Monday, December 27, 2010

Only 364 days until Christmas....

My grandson, Cooper,age 10, announced this yesterday after the last present was unwrapped. Sounds like a long time, but wouldn't it be great to get started now on next year's Christmas quilts and gifts? That's exactly what we're doing here at KTQ with projects for our new Warm Memories line. Not quite done with all the wool ornaments yet, but our feather tree Advent Calendar is progressing nicely. I just need a couple more ideas for ornaments. What is a favorite motif of the holidays at your house? There's also a lap size quilt of the feather tree with the cotton ornaments stitched on at the quilter. I'll have a picture when Lori sends it back next month.

Congrats to the winner of the Perennials charm pack & pattern - BillieBee from TX. Hope you enjoy our new fabric and pattern.

We just received the new 108" backing fabric last week. It will be available on our website by the 1/2 yard (2 yard minimum) later this week. It's on my list of things to do while I'm not working this week :).

Thank you all for following my blog this last year and for sharing your comments. One of my resolutions to post more often now that I have an iPad. We'll see.....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This week's winner

Terry, your #1 post has made you a winner! Hope you enjoy the new KT Favorites - 10 Years & Counting BOM book.

Be the first to get a taste of the new Perennials fabric collection hitting the shops in January with our giveaway ending Dec. 26th - a Perennials charm pack and pattern. The quarter circle raw edge applique is a twist on the traditiional Drunkard's Path block without the curved piecing - and no drunks in sight (unless you enjoy sewing with a Diet Coke & Captain Morgan like someone else I know). Keeps the type A perfectionist in me in check. What do you do to destress and enjoy the process of stitching?

I'm up to my ankles in flannel making pillowcases for the grandkids this weekend. It's given me time to reflect on the different quilting styles. There are 2 types of quilters - process & product. Process quilters enjoy creating and sewing with no real compulsion to finish (hence, numerous UFOs.) Product quilters, like me, enjoy the finished project the most, but then we also have a list of a dozen more things to do. Of course, in my business, the product has to be finished to sell it to move on to the next one. That may have an impact on my style, but I've always loved the last few stitches in a quilt binding. Not that I don't have UFOs stacking up, but they're mostly personal "fun" projects I've started in between KT "have to" projects. I set aside New Year's, Mother's Day and a snow day each year to sew just for me. Try setting aside quilting days just for yourself, whether it's a retreat or a personal escape in your own sewing room. It's the best way to destress and create something at the same time.

Happy Christmas Shopping,

Monday, December 6, 2010


We are offering the new BOM on our website for those of you who can't find it at your local quilt shop - - call Robert today (785-488-2120).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here's Cooper!

Not a great shot, but he's one happy NE fan. We still have some applique to add - Huskers across the big N and little red N's in the corners (as per Coop's design)but I had to go to NE to get more fabric. Robert took some good pictures of the quilt before we gave it to him but they've mysteriously disappeared from his computer, so this will have to do for now. At least it's pretty much done. I quilted it myself to be able to give it to him for his birthday, sandwiching 2 layers of cotton batting since he likes his quilts "heavy and cushy". OMG! It was like wrestling a bear! I was reminded why I love my machine quilters soooooooo much.

Congratulations to ytsmom - you're the winner of the Perennials booklet and scraps (almost 2 yards total). Enjoy!

Up for this week is one of the new KT Favorites - 10 Years & Counting BOM books. It's been one of those projects that has taken months to finish. I handed it over to Robert today so he'll begin printing tomorrow. The winner will receive one of the books hot off the presses.

On a deadline for Christmas 2011 so better get back to stitching ornaments for my feather tree quilt/Advent calendar.

More later,