Monday, October 20, 2014

More KT Favorites - and a Contest!

KT Winner

Congratulations to Nancy E! You're the winner of the KT Dugout pattern last week. Due to some technical difficulties (read as user error), this post is just now being published. I accidentally scheduled it to publish in 2015! Oh well. Does that make me a week behind or a week ahead now???

KT Barn Raising

I love it when a quilt block can be rearranged a dozen different ways for a variety of looks. Classic log cabin blocks work well but there are endless little strips to cut and piece for each block. Our twist on the Five & Dime block is so much easier! The trick is a half light/half dark block for graphic impact. KT's new Favorites collection of precuts has more tan prints than ever to achieve this ratio for more ways to play with the block settings. I love this traditional Barn Raising setting for it's visual appeal and traditional character. Using KT's layered patchwork technique makes construction so fast you can make a different quilt layout for everyone on your list! Our pattern also includes several more options for fast & easy quilts that look technically intricate, but feature the same, simple layered block.

Layer a charm sq. centered on a Layer Cake square -
 light on dark and dark on light.  Stitch, cut diagonally.
Sew a light layered triangle to a dark layered triangle
for the basic block. KT Easy!

KT Barn Raising
72" sq. lap quilt

Furrows setting
72" x 81" lap quilt w/borders

Ins & Outs Queen/King quilt
106" sq. w/borders

There's also a pinwheel variation in the pattern but the possibilities are endless! I'd love to see what you all come up with, too. Send pictures to Hey, that kinda sounds like a challenge - no, a CONTEST! How about sending me pictures of your favorite KT quilt by the end of the year. We'll post our 3 favorites and have you all vote for the winner. See next week's post for all the details. To get you started, win a KT Barn Raising pattern & KT Favorites charm pack by commenting on your favorite fall decorating ideas.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Favorites!

KT Winners

Congratulations to Maggey & Jim. You're the winners of last week's Layers of Love book giveaway. I love that you quilt together as a couple. Please share nicely :).

Rustic Stars

Thanks to everyone who fell in love with my Rustic Stars quilt featured on the cover of the October issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. Due to the high demand for kits, we're waiting on Moda to reprint several of the key fabrics in the quilt. The shipment is due mid-November, so please be patient with us. We'll be cutting as fast as we can once the bolts arrive. What a fun Thanksgiving surprise when the mailman drops off your box of goodies!

Layered Patchwork 101

I've had several questions regarding my statement in the Loose Change and Layers of Love books about the layered patchwork technique - "Do not stitch in seam allowance".  By this, I mean to only topstitch the layered piece 1/8" from the pinked or bias edge on the inside of the block, not along the seam allowance, indicated by arrows. You'll be stitching over both layers when adding the next pieces to the block so it is not only duplicate stitching, but could cause puckering along the edge when sewing the blocks together. I try to provide stitching diagrams such as this to clarify where the layered patchwork topstitching is applied. Please email or call if you have questions about any of my patterns/projects.

This simple block is in a new pattern featuring a KT Favorites Jelly Roll called KT Dugout. Moda's bringing back KT Favorites with a collection of favorite prints from past KT lines that blend with everything new. There are 39 prints in the group with 20 of those doubled for precuts  - Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charms. KT Favorites is due to arrive in your local quilt shop in December.

Watch next week for another KT Favorites project featuring a Layer Cake and Charm using our Five & Dime ruler. This week, win the KT Dugout pattern. It would make a really quick and easy holiday gift for someone special with our $25 Christmas Jelly Rolls! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

KT Bernina News

The new bernette Sew Pink Edition sewing machine is available October 1st at KT Bernina. This adorable little workhorse is all dressed in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. For each machine sold, Bernina will donate $20 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This is a great machine for traveling or your newest little quilter. Come in and try one out today!

Robert and I are in TX for a few days visiting his youngest daughter, Jacque, and squeezing the newest addition to the family, Evan, born just a month ago. He must be the most content baby ever since all the pictures we've seen are of him asleep! Can't wait to meet him and see what his big brother, Eli, has to tell us.

To celebrate another grandchild (since Evan missed being in the Layers of Love book by just a few months) we're giving away a Layers of Love book this week. Comment here on grandchildren - yours or in general -to win. I'll have pictures to share of Evan with his eyes open next week!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Paisley Park Preview #4

Day at the Park

Our Paisley Park Preview was happily interrupted by the Moda Love Blog Tour. I hope you all had a chance to visit the other designers' blogs to learn more about their fabric collections and what they all love about quilting. I enjoy discovering a few little secrets about these talented women I see only twice a year at market. So fun!

Now, for the final project from our Paisley Park collection - our Day at the Park charm quilt. For each KT fabric line, I challenge myself to create a simple quilt using just one charm pack plus a couple extra fabrics for a fast & easy project. Whether a wall quilt, table runner or pair of pillows, my charm-ing inspirations provide lots of options for your home decor or gift giving throughout the year. For example, Day at the Park requires a charm pack, mini charm pack plus 2 fabrics for borders - kit price, including pattern, is only $29.88!

The Day at the Park quilt was inspired by a brick path in our favorite park that meanders past flower gardens, fountains and bird baths to a bench hidden under a blooming trellis. A lovely spot for an impromptu picnic lunch. Love it! I could see the brick work as charm squares and took a picture to remind me of it's pattern. Look around you - inspiration is everywhere!

By starting with 2 precuts, your project is half done. Piece traditiional half square triangle blocks from assorted charm squares. Cut a mini charm into fourths, then layer two of those squares on opposite corners of bias squares and stitch. So easy!

Play with the blocks as you're laying them out - there are several ways to create even more designs!

Comment here about your favorite spot for a relaxing lunch (or dinner or snack) to win a Paisley Park charm pack and our Day at the Park pattern. See you next Monday!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Moda Designer Blog Hop winners....

Great Girlfriend Getaway
I've been in Mackinaw City, MI with Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts this week playing with 30 fellow quilters at a KT/Heartspun Retreat. What a wonderful bunch of ladies from all over the Midwest. We had such a great time watch for info on another retreat in 2015. Our husbands came with us to work/play so we're celebrating with a getaway of our own to Mackinaw Island. It's so beautiful here I've barely noticed the chilly temps! More horse drawn taxis rides, shopping, great food and the butterfly garden tomorrow before heading back to reality.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by my blog and commented.  Check in each week for more KT news & giveaways. Now for the winners!
Paisley Park fat 1/4 bundle - Gloria.
PPark Layer Cake - Paula from Hudson, FL
PPark Jelly Roll -
PPark Honeybun - Lovetostitch
PPark honeycomb - quiltonia
PPark charm #1 - Beth Beal
PPark charm #2 - Connie.

Paisley Park is on its way to a quilt shop near you. Get yours now before it's all gone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moda Love Designer Blog Tour

Welcome to the Moda Love Blog Tour!

Each day you've been able to visit 3 different Moda designer's blogs for inspiration, giveaways and lots of Moda Love. Sensing a theme here??? Today's fellow Moda designers are the delightful and whimsical Bunny Hill and the extraordinarily talented and lovely Deb Strain. I can't wait to see what their Moda Love brings.

For me, after almost 15 years with Moda, the respect for Mark Dunn and his family company continues to grow. He is an outstanding businessman with a generous spirit and inspires us all to do our best work. But it's Lissa Alexander, Director of Marketing, that makes all the fun happen. Her ability to bring dozens of designers from all over the world together is incredible! She's the inspiration behind Moda Love and had a few questions for each of us:

When did you fall in LOVE with quilting/textiles?
It must have been a genetic thing since my Mom claims I complained about polyester blend sheets and scratchy blankets from the very beginning. Soft, cotton, natural fabrics have always been my first choice. My Gramma Ethel showed me how to make Barbie clothes by hand and had quilts on her beds. Her first love, however, was rug hooking. There were rugs everywhere in her house! I had access to her scrap bags of cottons, wools and buttons for doll clothes. Hand-stitching instilled in me the love of petting the textiles as I worked, enjoying the smoothness or texture of the various fabrics. A couple of treasured quilts from her mother inspired me to make my own quilts from new fabrics that looked old. Now, I have cupboards full of vintage quilts and quilt tops just waiting to be made into new KT fabrics!

What fuels you to create?
When I'm stuck and haven't had an original thought in days, I go shopping! Antique quilts and textiles (actually anything old and worm) inspire me to design. Sometimes I just go into my stash of old quilts and take out a pile to explore for new fabric prints and something about it always gets the creative juices flowing. Living in the country is always inspirational as well, with the changing colors of the seasons, the foliage and flowers changing outside my studio window, the wildlife that visit and call for me to come sit with a glass of iced tea on the porch to watch. I guess slowing down, breathing it all in and loving every minute of what I do is the fuel that keeps me going.

I love the color....RED.
Red is full of life, energy and possibilities. It's in virtually every fabric line I create and is a staple in my home decorating schemes year round.

I get shaky knees when... I find a gorgeous antique quilt/fabric - OR when my husband, Robert, kisses me.

When I teach workshops, I love...the quilters!
I learn so much from everyone I interact with at a workshop - their lives, their friendships and the fun that comes from a shared passion for quilting. Since I work by myself, I enjoy the stories, feedback and support of quilters all over the country. Here's a group of delightful ladies from a workshop at Patchwork Garden in Buffalo, NY.

What is your all time favorite Moda precut?
It's so hard to choose, but I'd have to say Charms because they play so well with all of the other precuts. I collect all the Moda designer's charms when traveling to quilt shops just for fun. That means I also have to search for antique boxes, tins and baskets that are the perfect size for holding all those charm packs. Win/Win! I use precuts in almost every quilt I design because I love to have my quilt ready to start sewing without alot of tedious cutting. They also work well with my layered patchwork technique AND you get an instant fabric collection in a beautiful little bundle. Gotta Moda LOVE it!

These are all Moda charm packs by the various designers -
and not a one is KTQ! Now I'm hooked on collecting mini charms, too!

Each of the Moda designers made a quilt from the same basic pattern with their new fabric collections. Here's my Moda Love quilt featuring a Paisley Park Layer Cake. Find the instructions for using a Layer Cake, charm or mini charm at Moda Love Layer Cake Quilt.

Now here's the good stuff! Comment here to win one of these awesome Moda precuts.
Check back for the list of winners on each of the designer's blogs on September 13th.  Good Luck!
A chair full of goodies - Moda's precut charms, Honey Bun,
 Jelly Roll, Honeycomb and a bundle of fat 1/4's.
Don't miss a chance to win!
The quilt behind the little red chair is our Rustic Star quilt from the October issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. We haven't even received Paisley Park fabric yet and are almost sold out of kits! If you're interested, call Jamie today to reserve your very own Rustic Stars kit. 785-488-2120.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Paisley Park Preview Week #3

KT Winners

Forgot to announce last week's winner of the Paisley Party pattern & Jelly Roll. Congrats to Ann X. And for this week's winner of the Perfectly Paisley pattern & Layer Cake, congratulations to Mia's Cottage. Please send mailing info to

Prim Pinwheels

Have you ever fallen in love with a block or a quilt that has a dozen seams and you break out in a rash just thinking about piecing it? Then, your blocks come out less than perfect and it's difficult to keep them flat and square? That's why I LOVE my layered patchwork technique. It simplifies traditional pieced blocks by eliminating some of the seams and pressing that can distort and cause lumps in your blocks. Our Prim Pinwheels quilt is the perfect example of that theory. Instead of pesky y-seams and lots of lumpy seam allowances in each block, I've layered triangles over precut Jelly RollTM strips for dimensional, primitive pinwheels that are so easy to make!
Intricate looking pinwheels made easy with layered patchwork
and Jelly Roll strips. A JR + 3 fabrics is all you need to create
a huggable lap quilt for someone on your list. 

Layer triangles over JR strips; stitch. Piece pairs together, then 4 of a kind.
Layer quarter cut triangles to each side for easy diamonds/pinwheels
 that lay flat and measure the correct size.

Comment here to win a Prim Paisley pattern and a Jelly Roll to get you started!

Moda's Designer Blog Hop continues! Come back Wednesday for KTQ's day of the hop.