Monday, January 16, 2017

Brighten Your Day

KT Winner  

Robert & I are on the road so I won't be posting the winner this week. I apologize that my blogging skills are limited on my iPad in a motel. Watch for all the January blog winners in February.

Get Your Brights On!

It's been a bit gloomy and gray here over the last few weeks. Pretty normal for Kansas in winter. This weather inspires me to pull out some happy, bright fabrics and make something fun for one of the grandaughters. Here are a few things I've made in the past with them in mind - or for those of you who live with brights in your homes. My layered patchwork technique works well with any colorway. We especially love Me & My Sister's line of cheerful prints. We even have a corner of the store dedicated to their fabric. Can't wait for the newest line to arrive!

BottomLtoR - Twisted/ 2Bits, 4Bits/ Zigzag Runner/ Twirls & Swirls (all KTQ) and Slice of Cake by Me & My Sister
2Bits, 4Bits from Loose Change by KTQ

Delainey's Twirls & Swirls from Layers of Love by KTQ

The Zigzag runner is also from Layers of Love. The small doll quilt in the upper right corner is the make-do quilt using leftovers and parts cut out from 2Bits, 4Bits.

We have kits for all of these projects in Barb & Mary's brights. This week, their Slice of Cake pattern with 2 options is our giveaway to add a little sunshine to your dreary winter days. Comment here about your favorite color palettes to win. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sunny Florida, Here We Come!

KT Winner

Congrats to:

Susan Smith -My wish is to organize my sewing space and have more time to sew! Love those table treats.You are such a fun Grandma! I'm sure those masks were a big hit!

Susan, you've won our scrap bag of woven plaids. Please email your shipping address to Jamie will send them right out.

Sunny Florida/Caribbean Cruise

Robert and I will be sunning and sailing while teaching over the next couple of weeks. I'll have new posts each Monday, but I may not have internet access to add the weekly winners. Check back in February for all the January blog winners.
We're so lucky to be able to travel while we work. I enjoy meeting quilters from all over the country and hearing their stories while sharing mine. It's especially fun to have a week to get to know these ladies on our cruises. Jenny Doan, of Missouri Star, and I will be teaching together again on 2 cruises in 2018. I just heard they're both over half full at this time. For more information, email our travel agent, Lenore Deck, at We hope you can join us!


KT Classic Woven Plaids

If you're in the Boca Raton, Florida area next week, make plans to attend the Gold Coast Quilter's Guild on meeting Tuesday, Jan. 17th. I'll be visiting to share my quilts in a trunk show plus 2 days of workshops. One day, we'll be making 30-Something from the Layers of Love book. I've always liked this layered block that creates a double star easily with my layered patchwork method. My original was in prints, but adding some plaids would make it even more interesting, don't you think? I love the movement a plaid on point gives to a block.

30-Something lap quilt from KT's Layers of Love book
Plaid block for 30-Something
 The 2nd day of classes, we'll be playing with the Loose Change book and Stacked Coins with a Layer Cake, Charm and Mini Charm layered in the blocks. I tried a block with some plaids thrown in to add geometric dimension and a masculine tone.The juxtaposition of plaids against prints makes them both shine brighter.
Stacked Coins from KT's Loose Change book

Stacked Coins block with plaids

If you 're in the area, stop by or - even better - sign up for one of the workshops. Contact Linda Adamcik at 561-790-1009 for more information. We'd love to see you there!

Now is the time to pick up some KT Classic Plaids to add to your stash during our January monthly special. Plaids are only $6.95/yd (1/2 yd. minimum). Comment this week to win 6 plaid fat quarters to start your next project.

Monday, January 2, 2017

KT January Special

KT Winner

Congratulations to our winner this week:

Anonymous-Gooseberry Lane sounds very intriguing! And I would LOVE a KT scrap bag! I am making a KT postage stamp quilt and have been saving all of my KT scraps for years now. :)

Gooseberry Lane will ship in June to your local quilt shop. KT will have it available as a 6-month program. More info to come. Joyful Wishes is the charm pattern, available in June, as well. I'm pretty sure you'll have a chance to win patterns/fabric when the time is right. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all of you for your support and kind words throughout 2016. We at KTQ are looking forward to a fresh, new 2017 with a few surprises up our sleeves. Watch for the first of several fun announcements in February!

I welcomed the New Year on a high note with 4 of the grankids while their parents enjoyed a little party time. It's the first year the twins have lived a state apart so it was good for all the siblings to catch up and celebrate together.

The pre-teen grankids weren't crazy about having their pics taken for Gramma's blog, so they went incognito as Party Animals. I purchased the masks in a pack at World Market and downloaded the Party Animal app on my phone. When the kids put on the masks and I used my camera to take a picture, the masks turned into this! Too funny!

It only seemed to work if I was about 2 feet away from the subject (probably user error). I wish I could have stood back further to get all of them in the same picture. Still made for alot of laughs. Believe me, the sound effects were priceless! Always entertaining when they're all together.

KT January Special

We're offering our KT Classic Plaids this month at an unbeatable deal of $6.95/yd. to add to your stash for the new year (sold on our website in 1/2 yard increments for $3.98). I love mixing my brushed woven plaids with prints to inject some geometric interest. It also helps add some masculinity (think plaid work shirt) to a guy quilt. Since the brushed plaids are woven, both sides are the same. I use the green plaids ALOT for leaves and stems in appliques. When the edges curl, the back side of the leaf is the same as the front. Very cool look. The plaids also work well for any layered patchwork project. The bias edges softly curl to give your quilt dimension and a primitive effect. We just found out these plaids will be discontinued by Moda, so quantities are limited. Stock up today!

KT Giveaway

Tell me about your wish/plan for the New Year - do you want to learn a new quilting technique? Sky dive? Travel? Comment to win a KT Classic Plaid scrap bag. There are plenty of pieces for accents on some of our favorite Mini Table Treats. 

Spoolin' Around

Tic Tac Stars


Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Future

KT Winner

Our winner this week of the bag of KT scraps is (insert drum roll, please):

Pattypiecer - Merry Christmas to you and yours. I love scraps and I believe I could use them with several of your fabrics in my " collection" lol
Thanks to everyone who commented here on my blog and Facebook. I appreciate your support and encouragement and look forward to hearing from you every week. 

Christmas Future

Ok, so I'm not supposed to reveal too much about the newest Christmas collection for 2017, Gooseberry Lane, but that's what I've been working on and I can't wait to share. With a name like Gooseberry Lane, I decided to research quilt blocks with "goose" or "geese" in them. My go-to resource for historical reference is Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks. It's my block bible. I highly recommend it. Her blog, Barbara Brackman's MATERIAL CULTURE, is also an informative source for vintage quilts, fabrics and blocks.

I found more than a dozen blocks with "goose/geese" in the name, including Flying Geese, Goose in the Pond, Goose & Goslings and Goose Tracks. The next step was to see if I could simplify any of them with my layered patchwork technique, insert the new fabric, experiment with sizes and see if they would all play together nicely. I added a bit of holiday fun with holly & berries (a new KT Kut-ups precut fusible applique pack) and a delightful Christmas sampler emerged. Borders were just added Christmas Eve day and it's headed to the quilter this week. Here's a peek at my new Gooseberry Sampler for 2017.

Gooseberry Sampler, June 2017

Your local quilt shop will be buying next year's holiday collections in January. If you like what you see, let them know!

Our little charm quilt for the collection is Joyful Wishes. Who wouldn't love to unwrap this Joy-ful expression of the holidays?

Joyful Wishes charm quilt

Comment this week to win another 'vintage" KT scrap bag - leftover parts and strips from kits over the years.
Here's to a Happy New Year full of quilting fun and surprises. Watch here January 2nd for our first Special of the Month for 2017.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Present

KT Winner

Congratulations to:
dortha -Love scraps. So nice of you to share. Merry Christmas .
You're the winner of the KT scrap bag of triangles. Thanks for commenting. Watch for more scraps this week.
FYI: I was able to send Dortha a direct email to let her know she had won our scrap bag. When you sign up for my blog thru Google, if you'll include an email address in your profile, it's much easier for me - or anyone - to contact you.

Christmas Present

KT's Christmas collection this year featured our new Diamond Template in 2 sizes to create an easy layered patchwork version of the traditional Hunter's Star block. The Prairie Cactus booklet offers 3 lap quilts, a tree skirt, runner & pillow to deck your halls in holiday style. Purchase the Prairie Cactus booklet and receive the Christmas Cactus charm pattern FREE!

Prairie Cactus lap quilt

Candy Stripe from Prairie Cactus booklet

Cactus Stars from Prairie Cactus booklet

Christmas Cactus charm pattern

Last year's Christmas quilts were from the Heart of the Home booklet - including a lap quilt, runner & pillow. Rows of flying geese blocks come together to create stars using our easy layered patchwork technique. Purchase Heart of the Home and receive From the Heart charm pattern FREE!  (features our KT Melon Template) 

From the Heart charm pattern

Heart of the Home lap quilt

Heart of the Home runner

Heart of the Home pillow cover

This week, I have a HUGE bag of strippy scraps to giveaway. (How did I end up with so many leftover binding strips???) Comment here to win BIG!

Merry, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Peace on Earth And a Scrappy New Year to all!
Lynne, Robert & Jamie

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Past

KT Winner

Congrats to the winner of our first scrap bag:

Ellen -Making memories is so important between the generations. 2 1/2" pre-cut squares (sigh)... next to heaven.
Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies. I hope you all take time to savor the gifts of the season.

Christmas Past

Here are a few past KT Christmas projects to inspire your home decorating this year. Buy any one of the patterns Christmas J-O-Y, Icicle Stars, Warm Memories or All Wrapped Up this week and we'll include one of the Mini Table Treats patterns - Holly Days or Light Up the Holidays -  FREE! (Jamie's choice)
Christmas J-O-Y

Icicle Stars lap quilt

Warm Memories - lap quilt or wall quilt w/advent ornaments

All Wrapped Up charm pattern

Holly Days Mini Table Treat

Light Up the Holidays Mini Table Treat

Watch for Christmas Present and Christmas Future in the coming weeks.

Comment here to win a bag of scraps from waaaay back - assorted triangles from KT Wildflower Serenade I & II and more!

Scrap Bag Giveaway

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

End-of-the-Year Cleaning Spree

KT Winner

Congratulations to our December Sampler Bag winner this week:
Deb - Thanks for holding one back, I missed it also. My excuse was good though, we did family, food and lots of thankfulness. Thanks for the chance
Deb, please send your mailing address to Jamie will ship you goodies right away!
Thanks again to everyone who made our week ordering the Sampler Bags. Watch for more specials each month right here and on the website.

The stakes are high and the betting fierce here at KTQ about how many KT Gift Certificates we'll sell this month ($50 gift certificate for $40). Robert needs a win this time! Call KTQ 785-488-2120 or click above for a thoughtful gift for any KT fan on your list.

Cleaning Spree

It's the time of year to sort, purge and reorganize, to start the New Year off with a fresh attitude and a clean studio. The process clears my head and helps to plan for the coming year.  I'm often juggling 3 or 4 fabric lines at a time:
1. Put finishing touches on book/patterns from Fall Market 2016 for arrival at your local quilt shop in early 2017 (Thistle Farm-March).

2. Piece quilts (and send kits to piecers) for KT's new Christmas line next summer 
 (Gooseberry Lane-June).

 3. Edit strike-offs of fabric line and begin designing quilts for Spring Market 2017 (top secret).
4. Design new fabric collection for Fall Market 2017 introduction (in progress).

December is supposed to be our "slow"month here at KTQ. Our last retreat is before Thanksgiving and I'm not traveling/teaching again until after the first of the year. Time to manage the piles of fabric and quilts and paperwork between markets and fabric seasons. Sooooo, I'm sharing piles of scraps that have been tucked away for months (or years) that have finally overflowed into my work space. This week, a stack of 2 1/2" squares and various rectangles cut from charm squares from a variety of fabric lines, (including a couple of Christmas' past) are up for grabs.

Watch over the next few weeks as I continue sorting, piling and discovering drawers and baskets of treasures. I love to share with all of you! Comment to win each week.

A Magical Evening with Delainey

My grandaughter, Delainey (10), & I treated ourselves to a spectacular show of lights at Botanica's Illuminations in Wichita, Kansas last Friday night. I have fond memories of  riding in the car with my family as a kid, searching for the homes best decorated for Christmas. Alas, there are fewer homes lit up for the holidays now, so my Christmas light addiction was satisfied with a grand display all in one place! Delainey was as excited as me, making notes in her journal as I took pictures for her scrapbook. We also enjoyed the strolling carolers, hot cocoa and holiday crafts for sale. A perfect  celebration of the season. On the ride home, a sleepy Delainey declared it's our new Christmas tradition - "just us, Gramma, cause we get it." Don't you just love sharing special moments with the grankids? We're already making plans for next year.

Delainey and I wish all of you a peaceful, joyous holiday season with all your favorite people.

Lynne & Delainey