Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Get Ready for Moda Blockheads!

Moda Blockheads Block-of-the-Week

We're still receiving/shipping orders every day for our KT Starter Packs. We're thrilled everyone is so excited about our Block-of-the-Week series. Just 2 more weeks until our first block is revealed.
As a reminder, here are the facts.

What is it?

A 48-week long series of one 6" block a week. Begins Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Who are the designers?

Six of us at Moda who favor warm, cozy colors (the dark side) are collaborating to bring you 8 unique blocks each.  Joining me are Betsy Chutchian, Jo Morton, Jan Patek, Lisa Bongean & Carrie Nelson. Sign up at each blog (click on the name) for automatic emails each time one of these ladies posts their block.

I will post a link right here on my blog to the designer-of-the-week on Wednesdays, beginning March 8th. Plus, I'm offering most of the blocks in my unique layered patchwork option, too, available right here. We'll have step-by-step instructions on how to simplify your block the KT way. So fun, you'll want to make both versions! 

Do I have to buy a Starter Pack to participate in the BOW? 

Absolutely not! All patterns are free on the designer's blogs each week for you to download as you wish. We're offering the Starter Packs as an option to collect a variety of each designer's fabrics. Have a basket full of scraps perfect for 6" blocks? Great! We'd love to see how they look. Post your finished blocks each week on Facebook with the hashtag #modablockheads.

Our KT Starter Pack includes a total of (24) fat 16th's (9"x11" each) - 8 tans plus an assortment of (16) KT darks - for $18 plus postage. Find it on our website here.

KTQ will be offering fat 1/8 packs of tans for backgrounds plus 6-packs of reds, navys, greens and assorted gold/purple/pumpkin/black in the coming weeks to add to your Starter Pack as you make blocks.

KT's Blog Posts of BOW

Two of my main piecers, Joy & Kathy, are making blocks ahead so we're ready to rock & roll when March 8 hits. They're coming out wonderfully! Kathy is making the blocks as each designer instructed in assorted fabrics from all the different collections. Joy is making the 48 blocks with my  layered patchwork technique in KT fabrics. It'll be exciting to see all the blocks in two colorways and piecing techniques. You won't want to miss a week! See you next Wednesday.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Thistle Farm Preview #2

KT Winner

Dang, dang, double dang! I tried to shortcut this week's post by starting with last week's to cut/paste and totally lost it all! In the process, I lost all of your comments, too, so I can't select a winner this week. Pleeeaaase excuse my techo-ignorance. Comment again below and I'll give away the Thistle Farm charm pack along with this week's giveaway.


Only a couple more weeks to prepare for our Moda Blockheads Block-of-the-Week. It's time to gather your fabrics - order a KT Starter Pack, check out the other Moda designers' starter pack options and dig into your scraps for the perfect complimentary pieces for our 6" blocks. Please comment with any questions you have and I'll reply through the weekly Wednesday posts.

Thistle Farm

I have friends who trace and cut out tumbler blocks by hand while watching TV or traveling in the car, accumulating blocks for a future quilt project. I thought, there has to be an easier way make a scrappy tumbler quilt. Of course there is with my layered patchwork technique! I've simplified a traditional tumbler block and used it to create these darling thistle flowers in our Thistle Farm booklet.

First, I cut a square plus 2 rectangles for each flower. The rectangles are cut diagonally, as shown, to create 2 triangles each.

Then, I layered a purple triangle (one from each cut rectangle) on a tan background on either side of the flower square. Topstitch 1/8" from the bias edge of each purple triangle, sew the parts together and you have a super easy thistle flower.

Blocks for Thistlewood table topper, below.

The leaves are made with our small KT Diamond Template, which happens to be the February Special (all KT Templates 25% off). The spiky thistle tops are created while quilting with zigzag stitching in matching Aurifil thread - Purple #2570, Gold #2335, Red #2460, Green #5013. I'm thinking it might be a good time for a sale on purple (all) thread! Watch for our March Special in a few weeks.

Here are the Thistle Farm projects using these blocks:

Thistle Farm 70"x88" lap quilt - start with a Jelly Roll

Thistledown 40" sq. table topper - center utilizes a charm pack

Milk Thistle Runner 22"z50" - charm pack easy
Next week, I'll share the tumbler quilts included in the Thistle Farm booklet using this technique.

Comment this week with any questions you may have about the upcoming Moda Blockheads Block-of-the-Week series beginning March 8th. Or, anything else you have on your mind. You could win a Thistle Farm booklet this week. See you Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blockheads BOW - Coming Soon!

Blockheads Block-of-the-Week

We're blown away by the response to our KT Starter Pack for the Blockheads BOW. Thanks to everyone who called or visited our website to prepare for the new series. Several callers had questions about our BOW. Over the next couple weeks, I'll try to answer your questions and make this the easiest BOW ever.

What is it?
A 48-week long series of one 6" block a week.

Who are the designers?
Six of us at Moda who favor warm, cozy colors (the dark side) are collaborating to bring you 8 unique blocks each.  Joining me are Betsy Chutchian, Jo Morton, Jan Patek, Lisa Bongean & Carrie Nelson. Sign up at each blog (click on the name) for automatic emails each time one of these ladies posts their block.

When does it start? 
Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Free patterns for blocks will be posted every Wednesday for 48 weeks.

Where can I find the 6" block patterns?
Check here at the Kansas Troubles' blog on Wednesdays for the link to each designer's blog and their free pattern.

How do I get started?
Each of the 6 designers is offering an assortment of their fabrics as a starter pack. Our KT Starter Pack includes a total of (24) fat 16th's (9"x11" each) - 8 tans plus an assortment of (16) KT darks - for $18 plus postage. Find it on our website here.

Have questions? I'll answer you next Wednesday.
Comment this week to win a KT Starter Pack!

PS- I love this picture Jan Patek put together from our new fabric collection tags. So fun!


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Announcing...A NEW Block-of-the-Week

Moda Blockheads

I'm delighted to share the news that six of us at Moda - the designers who love "the dark side" - are partnering to bring you a 48 week long Block-of-the-Week series. Beginning March 8th, we'll take turns posting a 6" quilt block each Wednesday - just for you. It's so fun to see the variety of blocks the other designers have chosen/designed for their posts. I can't wait to see it all come together!

The fun begins with an opportunity for you to add a little to your stash from each of our collections in our Starter Pack. Each of the designers has assembled an assortment of (24) fat 1/16ths (9" x 11" each) to use in making your weekly 6" blocks. That way, you can follow along and make the blocks from each designer in their fabric OR make every block scrappy with a bit from each designer's collections. I can't decide which way to go, so I'll probably do both! At the end of 48 weeks, I'll have options for setting the blocks with KT fabrics for a totally scrappy dark side quilt. 

Our KT Starter Pack ($18 + shipping) includes 8 lights and 16 assorted KT darks.Not all packs are the same, but all include some of my favorite small prints for 6" blocks. My blocks will be offered as Layered Patchwork every 6 weeks. I'm also planning to convert many of the other designers' blocks with my easy, layered technique to simplify piecing. It's a great time to try out Layered Patchwork in a small project. Call KTQ at 785-488-2120 to order now!

KT Starter Pack - $18

Here's all the information you need to follow me and the other 5 delightful Moda designers for the 48 week Block-of-the Week. We'll be posting in a 6 week cycle in the order listed below, so follow us on this almost year-long journey. You won't want to miss a week!

We'd love to see your blocks as you stitch along with us. Post to any social media sight using the hashtag -  #modablockheads.

Lynne Hagmeier -
Blog -
Facebook -
Instagram -

Betsy Chutchian -
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Lisa Bongean  -
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Instagram -  or  or

Jan Patek -
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Jo Morton -
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Moda's Collections for a Cause by Carrie Nelson -
Blog -
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See you all on Wednesday, March 8th. Tell your quilting friends!

Monday, February 6, 2017

More Cruisin'

KT Winner

Congratulations to our winner this week,

Linda Blodgett - Would love to try out a new ruler. As always, your quilts are eye candy - like chocolate!

Linda, give Jamie a call with your choice of our KT rulers /templates or email me at 

Remember all of our KT rulers/templates are 25% thru the month of February. It's a short month, so don't delay!


Cruise 2017

Another cruise is in the books. Jenny and I had a great group of 100 ladies that eagerly tackled anything we threw at them. Flash Sew & Quilt was our host, providing Baby Lock sewing machines for every quilter. 

The best part of teaching is having time to hear quilters' stories of family, quilts, sisterhood. Here's a sampling of some of the lovely ladies we shared our week with on the Freedom of the Seas.

Thanks again to all of you who sailed with us. It was a relaxing, memorable week.

In the pictures above, the ladies were working on the KT Cruisin' Sampler, which is now available as a pattern booklet (as soon as Robert posts in our website). The half day project was our Blooms Mini Table Treat from Bees 'n Blooms. It's now a separate MTT pattern/kit with brand new KT Kut-ups. All the appliques are laser cut with Heat 'n Bond Light fusible web. If you were on the cruise, don't get overly excited. The circles/binding/stem strips will not be precut in the kit like we so graciously did for you. Circles are a breeze to cut with the Cut-a-Round ruler, though. So easy for perfect circles every time. Blooms kit includes fabric for front, back, binding, pattern & Kut-ups pack for $29.95. Add an 18" square of batting for just $2!

Comment here with your Valentine's Day plans to win a Blooms Mini Table Treats kit! Happy, Happy Day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Winners & More

KT Winners

Thanks for your patience while Robert and I worked & played in Florida this month. Here's the list of winners from the past couple of weeks:

Winner of Me & My Sister's  pattern Slice of Cake - 
mtquilter-Even though I generally pick a darker palette to work with I love the brights too. I think lime greens and oranges are some of my favorites...throw back to the 70's I think!

Winner of the KT Cruisin' Sampler pattern -
sunny-Love the quilt! I wish I was cruising along with you....

PS - I said this pattern would'nt be available until after the 2018 cruises, but there are several quilters joining us again next year. So, I'm designing a new project for 2018. That means, the KT Cruisin' Sampler pattern/kit will be available at just as soon as Robert is caught up. Interested? Call Jamie today!

Winner of 6 KT plaid fat quarters -
DebMac- If you ask my children their favorite color; they will tell you plaid. Plaids are a big favorite at my house so I am very happy to see you introduce them to your line. They just add something to a quilt. 

Reflections on Florida in Winter 

Robert and I had a great time in Boca Raton, FL with the lovely ladies of the Gold Coast Quilt Guild. We shared dozens of quilts in a trunk show one evening, then had two fun days of classes. Here's proof that I didn't just lay on the beach the whole week.  ; )

30-Something Workshop - from Layers of Love book


Stacked Coins Workshop - from Loose Change book

We had a day to repack suitcases and shop a bit, then onto the Freedom of the Seas for an 8-day quilting cruise with 100 terrific ladies. Funny, the only picture I have from the cruise is of Jenny & I visiting the Caribelle Batik factory in St. Kitts. What an educational, entertaining excursion. We were able, along with all of quilting friends, to create our own batik fabric with a special stamp dipped in wax. Then we dyed our stamped fabric in bright yellow dye. I'll share my project when it's complete.

Jenny & I both found a few treasures in the gift shop and the guys bought cool batik shirts. Best port to visit on this trip!

I was pleasantly surprised how many of the quilters finished - or were nearly finished - with their quilts before we docked. I'm so proud of all of them. I can't wait until next year when we teach two cruises back-to-back! Woohoo! Hope you can join us sometime.

Watch for an important announcement next week, Wednesday, February 8th, right here. You won't want to miss it!

Monday, January 30, 2017

February Special

KT Winners for January to be announced later this week.

KT February Monthly Special 

Through the month of February, all KT rulers/templates are 25% off! If you've wanted to try my layered patchwork method with a Five & Dime or Barn Raising (Five & Dime ruler), Clara's Garden or Twisted (KT Wedge template), Rustic Stars or Argyle Sox (KT Diamond template) or Bees 'n Blooms (KT Melon template), now is the perfect time.

Barn Raising & Coin Toss - Five & Dime Ruler

Clara's Raised Bed Garden & Twisted - KT Wedge Template

Rustic Stars & Argyle Sox - KT Diamond Template

Bees 'n Blooms - KT Melon Template
These, along with our KT Spare Change and Honeycomb rulers are all on sale. Print the hand brochure below to information on all of our KT Rulers/Templates.

Comment this week to win the KT Ruler/Template of your choice!