Monday, July 25, 2016

New Book - I Love 9-Patches - Coming Soon!

KT Winner

Congratulations to the winner of a Sewline glue pen:

Carol KuseI am starting EPP also, and look forward to using a glue pen.
Thank you for the interesting blogs.

Glad you enjoyed learning about some of my favorite notions. We'll have more online in the near future. 

 I Love 9-Patches

I'm delighted to be part of another group of talented designers who were asked to participate in this fun book of projects by Martingale. Everybody loves 9-patches because of their simplicity, but also because of their versatility. So many great ideas jammed into one book!  Other designers contributing to the book include Sherri Falls, Kimberly Jolly, Tammy Vonderschmitt and Kari Carr.

I designed my 9-patch quilt last summer during baseball season as my husband was glued to the TV watching the Kansas City Royals. They were having a wonderful year and excitement was building as the summer rolled on. Robert, my quilt piecers, the grankids, were all holding their breath in anticipation of the World Series in the fall. It was baseball fever everywhere! Happily, the Royals went on to win the championship. My quilt celebrates the elusive triple play in baseball with 3 sizes of 9-patches in lights and darks. Strategically placed red squares in the large 9-patches create a path around the bases surrounding nine red-framed 9-patches for the game's 9 innings. The three blocks in the center represent three strikes and you're out. Great concept! Honestly, though, alot of that was coincidence since I'm not much of a professional sports fan and just liked the color and layout, but we can play on our local team's victory anyway. No matter the outcome of the game, I think this quilt is a home run!

Triple Play by KTQ

 Here are a few of the projects from I Love 9-Patches on my to-do list:

Old Nine by Tammy Vonderschmitt (Moda)

Tammy's classic 9-patch looks like a treasured antique quilt.

Tilt by Carrie Nelson (Moda)

How cool is that? I can see it in brights or Christmas or....

Lollipops by Barb Cherniwchan

So fun, so fresh! 

Comment this week to win the book, I Love 9-Patches, as soon as it arrives!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

KTQ Website News

KT Winner

Congrats to this week's winner of a KT red/tan/navy 6-pack of fat quarters:

Nan Martino - Happy "Birthweek" Lynn! I spent the 4th working on a scrappy star quilt, using KT fabric of course. Bees In Bloom is my NEW favorite!

Thanks to everyone for your warm birthday wishes. I hope you're keeping cool and able to spend some time doing all of your favorite things this summer.

KT Webstore Updates

Robert has been working hard to update our website with all the newest KT products. He would probably be further along if I didn't keep adding to his list. (I'd hate for him to run out of things to do.) We've added 2 new categories - Lynne's Favorite Notions and Kansas Troubles Fabrics. The notions group includes our new KT Aurifil thread box and single spools of thread, Sewline glue pens & refills, Olfa pinking, wave and scallop blades and Phillips Fiber Art Cut-a-Round rulers.

Aurifil Thread - If you follow my blog, you've heard me sing the praises of Aurifil 50wt. thread. I use it for my layered patchwork technique, raw edge applique and piecing. It's fine, strong and I love my new box of KT colors that blend beautifully with my fabrics. It's like opening a new box of crayons at the beginning of the school year!

KT Aurifil Thread Box of 10 Colors

Cut A Round Rulers - Do you ever need to cut a perfect circle? I have a series of 17" round table toppers we call Mini Table Treats. All of them start with a 17" background circle with a smaller circle layered on top. These rulers cut them in no time at all. Here are a few but we have more than a dozen Mini Table Treats patterns on the website.
Simply fold a fat quarter into fourths, place the ruler on the folded edges and cut a quarter circle. When opened, it's a perfect circle! I love that! Totally worth it if you use circles. There are several sizes. I like the medium and large sizes. They cover about anything I need, although I'm thinking I might need the small Cut A Round that cuts circles as small as 2". Wool pennies, anyone???

Olfa Blades - I use alot of precuts in my layered patchwork projects that require pinked edges. When I don't have quite enough precut charm squares or Jelly Roll strips, I reach for my Pinking blade and cut my own. It's a bit larger pinked edge than Moda's factory precuts, but once you mix them all together and wash your quilt, there's little difference in appearance. The Scallop and Wave blades make a larger pinked edge and are adorable on kids projects or for a decorative look.

45mm Olfa Blades - Scallop, Pinking, Wave
 Sewline Glue Pen & Refill - I use this glue pen on a daily basis. I prefer adding a dot of glue to a couple points of my triangles for layered patchwork instead of pins. The layered piece does not scooch and you don't have to worry about removing pins (or breaking a needle). This is the best quality fabric glue I've found. It sticks much like a Post-It note, is repositionable and washes out easily. It doesn't leave a stiff spot on your quilt and, most importantly, has no harsh chemicals to damage your fabric over time like ordinary school glue.

Sewline Glue Pen & Refill

Kansas Troubles Fabric.  - Over the years, we've had many requests to offer KT yardage online. Now, you can purchase Bees 'n Blooms, Prairie Cactus and Cozy Cottage Flannels by the 1/2 yard. (If you purchase multiple 1/2 yd. cuts of the same fabric, we'll send a full piece.) Our fabric is $10.50/yd. everyday for cotton, $12.00/yd. for flannel. Quantites are limited.

Bees 'n Blooms

Prairie Cactus

Cozy Cottage Flannels

Comment this week to win one of my favorite notions - a Sewline glue pen. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th!

KT Winner

Congratulations to:
Joanne Alburger -You are very blessed to have family time away to renew and restore, Would sew love to be lucky winner of your fence kit. Luv all you share and inspire!
You're this weeks winner of our KT Picket Fence RowxRow pattern/kit. Please email us at  with your address and we'll send it right out. Stop by KTQ to pick up your RowxRow kit and/or free pattern thru the summer.

Happy 4th of July!

Robert and I have been on the road so much this spring that a long holiday weekend was just what we needed to catch up on some chores around the house. Number one on the list was weeding our stone paver walkway and dead heading flowers. Everything was so overgrown this year from the good rains, it was like hacking thru a jungle trying to carrying groceries into the house!  Now, we have a civilized path again. (And a few dozen chigger bites in unmentionable places for the effort.)

Number two was finishing the chalk board in my studio. Once upon a time, my studio space was part of the original screened-in porch that spanned the whole front of the cabin. We loved spending time out there, but often had to clean the dust & dirt from the south 40 off the furniture before we could enjoy it. After enclosing half of it for my studio for year round use, we installed a window for air circulation opening onto the remaining porch. Weeeelllll.... after finally knocking out a wall and  enclosing the other part of the porch as part of the house last year, I had an odd hole in my wall from an unneeded window. I decided to make the best of it and add a chalkboard/inspiration wall. Dad dug around and found a large metal display piece that fit perfectly. A little lot of chalkboard paint and trim and "Ta-da!".  I don't have all my stuff up yet, but I have plenty of room for inspiration now.

Number three on the list was changing out the decor upstairs in the retreat space from spring bunnies and flowers to all things red, white & blue. Here are a couple of pictures celebrating summer.

Since it's my birthday today, I have a lunch date so I'll make this short. Here's wishing all of you a happy summer of stitching. I hope to work on a patriotic quilt just for me.  What are your quilting plans for the summer?

Comment here to win a six pack of red/tan/navy fat quarters for your summer holiday sewing. See you next week!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kansas RowXRow Experience

KT Winner

Geri A - I love Aurifil thread It is simply the best!! Love the way I can find coordinating colors. Also love basting spray, as I hate to baste!!
Congratulations to Geri A. You're the winner of our new KT Aurifil Thread Box. Please email your shipping address to and we'll send it right out! 
If you didn't win this week, please check out all the KT Aurifil thread colors by the spool or by the box on our website under Lynne's Favorite Notions. Our shipment of Aurifil should be arriving mid-July so please be patient. Watch for more of my favorite notions, including Sewline glue pens, Cut-a-Round rulers and more!

Quiet Family Vacation

Each year, we try to get the kids/grankids together for a family trip. We rent a house large enough for everyone to gather and call it "Christmas". No one needs a new blender or another knick knack for their homes, so we decided several years ago to use the money we would spend on Christmas for a family experience instead. It began with Disney World/Universal, then Estes Park. Days of activities were planned, tickets purchased, alarm clocks set so as not to miss a thing. What did the grankids vote was the best part of these vacations? The unstructured-laid back-no deadlines times when we were all just swimming, hanging out, laughing together and wasting time. The unanimous decision this year was to do more of that in a mountain cabin perfect for sleeping in late, hiking along the Poudre River, grilling simple meals outdoors and bonfires with s'mores after dark. The lack of wifi was a bit of an adjustment, but more so for the adults than the kids. (I think I'll confiscate all phones at the door next year.)

The cabin was beautifully rustic with lots of wood and natural elements. The best part was the location, overlooking the river and backing up to the mountains. 

Grampa Robert and I stocking the kitchen with esentials - water and snacks.

The decorating theme of the cabin was definitely WILD!

The loft bedroom had a mountain lion as guard.

Other than having to take a minute to acclimate to the higher altitude at times, this Gramma kept up pretty well to active 10-15 year olds. We collected rocks and pine cones on our hikes, swam in the reservoir and visited a Buddhist Stupa (very serene and inspirational). All in all, another successful family bonding experience. But, oh, did my own bed feel great when we arrived home last night!

Kansas RowXRow Experience

Do you have your route planned to stop at as many shops as you can to collect your free Home Sweet Home row patterns/kits?  With a theme like Home Sweet Home, I figured there would be rows and rows of house blocks that would need a fence to separate the neighborhoods. Here's my version of an easy picket fence using KT Layered Patchwork. The tan pickets are made by stitching 2 small navy background triangles on top of each tan strip. Perfect points every time! And now we have the coordinating Aurifil thread that's a perfect match!

KTQ Welcome Home Picket Fence for RowXRow 2016

Comment this week to win our Picket Fence pattern/kit. We'd love to share with those of you too far away to visit our KT Quilt Shop.

Have a Happy July 4th!

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Best Thread Ever!

Congratualtions to: 
Linda Yale - I wish I could attend a workshop with you! They look like so much fun, and all that expertise around you for questions! It's definitely on my bucket list!

You're the winner of our new Prairie Cactus book. Please email your shipping address to and we'll send it right out.



I'm so excited to announce our new KT Aurifil Box with 10 shades that perfectly complement my fabric collections (50wt. spools of 220 yds. of thread). I am honored and delighted to be associated with Aurifil and love that they've gathered my favorite picks for a cool new thread box. 

The KT Aurifil box comes with 10 small spools of 50wt thread.
 I grew up with another thread brand because that's what my local quilt shop carried 25 years ago. I wasn't always satisfied with the results, but hadn't come across anything better. Then I heard the talk at Moda about this fabulous thread that's very fine, but strong. It works for topstitching and piecing. Even the 50wt. is sturdy enough for your bobbin. I had to try out this wonderful thread! One spool, one quilt - I was hooked! But why stop with one spool? The variety of colors is awesome!

I topstitch a lot with my layered patchwork technique, so it made sense to find a great quality, fine thread that would hold up to raw edge stitching. This is it! Try one spool and you'll be a believer, too.

Here are the assorted colors.

My go-to-use-on-everything-color is #5013. It's a grayish green that blends beautifully with all of the KT darks and even looks great on my tans. You never need to change threads when topstitching using my layered patchwork technique. Also shown is black #2692. Who doesn't need black?

Gold #2335 and Purple #2570. Perfect for Bees 'n Blooms.

Brown #5024 and Pumpkin #2355. Always great with fall projects like Oak Haven.

Navy #2785 and Red #2460. Just the thing for all your red/tan/blue patriotic quilts.
We included 2 tans in the collection - lighter tan #2326 and medium tan #2370.

Feel free to print our KT Thread color chart from here or our website for handy pocket reference.
Bees 'n Blooms - closeup of lap quilt detail. Navy, gold, red, purple, black, tan and green thread used.
Oak Haven Pillow Sleve

 We used more than half the colors in the thread box in our Bees 'n Blooms project and the upcoming Oak Haven (Sept. 2016). Check out our KT website for single spools or the entire collection in the box. It's under a new category called "Lynne's Favorite Notions". In addition to the new thread, we'll be sharing glue pens, rulers, pinked rotary cutter blades and more in the near future.

Comment here on your favorite notion to win a KT Aurifil Thread Box collection. But don't stop there! Go to Aurifil for their wonderful introduction of my collection and a chance to win another KT Aurifil Thread Box plus a bundle of Bees 'n Blooms fabric. You can't lose!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Workshops in Peoria, IL

KT Winner(s)

Congratulations to:
Terry G. - I can't choose between the Cactus Star and the original Rustic Star, so . . . . both??!?!?

you're the winner of the Prairie Cactus booklet this week.

We still have a couple of unclaimed giveaways from last month, too. On May 16th, Kathy H won a bowl full of my fabric acorns, and on May 30th, Donna W won a set of KT Diamond templates. If you know either of these ladies, please have them contact us. We'll be re-giving-away unclaimed items the end of summer.

Gems of the Prairie, Peoria, IL

Thanks so much to the lovely ladies of Peoria, IL with the Gems of the Prairie Quilt Guild. Robert and I enjoyed our time with them the first week of June. Here's a look at some of the KT projects I shared in the workshops featuring my layered patchwork technique.

Makin' Honey Mini in Bees 'n Blooms booklet

Having a good laugh during the Makin' Honey class.

Delainey's Twirls & Swirls from Layers of Love book

I LOVED all the color options the quilters brought to class. And see how much they completed in just a few hours!
Clara's Raised Bed Garden using our KT Wedge template.

Delightful ladies, delightful blocks. Everyone had a good start on this lap size quilt or finished the runner.

Do enjoy workshops? What is your goal when taking a quilting class? What was the last class you took and what did you learn?

Comment this week to win your choice of any one of the above patterns - Bees 'n Blooms, Layers of Love or Clara's Garden.

Watch next week when we'll reveal our RowxRow Home Sweet Home row for Summer 2016.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More Prairie Cactus

KT Winner

Congrats to:
DebMac-I really like the cactus flower projects-it's one of the patterns on my to do list.

You're the winner of our Prairie Cactus charm pack (as soon as I receive one!). Please send your mailing address to We'll send out your charm pack soon!

Thanks, ladies, for all your comments. It's just what I need in the morning to find my creative juice. Your support and enthusiasm are appreciated. 

  It's Almost Here!

I can feel it. The ground rumbling, the squeal of the brakes, the back door slamming. Wahoo! The UPS guy in brown shorts is here with boxes and boxes of Prairie Christmas precuts and bolts of fabric! Almost. Any day now we'll be receiving our new Christmas line for 2016. It's time to start thinking about your holiday quilting list. We're hoping you'll love what we've created for you this year.

As promised last week, here are more of the projects from our new Prairie Cactus book. With our new KT Diamond Templates, you can cut perfect diamond shapes from 2 1/2" Jelly Roll strips, 1 1/2" Honey Bun strips, yardage or scraps. By simply sewing the larger diamonds together end-to-end and alternating the pieced strips with a stripe background strip, you can stitch up this delightful lap quilt we call Candy Stripe. Doesn't it make you think of peppermint sticks and all sorts of Christmas candies? A KT Prairie Cactus Jelly Roll and 2 fabrics is all you need! How about this easy quilt in Me and My Sister brights? Can you see it?

Candy Stripe lap quilt (66" x 78")
We've reimagined one of our quilts that appeared in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine a few years ago as shining Christmas stars. A traditional Hunter's Star block is simplified with KT's Layered Patchwork Technique.
Cactus Stars lap quilt (66" x 78")
I cut the small 1 1/2" diamonds with our template off-grain, so none of the straight edges of the diamonds were on the straight grain of fabric. Not true 45 degree bias, but it works to prevent raveling of the exposed edges. Position the diamond on the corner of a triangle; glue the points in place with a Sewline glue pen (my favorite). Stitch about 1/8" from the cut edges of the diamond, as shown. Sew 2 triangles together for a layered bias square, then sew 4 layered bias squares together for the basic Cactus Stars block. Easy peasy!
Cactus Star block
The original Rustic Stars quilt is also offered as a bonus in the Prairie Cactus book and shows how fun it can be in non-Christmas prints. We chose 4 lights and 4 darks for a planned scrappy look featuring a Honey Bun for even easier cutting of the 1 1/2" diamonds. Kits are available soon for all the Prairie Cactus projects.

Rustic Stars lap quilt (68" x 80")

 For a quick and easy coordinate for your holiday home, make an extra 18" block for a classic pillow cover. I chose just 3 fabrics, but you could certainly utilize your scraps from any of the Prairie Cactus projects.
Prairie Cactus Pillow (18" square)
Do you visit our website? Have you seen the fabric swatch charts I share for each fabric collection? Just print and save for easy reference for all your KT fabric shopping needs. Call KTQ (785-488-2120) and visit with Jamie or Robert or Joy anytime to order KT yardage ($10.50/yd everyday). We always encourage you to shop your local quilt store first, but we're here as back up if you need us.

Comment this week on your Christmas stitching plans to win a Prairie Cactus book. You'll be on your way to sewing up the holidays before 4th of July fireworks are done!