Tuesday, August 4, 2020

KT Pincushion-a-Month Club

KT Giveaway

Our new KT Pincushion-a-Month Club starts with our KT August Special. Order the Stick a Pin in It booklet and the first kit for the Stick a Pin in It pincushion (shown below) for only $20, then sign up to receive a pincushion each month for 11 months, beginning September 15th. Each pincushion shipment is $10+$5shipping.

Each month, we'll giveaway the pincushion kit for that month (booklet sold separately). Kits include fabric for front & back, flannel lining for front & back, buttons (if needed) and crushed walnut shell filler. Watch here to comment & win!

Comment by Friday, August 7th at noon to win the KT August Special. I'll post the winner on Saturday. Good luck!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

KT August Special

Pincushion-a-Month Club

I couldn't resist! Pincushions are all the rage right now, so I created a dozen different ones to use all through the year. These little gems are so fun to make and even more fun to switch out in your sewing room, pile in a bowl, or give to friends as gifts.

The booklet, Stick a Pin in It, is also the name of our first pincushion. I loved the little pincushion I added to my Sew What charm quilt (see below) with pieced spools, and knew it was perfect for a pincushion, too.

Sew What charm quilt

Here's the Stick a Pin in It pincushion. The kit includes everything you need to complete the pincushion - fabric for the pincushion front & back, flannel lining for front & back, (3) mini buttons for pin heads, and crushed walnut shells for filler. For our KT August Special, you'll receive the Stick a Pin in It pincushion kit (retail $10), plus the Stick a Pin in It Booklet (retail $15.95) for only $20 + Free Shipping! That's a savings of over $10 (including shipping costs)!

Order the KT August Special online HERE. Call the KT Quilt Shop to sign up for our continuing Pincushion-a-Month Club for only $10/month plus $5 shipping. Club shipments will begin September 15th and continue with a new kit every month for 11 months, ending July 15, 2021.

You'll need to call the store to sign up for the Pincushion-a-Month Club. Don't delay, there are a limited quantity of kits available!

KT Quilt Shop - 785-488-2120

Thursday, July 30, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM Week #14

Week #14 - Prairie Pinwheels
Our block this week is a variation of a double pinwheel block. I usually see this made with half square triangles, but I think utilizing rectangles with connecting corners makes it simpler and easier to piece. There's less cutting, no trimming to size and fewer seams.

I like the connecting corner method because you can adjust the diagonal stitching line on the C & D squares, if needed, to make the resulting triangle a perfect 90degree corner. Always finger press the square toward the corner as a test before trimming the seam to 1/4".

Select a tan background for all four blocks. I chose a tan tone-on-tone so the print would blend from one block to the next when sewn together in a row.

In addition, pick (2) coordinating darks, plus a tan print for each block. I selected a green for the B-rectangles for each block to have color consistency from one block to the next.

After adding the C & D squares on each end of the dark A & B rectangles, as indicated, you will have four of each matching DAD and CBD units. Sew the two units together to create a quarter of the block. When stitching and pressing, the most important seam on this block is the corner where the B and C seams are pressed open. This point will create the center point of the pinwheel. This seam, in particular, needs to be square and flat.

When the four identical quarters of the block are sewn together, the tan center fabric creates a secondary pinwheel in the center surrounded by the two dark pinwheels. I pin on both sides of the B/C seam before stitching to ensure the fabric doesn't move.

Make (4) Prairie Pinwheels for Section #4 of the quilt.
A pinwheel block is an easy way to add movement in a quilt without a lot of fancy piecing.

See you on August 15th for the next block in our series.

If you have time, check out my 3-day virtual retreat on the KT & Friends Retreat Facebook page. I posted (3) 45-minute workshop videos for the Bittersweet Sampler quilt and the other projects in our KT Retreat Box (KT July Special). You'll get a preview of the two new booklets coming out next week - All 'Round the Seasons with (6) Mini Table Treats and Stick a Pin in It with a dozen pincushions that are my version of seasonal fun. Even if you don't make the quilt, there are lots of piecing tips, Aurifil thread information and more!

Stay tuned for news about our Pincushion-a-Month Club and the new Mini Table Treat for the Seasons Club on August 1st.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

20 Years of KTQ Week #13

Week #13 - Plum Star

I am tickled when a design plan comes together so star points floats. It gives a little extra breathing room when piecing, so you don't have to worry about cutting off the points. Plum Star is one of those great blocks. We'll add squares for the star points, center and corner blocks using the Connecting Corners method to create triangles. Refer to the HST & CC page included in your first shipment for more information. It's also available for download in the June 30th post.

The basics for Connecting Corners are:
1. Draw a line diagonally on the wrong side of the square. I like a fine line white chalk marker to mark on the wrong side of dark fabrics.

2. Sew on the edge of the drawn line that is closer to the corner you'll be pressing toward. This allows a thread's width for the fold for perfect corners.

3. Press toward the corner to check if the 90degree angles match up. If the triangle you press toward the corner is short or long, it can distort the size of the unit and make sewing units together more challenging. Adjust your stitching line if you're not happy with the results.

4. Trim the background triangle and the bottom triangle of the square for less bulk.

5. Press seam open. Use sizing to set the seams.

Make sure the star points and center snowball triangles overlap 3/8" to accommodate your 1/4" seam allowance.

Plum Star units

And here's the final Plum Star block, finishing 12 1/2" square.

I'd like to make a lap quilt with this block, too. Hmmmm, if I start with a Layer Cake for scrappiness and change out the center, the possibilities are endless! Watch for my version in an upcoming KT pattern.

Thanks for following along on my 20-year journey. See you July 30th.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Sweet Holly Scraps Winner

KT Winner

Congratulations to :

kupton52 - A Tisket, A Tasket....I would dance with joy if I could win this basket. It's one of the great mysteries of Life---why someone else's scraps are soooo appealing! Thank you so much for the chance to win. Scraps are great but KT scraps are the BOMB!

You're the winner of this week's basket of Sweet Holly scraps! I'd like to see that dance, now, please. :)

Thanks to everyone who commented. I'm still sorting and cleaning, getting ready to move into my new studio next month. Watch for updates.

Never fear, if you didn't win the scrap giveaway this week, it's not too late to order some Sweet Holly for yourself. Find the prints that are still available HERE.

Monday, July 6, 2020

KT Winner & Giveaway

KT Winner

Congratulations to the winner of our Cabin Sweet Cabin charm digital pattern and Christmas Cabin Honey Bun digital pattern. The goods go to:

Nancy L - I just ordered my first honey bun for a pineapple quilt, also a first. I love Kansas Troubles fabric and would love to make these quilts.

Nancy, please send your email address to lynne@ktquilts.com. Robert will send the PDF patterns to you ASAP.

Christmas is Going Fast!

Joy is cutting kits for our new Sweet Holly Christmas projects as fast as she can. We're running out of some of the fabrics already, so if you're interested in any of these kits, please order now. We'll have to start substituting borders later this week.

Christmas Cabin lap quilt

Christmas Cabin starts with a Honey Bun for easy cutting and piecing. The star of the show is the candy cane print for the block center. So sweet!

Shine Bright - Christmas lap quilt
A Jelly Roll makes Shine Bright so easy to piece. The sparkling stars make the Christmas prints shine.

Evergreen lap quilt
Evergreen is perfect for the holidays - and all winter long -  with a forest of trees surrounding a sky full of shining stars. A Sweet Holly Layer Cake offers plenty of Christmas scrappiness.

Comment for a chance to win this basket full of Sweet Holly scraps. Giveaway ends Friday, July 10th.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

KT July Special

KT & Friends Retreat Box

I walked around a couple weeks ago feeling a bit down, then realized it was supposed to be the week of our KT & Friends Retreat here in Bennington. All of us at KTQ were so looking forward to hosting our quilters again. We're blessed that many of the ladies opted to roll their deposit over to next year and purchase the kits for the projects I was going to teach. It gives me hope that we'll be quilting up a storm next June.

One thing we can do now is offer our KT & Friends Retreat projects as our July Special. Both of the Kansas Troubles' workshop projects, plus a few extras, are included in the Retreat Box. It's a retail value of over $200 for only $165 with Free Shipping.

Here are the goodies included in the Retreat Box ...

Bittersweet Sampler 63" lap quilt kit + booklet (includes Pumpkin Sampler pattern)
Sweet Holly Mini Table Treat 17" round kit w/batting & backing + booklet with 5
more seasonal MTT in a Christmas tin
Star Spangled pincushion kit + Stick a Pin in It booklet with 11 more pincushions
3 spools of Aurifil 50wt. thread
Kansas Troubles' logo tin with a KT Mini Charm
Bundle of KT strips & scraps

We offered this box full of KT wonderfulness to all of the quilters who were attending one of our retreats this summer, either in Bennington, Kansas or Appleton, Wisconsin. We have a stack left just waiting for a good home.

When you purchase the KT Retreat Box, you will be invited to my online quilt-a-long for the Bittersweet Sampler July 21-23. I'll post several times each day and respond to any questions.

Here is a closer shot of the projects and booklets included in the KT Retreat Box.

Find the KT July Special - KT Retreat Box - HERE. Or, call the KT Quilt Shop to order 785-488-2120.

Thanks for everyone who has supported KTQ through this difficult time. The store is open for business by appointment. Robert will welcome you into the store as long as you wear a mask safely and follow social distancing guidelines.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM Week #12

Week #12 - Spools

This week's block is one of my new favorites. I've used it in the BOM, on a pincushion and charm quilt. It's a fun block to piece. The only tricky part? The tiny connecting corners on the top and bottom of the spool. If you use the connecting corners guide in the BOM instructions, there's nothing tricky about it. It's all about precise marking, stitching and pressing.

Here's the page I've included with several of my patterns, including the BOM, on how I cut & piece half square triangles (HST) and connecting corners (CC). Find the printable version HERE.

Here are the Basics -
1. Mark the diagonal line carefully from point to point. The smaller the square, the more important it is to mark accurately.

2. Stitch on the drawn line; fold square toward corner to test for accuracy. If the triangle point is a bit short (doesn't match up to the background rectangle corner), stitch a thread's width inside the drawn line toward the corner for a better fit.

3. Trim the background and square seam allowances to 1/4". Press seams open for less bulk.

4. Assemble the spool block.

That's all there is to it! For more scrappy spool inspiration, I pieced 1/4" strips for the "thread" center in a couple of other projects. Sew What is a charm quilt that features scrappy spools and a single tomato pincushion for fun.

Sew What - Find it HERE

If you have the 20 Years of KTQ BOM pattern packet, you should be receiving the bonus pattern A Few Little Extras with the Spool Pincushion and two pillows.

A Few Little Extras - Find it HERE

And finally, introducing a new KT booklet, Stick a Pin in It, with a dozen adorable seasonal pincushions, coming in July.

Stick a Pin in It - Coming Soon

This booklet includes the tomato pincushion, a strippy flag, pumpkin, flying geese, flower, basket, star, candy cane Christmas and this spool pincushion, inspired by the original spool block in the BOM quilt. Each one takes about an hour to make and are great bowl fillers or gifts for sewing friends. Watch for Stick a Pin in It right here in a couple weeks.

All Wound Up Pincushion in Stick a Pin in It Booklet

See you on July 15th for the next 20 Years of KTQ BOM block. Happy Summer!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Sweet Holly is HERE!

The store is full of our Sweet Holly fabric and precuts - and they're going fast! Be sure to order your fabric or kits soon before it's all gone. Find it HERE.

If you're in our KT Collector's Club, you've received your Sweet Holly fat quarters, mini charm and charm pattern, Cabin Sweet Cabin.  Robert has been busy cutting kits for this sweet quilt with traditional log cabin blocks and a few candy cane appliques.

Cabin Sweet Cabin charm quilt

Shine Bright (on the wall, left) was our June Special. It's a fun and easy Jelly Roll quilt for the holidays. The Evergreen lap quilt (right) shines with a forest of trees surrounding a starry center (lap quilt 68" sq.). The runner is on the mantel, and the pillow is tucked on the chair with my Christmas Cabin quilt. Christmas Cabin uses a Honey Bun (1 1/2" strips) for easy cutting and piecing.

Below the mantel is one of our tried and true quilts, Twisted, in Christmas attire. Layered Patchwork and our KT Wedge Template make this quilt a breeze to make. Perfect for the kids in your life - young or old.

Comment to win a PDF digital patterns of Cabin Sweet Cabin and Christmas Cabin. Do you like to piece with Honey Buns?

Thursday, June 25, 2020

KT Winner & New Bittersweet Lane Fabric

KT Winner

Sorry for the delay in announcing a winner. The days are running into each other faster each month. What's up with that?

Congratulations to the winner of my Woven Dreams digital pattern -

Renea - I love this pattern! I have been saving a jelly roll from one of your fabric lines that I have not been able to cut up. I think I finally found the pattern I want to use. Thanks for the giveaway and as always the inspiration to create beautiful quilts.

Please send your email to my email - lynne@ktquilts.com - and we'll send your pattern right out. Enjoy!

We still have a winner that has not claimed their Quilter's Select 3 1/2" square ruler. Bonita, please email us to claim your ruler.

Bittersweet Lane

Spring Quilt Market was virtual this year, so there weren't any pictures of all the smiling Moda designers in their booths, showing their new quilts. However, you can go to Moda's Cutting Table blog to see all the shining faces in videos from many of the designers (including me!) with new fabric collections. Mine is called Bittersweet Lane and I'm LOVING working with it. Click HERE for a printable link to the swatch chart to start your wish list.

I use this chart when designing quilts, ordering fabric and as reference for future lines to make sure they blend from one to the next, but don't repeat prints. Here's how to read my fabric charts.

*The name of the line and when it will ship to quilt shops is the in the center.

*The sku number for each print runs vertically down the left side. There is a tan of each print - some are in a multi-colored prints (#11) and also a tone-on-tone (#21).

*The color numbers are listed across the top horizontally - tan 11, gold 12, etc. My color numbers stay the same from one line to the next, so if you have a sku with -14, you can be confident it's blue. If it's -19, it's always black. These numbers are also listed on the selvedge edge of your fabric.

*The quantity of each color of fabric - how many tans, reds, blues, etc - is located on the bottom right. If you have a pattern that requires (4) strips of (5) different colors, you'd be good to go with this Bittersweet Lane Jelly Roll.

*If there's white space, it means that particular print doesn't come in that color. For example, print 9641 is not available in red.

*When you're perusing our website, keep in mind we sell our fabric in 1/2 yard increments. If you want 1 1/2 yards, order a quantity of 3. We'll cut and send 1 1/2 yards in one piece, not three 1/2 yd. chunks.If you're interested in 2 yards of  9643 print in blue-14, you would order a total quantity of (4)  9643-14.

Bittersweet Pumpkins Booklet

One of the quilts I made using Bittersweet Lane is the Pumpkin Sampler. I gathered an assortment of fat quarters for the pumpkins and used a Bittersweet Lane Honey Bun for the setting blocks and pieced border. It has such a crisp, fall feel with the addition of the pumpkin stems & leaves.

This quilt was inspired by the project I designed for our KT & Friends Retreats this summer (that we unfortunately had to cancel). I was working on the retreat quilt when Bittersweet Lane sample yardage arrived and knew I had to make one featuring pumpkins. The retreat quilt, Bittersweet Sampler, was made with my Through the Years fabric collection and a Layer Cake.

It has the same framed blocks with the fun setting blocks, but I changed up the pieced border for fun. Both quilts finish 63" square, but would be easy to make larger with more precuts/fabric.

The Bittersweet Sampler and Pumpkin Sampler are included in the Bittersweet Pumpkins booklet that comes out in October, but you can own it in July as part of our KT Retreat Box. Watch for details right here July 1st.

Would you like to win a PDF digital booklet of Bittersweet Pumpkins? Comment here for a chance to win.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Evergreen KT Winner

KT Winner

The winner of our Evergreen booklet featuring Sweet Holly fabric is...

ThreadCatcher -I like the flexibility for size on the table runner, and the trees are perfect! Great pattern.

Please send your email address to lynne@ktquilts.com and we'll email the booklet to you.

Thanks to everyone who commented.

Anyone interested in a quilt-a-long for this project? The lap quilt? Or runner? Let me know in comments and I'll see if I can put something together for August.

Monday, June 15, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM Week #11

Week #11 - Woven Star

We're starting the second half of our block-of-the-month countdown with one of my favorite blocks - Woven Star. I could see all the fun possibilities when piecing it and made a separate lap size quilt just for fun (below). It's one of the bonus patterns that comes with the 20 Years of KTQ BOM pack of patterns.

This block is usually made with a 4-patch in the center. I eliminated a few seams for easier piecing and made my block in 4 sections. The assembly is simple with half square triangles and connecting corners. Refer to the HST and CC detailed step-by-step instructions included with your pattern.

When adding the connecting corners (CC) to the A and B strips, be sure to note the direction of stitching.

Here's the block in quarters, and fully assembled with the bottom sashing strip.

If you love this block as much as I do, make a quilt! The Woven Dreams lap quilt is 12 star blocks using a Jelly Roll for even easier cutting. The large blocks make a good sized quilt in a hurry. I'm hoping to make one in my new Sweet Holly fabric this fall.

Would you like a Woven Dreams digital PDF pattern? Comment here to win. Do you enjoy making a quilt one block at a time in a block-of-the-month? or do you prefer to complete your quilt more quickly in a weekly quilt-a-long?

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Star Cluster Quilt-a-Long Week #8

Week #8 - Borders & Finishing

I didn't get as much sewing done as I'd hoped this weekend, so my quilt is not totally put together, but it's getting there. The first tan border is on, all the HST are made (trimming left to do), the brick border is cut out and ready to go, so it won't take too long to complete the quilt.

As we've been doing in the past weeks, I oversized my squares when making the half square triangles (HST) so they can be trimmed. While I was handling all the dark fabrics, I also cut the rectangles for the bricks border. I find it saves alot of time to cut as much as possible at one time.

Here is the rough layout of my quilt. My question is: Do I use the black candy cane fabric for the outer border? Or the green? I've used black on several of my other Christmas projects, so I might go with green for something different. What do you think?

Thanks to everyone who quilted along with me to make a Star Cluster quilt. I love it just as much the second time around! Maybe I need to start another one in red,tan,blue???

Watch over the next few weeks as I introduce the new fabric collection for Spring Market, Bittersweet Lane, and all the fun quilts to go with it. Also, two new booklets with six seasonal Mini Table Treats, and a year's worth of fun and easy pincushions. So much more to come!

Monday, June 8, 2020

KT Winner & Evergreen

KT Winner

Congratulations to the winner of my Shine Bright PDF digital pattern with Christmas and America options---

Roxnne B.Beautiful quilt. Looks like it would be easy to make. Thanks for sharing your designs.

Enjoy! Please email lynne@ktquilts.com with your email address to claim your PDF digital pattern.

This Jelly Roll quilt goes together easily with strips and connecting corners for the star points. The perfect weekend project.

Sweet Holly

Even though the temperatures are rising here in Kansas, Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas fabric, that is. Sweet Holly is due to arrive the end of this month. Please check out all of the projects we've created for this collection on our website at ktquilts.com. Preorder your kit(s) now for best selection.

Evergreen is a booklet with three coordinating projects - a lap quilt, runner and pillow. The medallion style lap quilt features a Sweet Holly Layer Cake plus a few extra greens for trees and the tan backgrounds and outer border. No fancy piecing, just great use of the Sweet Holly assortment.

The perfect compliment to the Evergreen lap quilt is the matching runner with stars and trees. I pieced this runner in sections with two trees and a star so it's easy to make it any length you wish. Just make the desired number of sections to fit your holiday table.

The Evergreen pillow is a simple fusible applique design, perfect for last minute gifts or just one more pillow for your home decor. I made mine in about 1 1/2 hours, then whipped down binding. All of the Evergreen project will set the stage for your holiday home, yet last well into the new year.

Love it? Want it? Comment to win a PDF digital pattern!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Star Cluster Quilt-a-Long Week #7

KT Winner

Congrats to the winner this week of a 3 1/2" sq. Quilter's Select ruler -

Denise - Love this - doing good so far! My sampler class is also using KT fabrics this year - so excited! This ruler would be awesome - haven't seen it before but would love it!!!

Thanks to everyone who's been quilting a long and commenting. I love to hear your feedback.

Week #7 - HST & Settings

I added simple half square triangles (HST) and tan squares or rectangles to fill in spaces between the various sized churn dash and star blocks.Cut the squares for the HST an 1/8" larger to allow room to trim, if desired. As I cut squares for both sizes of HST, I also cut all the squares for the HST border for next week. That way, I knew how much fabric I had available in each color/print.

As usual for HST, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the darker fabric. Stitch a scant 1/4" on both sides of the line; cut on the line. Press seams open.

 I use my small Quilter's Select ruler to trim my HST to size.

Sew the (16) small HST section in two rows with 8 HST in each, as shown.
Piece the (15) large HST in 3 sections, as shown.

Next, I laid out all of my pieced blocks, plus HST and tan setting squares/rectangles, on my current "flannel board" (which happens to be a flannel sheet on the floor of the living room until my new studio is completed this summer). The lighting isn't good, but you can see the sections I pieced together at this point. Follow the assembly guide in the pattern (note the inset seam just left of the center).

I'll finish sewing the sections together tomorrow, then start on HST for borders. We'll finish up next week with borders and quilting. We're so close!

I'm so glad you've all pushed me with this quilt-a-long to make a second Star Cluster quilt in Sweet Holly fabrics. I'm loving it! Please comment if you have any questions.

Monday, June 1, 2020

KT June Special

Shine Bright America

We've finally made it to summer! After a few long months of quarantine and rain, the sun is out and I'm delighted to be outside again. Aleece (grandaughter 15yrs old) and I have been working in the garden, decorating the porch, grilling, and relaxing with a cool drink as we wait for Robert to come home from work each evening. (My choice - black raspberry ICE; hers - Boylan's Cream Soda.)

To celebrate the beginning of summer, we're offering our Shine Bright pattern featured with my new Christmas fabric, Sweet Holly (see it HERE). I loved the design so much, I also made it in traditional red, tan and blue. It's an easy-to-piece Jelly Roll project for a picnic or porch quilt, perfect for summer gatherings. I'm made mine without batting, just a flannel backing, for super cuddly softness and lightweight warmth on cool summer evenings.

Our kit starts with an exclusive 20-strip Jelly Roll of KT Favorites III tans for easy piecing. We'll add in an assortment of reds, blues and golds from several lines for scrappy fun.

The Shine Bright America lap quilt (62" x 70"), pattern and shipping is over a $100 retail value. Our KT June Special price is only $69.95 with FREE SHIPPING! That's a savings of over 30%! Find our KT June Special HERE.

Quantities are limited, so order your Shine Bright kit today!

Would you like to win a Shine Bright Digital PDF pattern?
Comment by Friday, June 5th to win.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM Block #10

Block #10 - Ten Plus

We're half way through our quilt commemorating 20 years of fabric design with Moda. The Ten Plus block arrives at the perfect time to celebrate the first ten years of KTQ. I remember feeling so grateful - and a little overwhelmed - that I had been doing what I love for a decade. The quilt, Kansas Troubles - 10 Years & Counting, was created to represent a milestone in my quilting/design career. It featured a block or applique design for each fabric collection to that date. The pieced border is a quarter of the Kansas Troubles block. It's still one of my all-time favorite quilts.

Kansas Troubles - 10 Years & Counting BOM

But I digress. This week's block is a simple 9-patch with double half square triangle corners. I made mine in two different colors - red/tan and black/tan - with a center accent fabric.

My tip for this block is to press carefully when adding the D setting triangles. The instructions say to press toward the D's, but I've had better luck pressing the seams open so the DB pieced triangle unit lays flatter. After pressing, I lay the large A triangle under the pressed DB unit to check for size/distortion, and repress, if needed, to match. This extra step will help make your double HST corner blocks square and the perfect size.

These fun and easy Ten Plus blocks should go together quickly so you can get back outside and enjoy this lovely early summer weather.

Here's what the Ten Plus block looks like in a two color quilt. Love it! If you're enrolled in KT's BOM program, you'll receive this 20 Plus pattern FREE. If you'd like to order it, find it HERE at ktquilts.com.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

KT Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our KT giveaways!

The winner of (4) Sweet Holly Christmas patterns is...

 Judi Smith - My LQS always has a Christmas in July event! They have lots of new fabric lines, patterns, samples and little make and takes. It’s always so much fun that it gets me in the mood for Christmas sewing. But this year I think “Evergreen” is going to be top on my list! 

The winner of a Sweet Holly charm and mini charm pack is... 

Bonita - I am using from my stash and loving it. I would go to my local quilt store if in need of something. I am not ready to attend a retreat in the near future. I understand the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in September will be virtual this year so if they don't think we are ready for large crowds I am ok with that.
Judi and Bonita, please email me at lynne@ktquilts.com with your mailing address to claim your goodies. Robert will ship them out as soon as possible.

I hope you checked out all the Moda designers' videos posted on the Moda Cutting Table Blog from May 1-16th with the upcoming fabric lines arriving at stores in May and June. Mine was posted the 16th, introducing Sweet Holly. It's the first video Robert and I (along with our director, Aleece) have done ourselves. I hope to do more in the future, utilizing all we've learned.

What do you like to see in a video? A short overview or more explanation? I'd like to know your thoughts as we work on more virtual fabric introductions this year.  

I loved hearing from all of you that responded to my informal poll. I'm happy to hear you're utilizing your stashes, but please keep your local quilt shops in mind, too. Small businesses are struggling trying to make it through this financially uncertain time and your support is vital for their future success. If you want a quilt shop in your area to stay open, please check with them before ordering from a big box store online. 
Unfortunately, I think the health and safety forecast for this summer is still so uncertain that a large gathering of quilters is not a good idea. I'm glad to hear most of you are willing to make the sacrifice to stay home and stay safe. as well. We'll all get together and party even bigger next year!  

Watch my blog over the next few weeks for lots of Sweet Holly previews. See the fabric & projects and, of course, more giveaways. Anyone up for another quilt-a-long this summer?

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Star Cluster Quilt-a-Long Week #6

Week #6 - Mini Churn Dash

How did you get along with the mini stars last week? They're a challenge, for sure, but now you're totally ready for the mini churn dash blocks! They're easier to piece and press, so the worst is over. Let's get started...

Half Square Triangles (HST) 

Technically, the half square triangles (HST) for the mini churn dash blocks are cut 1 5/8", but I usually add an 1/8" to the cutting dimensions to allow for trimming. I cut my HST squares 1 3/4" to have a little wiggle room to easily trim down to 1 1/4" for a 3/4" finished HST. The steps are the same, just on a smaller scale. Draw a chalk line diagonally on the wrong side of the darker square; layer right sides together with the tan square. Stitch on both sides of the drawn line. I line the right toe of my presser foot up with the line when stitching in both directions. When the stitched squares are cut in half on the line, I have a smaller seam allowance which works better for a small block.

I finger press the center seam open, and press with my iron. Then I spray with sizing and press again to set the seam. 

Now, it's time to trim. Line up the 45degree diagonal line on your square ruler with the seam line, allowing excess fabric on both sides of the 1 1/4" square lines. Trim the right side and top, turn the block 180degrees, and trim again for a perfect 1 1/4" HST.

Assembly is a breeze - it's just a little 9-patch. Press toward the C-tan rectangles for opposing seams. Here are a few of my mini churn dash blocks using the new Sweet Holly fabric plus a couple other tans.

Over the long weekend, I laid out the center of the quilt and am ready for the HST filler blocks for next week. This is a chance for me to use some of the larger Christmas prints that will shine in bigger pieces.

We're on the home stretch now. After next week's filler blocks, we'll talk about the HST border and assembly. See you next Tuesday!

Remember, the KT Quilt Shop is reopening next Tuesday, June 2nd by appointment. Please wear a mask and adhere to social distancing practices. We're eager to welcome quilters back to the store safely. Call 785-488-2120 to let Robert know you're coming.

How is your quilt coming along? My Quilter's Select square rulers in several different sizes have been such a great help trimming all the HST in this quilt. Comment here to win a Quilter's Select 3 1/2" square ruler. I'll post the winner next Tuesday.