Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring Market Intro - Oak Haven

KT Winner

Congrats to:
Debra McClanahan - That's the thing about a cruise-you have a set aside time to sew. I've had too many distraction so far this year (our daughter's wedding is 3 weeks from today)and I miss the actual sewing part of quilting. Watching beautiful fabric become part of something new is a big part of the experience for me. Would love to win your tans and put them into a new creation. 
Please email your shipping address to and Jamie will pack up your tan scraps and send them your way. Thanks to everyone who share their comments each week. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Craft University Online Tutorials

Please join me May 16th for a 6-part series of tutorials on my Layered Patchwork & Raw Edge Applique techniques. If you missed the premiere in January, you have another chance to see my unique methods up close. We'll be making 3 projects featuring KT precuts, rulers & templates - Mini Barn Raising, Clara's Window Garden, and Kansas Sunflower Runner. All 6 classes are only $35! Go to CraftU  for more information and to sign up. Kits are available from KTQ.

Clara's Window Garden -

Spring Market Introduction

To all my quilting friends, please, let me introduce you to Oak Haven. It's my new favorite fabric collection! We're finishing up the last few projects before Spring Market in Salt Lake City in a couple weeks - quilting, binding, taking pictures and adding one more thing.
I've been cutting out leaves, acorns, flowers and berries for weeks to stitch onto a lap quilt, runners and a pillow sleeve. I LOVE how everything is coming together. But something strange is going on. You know when you decide to make a scrappy quilt from your stash and dig out your basket of scraps - and even share with friends - but the basket is full again the next time you look? I swear, the same has been true for these appliques! Each night, I think I've used most of the pieces I've cut, adding a few more berries here and tucking in another acorn or two there. I go to bed satisfied that I'm almost done. But, in the morning, there are more leaves and acorns and berries and flowers scattered on my cutting table. They just keep multiplying! 
Oak leaves, acorns, flower petals & berries for Oak Haven projects.
 So of course, I make one more thing to use them up. Robert says it's all about the pre-Market frenzy of making lists, gathering props for the booth and "just one more thing". Until we get in the car to head to Utah, I have a hard time sitting back and saying "That's enough, I'm done". 
Harvest Runner with a charm pack and 2 fabrics.
 I know all of you can relate. When was the last time you went on a shop hop with friends, had a fabulous time, and announced in the car on the ride home, "That's enough, I'm not buying anymore fabric for months!" Uh huh. You totally understand me. Part of being a quilter is our creative souls need to be fed, nourished by fabric and thread and books and "just one more thing". It's what keeps us looking forward to the next market/shop hop/fabric collection/quilt.
One More Thing - Oak Haven Mini Table Treat
So hang around for the next few weeks and see all the new projects for Oak Haven - plus the new Prairie Christmas arriving next month! So much to see. So much to share. 

KT Collector's Club

Are you a KT Fan? Can't wait for the next fabric line to hit your local quilt shop? We'd love to give you a head start with our KT Collector's Club pack. Three times a year -when a new KT fabric collections arrive - we will auto-ship (6) fat 1/4's, the charm pattern created especially for that collection and a mini charm for just $25 (postage paid in USA). That's a $30 value BEFORE shipping costs! We want to share a little bit of the newest fabric with each of you. So call Jamie or Robert at 785-488-2120 today. It's not too late to receive the Bees 'n Blooms pack, or sign up to begin your KT Collector's Club series with Prairie Cactus, coming up soon!

Comment here for a chance to win a KT Collector's Club pack for Oak Haven - 6 fat 1/4's, a mini charm pack and the charm pattern. You'll have to be patient since it won't be ready for a couple months. If you can't wait, call Jamie to get started today!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cruisin' on Home

KT Winner

Congratulations to:
Gaylon Scharbor - I heard you speak at the NWA Quilt Congress this past year. You and your husband are great. Any guild who gets you to speak and teach is blessed!!
You're the winner of the cruise patterns/giveaways. Thanks for commenting. Hope you can come with me on a quilting cruise someday.

Jenny/Lynne Cruise - April 2016

It's always a pleasure to hang out with Jenny & Ron Doan. Cruisin' and quiltin' are a great way to squeeze some buddy time into our busy schedules. What a truly enjoyable week of work/play. Harold & Cindy Havard of Flash Sew & Quilt in Naples, Florida were our hosts. They worked with BAby Lock to provide sewing machines for each quilter. Our thanks to Aurifil thread for providing the perfect colors for both Jenny's and my projects. It's the best thread ever! Thanks, too, to Moda Fabrics for adding mini charms to the ladies' goodie bags. Love you guys!
The ports of call for this cruise are wonderful. Robert and I love St. Thomas and St. Martin - the beaches, the shopping, the local cuisine, the warm tropical breezes and no bugs! We found some island treasures and a little too much sun. Robert is just now peeling down to his original color :). 

We had a delightful group of 78 quilters who entertained us as much as we taught them over the 3 days of workshops. There were ladies from Australia and Wisconsin, Kansas and Canada, Florida and Montana and everywhere in between. Some came with friends, some traveled alone, but made fast friends in class. You're never truly alone in a group of quilters, right?
Here's my "home girls" from Kansas. They stay at our KT Retreat each year and followed me all the way to the Carribbean!

This group of quilters hail from Newfoundland, Canada. They added alot of personality to the room for sure.

Jenny's project in beautiful batiks by Carolyn Mathauer of IN.

This is my cruise project, Stars & Bars.

Here's the Scrap Happy Pillow Topper we made. Can you tell how much fun we had?
You can see from the finished results that both of our projects were doable in just a day or two. That was the point! Jenny and I both believe in teaching a technique that can be utilized after you return home. We're teaching at Missouri Star's Retreat in August, then another cruise in January 2017. Don't hesitate to put your name on the waiting list. You'll receive info on our upcoming 2018 cruises first!

Stay tuned next week for a sneak peek at the projects I'm working on for Spring Market. If you like acorns & leaves & fall colors, it will speak to your heart. 

Comment here for a chance to win a surprise box of tan KT scraps - more than 1/2 pound - of assorted tans from more than 2 dozen collections. I'm sorting through odds and ends of scraps in my studio. Don't miss a chance to take advantage of my spring cleaning!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

On the Road Again...

KT Winner 

Congratulations to:
Linda Schantz - I love the twisted quilt! This a must on my to do list. I have taught 2 grandaughters to quilt and so far the youngest (5) is mad about all of your fabrics. We are making baby doll quilts..excited for the Christmas line to!

You're the winner of this week's trio of Christmas patterns. Enjoy your time sewing with your grandaughters. They'll remember those special times forever.

Coming to a Guild Near You!

Robert and I just returned from a trip to Iowa where we were hit by the last blast of winter, making us even more anxious  for our upcoming cruise. We spent time with a delightful group of ladies in Iowa City from the Old Capital Quilters Guild on Monday for a workshop and trunk show after spending Friday and Saturday with the lovely ladies from the Iowa Quilter's Guild in Fort Dodge, IA. Here's a look at some of the results from these very prolific quilters.
Cindy Kaufman (left front) and her cohorts in quilting.
 I had a great time hanging out with this tight knit bunch of quilters who get together regularly for retreats and small group meetings in addition to their regular guild meetings. Laughter and stitching were the order of day. Who wouldn't love it? The first day was spent learning my Layered Patchwork method with Barn Raising. Blocks were stitched and setting options discussed. More ladies from the guild joined us for a casual evening as I shared my quilts and humble beginnings with Moda during a trunk show. By the second day, you can see how quickly they utilized their newfound skills in the Seedlings runner class. Great job ladies!

R and I spent the day Sunday shopping and snacking our way across the state to Iowa City for a workshop/program on Monday. More than 2 dozen quilters took over the church basement to get Twisted in a myriad of color options. Here's a partial group posing with their nearly completed projects.

Gray splatter with brights - so fun!

Love this indigo Twisted with a bit of bright attitude thrown in for good measure. Kinda like the quilter peeking out from behind her quilt!

A Jen Kingwell fan delivers in sunshine colors.

One of Moda's own blog writers, Linzee McCray, is no less than President of the Iowa City guild. It was great fun to spend the day with her as she worked on her Twisted quilt. She chose a Jelly Roll by OneCanoeTwo with an array of brights and Moda's new Grunge navy as sashing strips/borders. Very cool!

 I love it when I can visit a couple different guilds in one trip - less expense for the guilds and makes our driving time worthwhile. Speaking of driving, Robert and I will be traveling to California in September this year to visit the Orange Grove Quilters Guild in Garden Grove, CA. We're hoping to add another guild event in CA during our trip. Anyone interested in learning my layered patchwork technique? We're available Sept.8-12th, depending on your location. Please email me if those dates might work for your guild. The more, the merrier!

KT Travel Plans

We have 2 days at home to unpack, do laundray, repack and catch up before heading to Florida for our 2nd Jenny Doan/Lynne Hagmeier Quilting Cruise. Our cruise for Jan. 2017 is sold out, but as soon as I have information for 2018 Cruises, I'll announce it here. It's the most fun way to quilt for a week, enjoy wonderful meals & room service, and visit exotic ports. We love it!

After some fun in the sun (and the classroom) we'll be home for a couple weeks, then off to Salt Lake City for Spring Quilt Market in May. Always such a good time catching up with designer friends and shop owners.

June 1-4, I'll be in Peoria, IL hanging out with the ladies from Gems of the Prairie Quilt Guild. Join us for Delainey's Twirls & Swirls, Clara's Garden or Makin' Honey Mini from the new Bees 'n Blooms collection. Contact Laurie Baker for more information -

We're taking some time for family most of the summer, then I'm headed to Missouri Star in Hamilton, MO to teach a retreat with Jenny August 25-27th. Call MSQC for more info. I'll be teaching 30-Something, from Layers of Love. Here's a look at this charming doubled star in beautiful batiks.

30-Something from KT's Layers of Love book

30-Something by Nola Hartman, glowing in batiks.

 I'll be back April 25th after the cruise to share all our sailing adventures. Comment here to win a pack of cruisin' surprises!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bees 'n Blooms, then Christmas is just around the corner!

KT Winner

Congratulations to
Dale Williams - I absolutely love the "Eye of the Storm"... wish I had known you were teaching at Quiltfest... I would have taken your class.. love the look you get with your technique. Will you be back with classes next year at Quiltfest/Tennessee...If you are sign me up!...

Thanks, Dale. No plans to return in the next couple years with my crazy schedule, but I'd love to come back someday, too. Please email your mailing address and Jamie will send your patterns right out.

Bees 'n Blooms is Here!

We're so excited our newest fabric line is finally in the store. Bees 'n Blooms precuts arrived a couple weeks ago, but no yardage until last week. Now it's time to make dozens of kits on preorder, tie up fat quarter bundles and make room for all the new quilts. My favorite time at the store! Here are a couple of the new displays you'll see if you stop by.

Bees 'n Blooms Precuts with Buzzz charm quilt. Makin' Honey in the background.
Bees 'n Blooms & Blooms MTT on the Murphy bed.

 Prairie Christmas

Could it really be time to start thinking about Christmas menus and decorating and wrapping presents again already? No! But it is time for the best part of Christmas - buying new fabric to make gifts for everyone on your list! Christmas fabric collections will begin arriving in quilt shops soon, and KTQ is no exception. Our group this year was inspired by the bright little red buds poking thru the crust of snow in the pastures here in Kansas, our Prairie Cactus. The feature fabric and other spiky, prickly images in the coordinating prints reminded me of walks in the snow as a kid when we discovered these bright spots amidst the winter's gray.

Prairie Cactus

 So, get out your notebook of saved ideas and take some time to peruse your list of "to-do" quilts. Need a simple project for a college grankid? Twisted fits the bill. It's an easy strippy quilt using a Jelly Roll, our KT Wedge Template and a few fabrics for background. Make it longer for a dorm bed easily by extending the strips to your measurement.

Twisted - a super easy Jelly Roll project
  Here are a few other ideas from KT Christmases past. Check out all our Christmas quilts and projects at our website,
Twisted in Christmas prints hung in the fireplace.
 Stay tuned thru April and May for more peeks at the Prairie Christmas projects.

Comment here for a chance to win a surprise pack of (3) Christmas patterns from the picture above. Don't you just love a mystery?

Monday, March 28, 2016

More from Pigeon Forge, TN

KT Winner

Congratulations to Debby. You're the winner of Layers of Love book & the 25 Yard Dash pattern. Please email Jamie with your shipping address to . She'll send them right out.
Thanks to everyone for your comments!

Debby -Thanks for sharing your trip to Tennessee. I'd love to take one of your classes. Maybe someday. I use your fabrics in just about every project I do lately.


What's the Buzzz? 

Bees 'n Blooms has arrived at your local quilt shop! We love seeing our UPS guy haul in lots of huge boxes with bolts of fabric and precuts. If you've been looking for a Honey Bun (1 1/2" x WOF strips) for a special project, we have them in Bees 'n Blooms. Moda cut them especially for us! Call Jamie, or see them on the website soon.

 More Workshops at A Mountain Quiltfest

With 7 workshops in 5 days, along with an evening dinner/trunk show, our time in Pigeon Forge was busy! Here's a look at a few more of the classes we enjoyed sharing with the quilters in Tennessee.
Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm block
This quilt is cleverly assembled using a simple 9-patch, a square for the center of the stars, and the Eye of the Storm layered block. By topstitching triangles on the corners of a rectangle, then adding a mini charm square to the center, we've created star points units with no chance of cutting off the points! The background rectangle remains the same size and easily lines up with the 9-patch and square for a more flat and perfectly square quilt. These quilters did an amazing job!

Happy Spring colors of purples and teals give this block a whole new twist!

Love, love, love Eye of the Storm in patriotic colors!

Windmills on the Plains
Windmills on the Plains turns a simple rail fence block into a windmill with the addition of triangles stitched on top of one of the rails before assembling the block. So fun! A Jelly Roll plus a couple fabrics is all you need for a wall quilt. Add a few more tan strips for a lovely lap size quilt.

Layering the simple pinwheel block.

Batiks make this windmill sing and dance!

This Jelly Roll reminds me of orange sherbert - so fresh and summer-y.

Soft reds and greens in Christmas prints by 3 Sisters will make a lovely holiday quilt.
 Would you like to try your hand at my Layered Patchwork technique? I'm still available for a few workshops/trunk shows in 2017. Dates are limited. Email for more information.

Comment here to win the Eye of the Storm and Windmills on the Plains patterns this week. Watch for a sneak peek at the new KT Christmas line, Prairie Cactus, coming soon!


Monday, March 21, 2016

A Mountain Quiltfest

KT Winner

Congratulations to our winner of Bees 'n Blooms book & more scraps!

ferne - That really is a win, win!

Please send your mailing address to and Jamie will ship your goodies right out. Thanks to everyone who has been commenting on my blog. I love to read your impressions and take your suggestions to heart. 

Pigeon Forge, TN - A Mountain Quiltfest

I spent the past week teaching classes in Tennessee with a delightful bunch of quilters at A Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge. Robert, grandaughter Aleece and I arrived a day early to enjoy the Smoky Mountains and all it had to offer. We made the rounds of artisans and crafters in Gatlinburg's 8 Mile Loop, took the ski lift up to the observation tower and ate at one of our favorites, Bubba Gump's, on the balcony overlooking the hustle and bustle of downtown. And that was just on Sunday!

On Monday, we set up our classroom and explored Pigeon Forge, indulging in a dinner show that evening. Tuesday was our first workshop, Cooper's Crossing, from the book Layers of Love.

The block is made by cutting a Layer Cake square twice diagonally, sewing 4 different triangles together and layering with 2 Honey Bun strips!

A quilter in progress.

Mother/daugher duo Sue & Bev complete more than 2 dozen scrappy blocks during class. Awesome!     
 Wednesdays workshop was 25 Yard Dash. I guess Robert was napping because we had no pictures, but just imagine this little gem in batiks - it was a showstopper!
Wednesday we had a tasty dinner with 80 quilting ladies. Then, I  shared my stories of designing and quilting and a trunk show of my quilts for a fun, relaxing evening.

Although Aleece worked hard during classes, do not doubt she found time to play on her Spring Break, too. We spent every extra minute between classes at The Island where there were a multitude of shops, restaurants and activities for all ages. Her favorite was the 3 story challenge course of ropes, stairs and ziplines. I watched from the ground and prayed her Mother wouldn't kill me when she saw the pictures!

Aleece at work.

Aleece at play, ziplining 3 stories high at The Island.
We'll take a look at the rest of the week's happenings on the next post. Comment here to win a copy of Layers of Love and the 25 Yard Dash pattern. If you missed us at Pigeon Forge, you can catch up!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

KT Winner

Sorry for the delay in posting the winner of the Bees 'n Blooms book & scraps for last week. I thought I added this Sunday night on the road but obviously, my ipad is smarter than me! Here's the update. 

Congrats to MomC who wrote:

What a great idea. I too love hexies but doubt I would stay with the project long enough to finish it. Maybe a mini but then I think of my Grandma's Flower garden, ongoing for longer than I can remember and quail at even starting. This would be magic. Thanks.

Thank you!  See u all next week with lots of news about the Pigeon Forge Mountain Quiltfest.