Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It's Good to be Home

 Home Again

We slept at home last night after being on the road for almost 3 weeks, driving to and from Florida and teaching on 2 quilting cruises in a row. It was good to sleep in my own bed - especially because it wasn't moving! The first week of cruising, we had gloriously calm seas and happy cruisers/quilters all around. The ladies worked on a 9-patch batik quilt with Jenny, finished a delightful quilted bag with Judy and her amazing Baby Lock Crescendo embroidery machine, and pieced a wall quilt with seasonal button-ons with me. For Week #2, we welcomed another 100 quilters who were anxious to start sewing. They got their wish when the waves were so high we couldn't port in the Bahamas the first day as planned. What to do? Start classes a day early! We made lemons into lemonade and had a delightful second week, as well. I love to share my Layered Patchwork technique and spend time with quilters, listening to their personal stories. All in all, a great adventure. Thanks to everyone who made the voyage with us one to remember. 

Technical Issues

 While we were away, our ktquilts.com website/emails quit working. No one can explain why - "Technical issues" was the explanation. So, if you tried to place an order or email KTQ between about February 25th and March 5th and have not received a reply, please call to make sure we received your email/order. All is good and  we're back online again. 

KT Winners

There are lots of winners to announce this week, so let's get to it!

The winner of the Windmills & Fence Posts pattern is:
Gwynette in NW Arkansas - Windmills and Fence Posts sounds so "Kansas". My daughter lives in Clay Center and we love your shop. Thank you for simplifying the log cabin into a great looking quilt!!!

The winner of 3 KT Fresh Cut Flowers Mini Charms is:
Donna Lee Lurker - I would love to win the Mini-Charms quilt book! I've missed the Blockheads weekly get-together. I hope you'll be participating in Blockheads II!

The winner of a Mini Charms ebook by Martingale is:
Cheree @ That Morning Latte- This book looks like so much fun, and one that I would make most, if not all, of the projects from!

The winner of the Through the Year Again pattern is:
Roxanne B -Your designs are wonderful as usual. I'd love to learn the layered technique and more about the cruise.

The winners of last week's scrap boxes are:
Judy Zoll - Mostly I use Bonnie Hunter's system, except for my KT scraps which have their own special place. I am currently working on a scrap quilt using my KT fabrics so my drawer is getting depleted. What a great time to win some more KT fabrics. Through the years I have gone from one style to another, but I have never tired of the KT fabrics. Keep up the good work.

WhiteEagle - I keep my various half square triangles, sorted by size, in clear shoe boxes that take up two shelves in a bookcase. My strips go in a bin that I try to use daily for strip blocks and also use them for beginning and ending sewing. That way I'm always doing two projects at once. My larger squares are used in four patches and sorted like the half square triangles and also for start and end sewing if I run out of strips.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

More Cleaning ...

KT Giveaway

I'm still uncovering bags and bundles and boxes of scraps leftover from quilting projects over the past year or two. My baskets and bins are overflowing, so I'd like to share with you. Here are two more assortments of scraps for our giveaway this week. 

Scraps #1 - Gooseberry Lane & assorted red/tan/black scraps
I think several of these prints were used for Christmas projects like the Gooseberry Runner, below, but some are Harvest Hill, too. Included are several different reds, tans and a couple blacks.

Assorted KT Scraps #2 (including some Fresh Cut Flowers)
Not sure where this bag of scraps came from. It has quite a few 2 1/2" strips from a couple different lines, plus a chunk of backing (gold dots). Great for scrappy projects.

I have bins for strips and squares, fat 1/8's and fat 1/4's by color and folded yardage on shelves. When I come to the end of chunk of fabric, I cut it into strips or squares to add to my bins. Lately, odd pieces and parts seem to be taking over every flat surface! Comment on how you keep scraps of all sizes from over-running your sewing space. I could use a few pointers.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cruisin' into March

KT March Special 

While you're reading this, Robert and I are teaching (or rather, playing with quilters) on a quilting cruise with Jenny and Ron Doan (Missouri Star Quilt Co). Jenny and I plan workshop trips together just so we have time to hang out. Both of our lives are crazy busy, so it works out great!

I'm teaching a sampler style wall quilt to share my Layered Patchwork technique with the ladies on the ship. It includes a wonky cemter star, rows of flying geese, a checkerboard border and pinwheels in the corners. We'll learn all the basics to tackle virtually any KTQ pattern using Layered Patchwork.

Through the Year Again

In addition, there are four seasonal button-ons featuring our KT Kutups precut fusible appliques. See the buttons in the corners of the red border? Hang the quilt once, change it for the seasons!
Bloomin' Basket 14" sq.

Happy Birthday, America 14" sq.

Joy of the Season 14" sq.

Autumn Harvest 14" sq.

Comment this week to win a Through the Year Again pattern or find it on our website HERE for the March Special price of only $8 (retail $10.95).

Joy is busy making kits, too. ($119.95 including all fabrics for quilt top/binding/button-ons with KT Kut-ups). Give her a call to order yours today! 785-488-2120