Tuesday, August 4, 2020

KT Pincushion-a-Month Club

KT Giveaway

Our new KT Pincushion-a-Month Club starts with our KT August Special. Order the Stick a Pin in It booklet and the first kit for the Stick a Pin in It pincushion (shown below) for only $20, then sign up to receive a pincushion each month for 11 months, beginning September 15th. Each pincushion shipment is $10+$5shipping.

Each month, we'll giveaway the pincushion kit for that month (booklet sold separately). Kits include fabric for front & back, flannel lining for front & back, buttons (if needed) and crushed walnut shell filler. Watch here to comment & win!

Comment by Friday, August 7th at noon to win the KT August Special. I'll post the winner on Saturday. Good luck!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

KT August Special

Pincushion-a-Month Club

I couldn't resist! Pincushions are all the rage right now, so I created a dozen different ones to use all through the year. These little gems are so fun to make and even more fun to switch out in your sewing room, pile in a bowl, or give to friends as gifts.

The booklet, Stick a Pin in It, is also the name of our first pincushion. I loved the little pincushion I added to my Sew What charm quilt (see below) with pieced spools, and knew it was perfect for a pincushion, too.

Sew What charm quilt

Here's the Stick a Pin in It pincushion. The kit includes everything you need to complete the pincushion - fabric for the pincushion front & back, flannel lining for front & back, (3) mini buttons for pin heads, and crushed walnut shells for filler. For our KT August Special, you'll receive the Stick a Pin in It pincushion kit (retail $10), plus the Stick a Pin in It Booklet (retail $15.95) for only $20 + Free Shipping! That's a savings of over $10 (including shipping costs)!

Order the KT August Special online HERE. Call the KT Quilt Shop to sign up for our continuing Pincushion-a-Month Club for only $10/month plus $5 shipping. Club shipments will begin September 15th and continue with a new kit every month for 11 months, ending July 15, 2021.

You'll need to call the store to sign up for the Pincushion-a-Month Club. Don't delay, there are a limited quantity of kits available!

KT Quilt Shop - 785-488-2120