright pumpkin colour.

After that, I just followed the instructions. I skipped the handles. There is a paid version of the pattern that gives additional sizes of the basket, both smaller and larger, but the free version is perfect for fat quarters.
Thanks for sharing, David. Now, on to our first block.

Whirlygig by Lynne

For my first block, I've featured my layered patchwork technique to simplify a traditional Whirlygig block. Print the instructions here & follow along with Joy below for step-by-step layered patchwork instructions. With fewer seams and less pressing, your block should be flatter and perfectly sized every time. Let me know what you think. Comment to win a bundle of (8) tan fat 1/8's for more great backgrounds for your Blockhead blocks.

 Block 1 - Whirligig - Kansas Troubles Quilters

Layer 2 light #1 triangles over each end of dark rectangle; topstitch.

Layer 1 light #1 and 1 light #2 triangle over each end of gold rectangle; topstitch.

Lay out layered rectangles as shown; sew together in pairs with light #2 in center.

Pairs sewn together with light #2 in the center to create pinwheel.

Whirlygig block 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" square.

Back of block.
KT fabrics on the left stitched by Joy Johson in Aurifil tan #2326; block on right stitched by Kathy Limpic in Aurifil green #5013. They've made it difficult to choose just one!

If you prefer traditional piecing, cut twice as many of both tan #1 and tan #2 squares, then don't cut them in half for triangles. Use the connecting corners method to stitch diagonally across the squares, press toward the corner and trim.


Here's a list of the 6 participating Moda Blockheads for your reference. I'll have a link to each block here every Wednesday.

Lynne -
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Betsy -
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Lisa B -
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Jan -
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Jo -
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Moda -
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See you next week when Betsy will show us her first block. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Weekend to Play

KT Winner

Congrats to the winner of my KT Aurifil threads this week:
Karen MotherK - Can't wait to get my hands on Thistle Farm!! When you have a new line come out, I have to load up on them as they go with any of your lines. The colors & prints are beautiful!!
Please reply to with your mailing address. We'll send out your 4 spools of Aurifil ASAP.

Weekend of Antiquing

Robert and I enjoyed a weekend away from work antique shopping, eating out and relaxing at a couple of movies. We had accumulated several free motel nights and had movie gift certificates from Christmas to spend. Woohoo! Even better. And, since we weren't working, we had an empty car to fill with treasures. Here are a few of my favs.

Of course, I'm always on the hunt for great antique quilts & prints for upcoming fabric lines. I found some good scrappy quilts and scraps of old fabrics in bags & blocks, too. Mission accomplished. Sometimes, I indulge in a fun 2 color quilt like this red/white zigzag just for it's graphic appeal. The theme of the weekend seemed to be red as we came home with not one, but two, red wagons and a red tricycle. I'm a sucker for the old children's toys in the yard and Robert loves them too. His favorite purchase? A box full of Bocce balls (there are a few in the Postum box). They have good color and stripes, so I'll figure out a way to incorporate them into our decor. Love, love the alterations/aprons sign for my home studio. My favorite-ist item is the handmade spool with an awl in the end sitting in the grain scoop. My friend, Pam Buda (Heartspun Quilts) found that beauty for me and R picked up the other two spools to add to my newly formed collection. I always enjoy this antique show. So much fun! 

Moda Blockheads BOW

I'll be blogging every Wednesday this year for the block-of-the-week, so I'm not going to continue every Monday, too. I'll post when there's news you won't want to miss, like the KT Monthly Special and new fabric arrivals, etc. Otherwise, I'll see you here on Wednesdays. I hope you're all ready to go. I know I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Moda Blockheads BOW Countdown to March 8

Moda Blockheads Block-of-the-Week Countdown

Only one week left until we begin our 48-week block-of-the-week series. I can't wait! I'll start next Wednesday with a fun & simple 6" block, then we'll rotate through the other creative designers from Moda in the order listed below. I'll have a link to the designer-of-the-week's blog right here every Wednesday to make it easy.

Post your finished blocks to Facebook and/or Instagram using #modablockheads. We'd love to see them.

Lynne - Week #1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, 43
Blog -
Facebook -
Instagram -

Betsy - Week #2, 8, 14, 20, 26, 32, 38, 44
Blog -
Facebook -
Instagram -

Lisa B - Week #3,9, 15, 21, 27, 33, 39, 45
Blog -
Facebook - or
Instagram -  or  or

Jan - Week #4, 10, 16, 22, 28, 34, 40, 46
Blog -
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Jo - Week #5, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 41, 47
Blog -
Facebook -
Instagram -

Moda - Carrie Nelson - Week #6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48
Blog -
Facebook -
Instagram -

Here at KTQ, we're also offering most blocks in a Layered Patchwork option. So, gather your Starter Packs, scraps and favorite hoarded fabrics and we'll begin soon!

See you March 8th!