Monday, September 27, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!

I'm finally home again after a busy week of teaching and playing. Aug. 20th, Lois and I spent the day with quilters in Pittsburg, KS making Mini Table Treats and providing the program for their guild meeting. Check out the 5 proud quilters with their almost finished projects later that night.

After barely 24 hours at home, I left for the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH. This event is in it's 5th year in OH and is expanding to Atlanta, GA for a second fair next month. Definitely worth the trip. I met my friend, Pam Buda, from IL (watch for a link to her new blog on our website) and 2 more quilter friends from WI, Julie Hendrickson of JJ Stitches and her neighbor/employee, Jean Jacobson. The fair was held at the Ohio Historical Society Village with quaint buildings and winding streets, lots of trees and very nice restroom facilities -one of the porta-potties had hardwood floors! We spent Friday and Saturday exploring booths overflowing with antiques and crafts from country to totally primitive. There were interesting presentations by the show sponsors featuring Sue Whitney of JunkMarket fame, Taniya Niyak from HGYV's Designed to Sell, Amy Barickman from Indigo Junction, and CL staffers with craft and kitchen demos. Huge tents provided relief from Friday's heat and an array of food vendors offered some wonderful choices for lunch. A cool front with just a bit of rain Friday evening cooled things down to very pleasant temperatures on Saturday. We pretty much shopped til we dropped - or at least needed to sit a bit with a Diet Coke to refuel.

Since I flew to OH, I don't have any pics of my purchases yet, so watch for more next week. There will be something from the CLFair for the October giveaway. I'll have more CLFair news in a few days.

Now back to work. The KT Favorites BOM is back from the quilter so I'll be stitching on the wool embellishments and adding finishing touches. Be the first to see the quilt right here soon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They say there are 2 kinds of people in the world - those that have lost everything off of their computers and those that will someday. I'm now one of those people who had a major meltdown when my entire computer went blank, deleting dozens of pages of instructions for the new BOM. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! I guess when my web support guy/son recommends "backup, backup, backup", he's not just suggesting. Needless to say, after many 4-letter words, tears and a hissy fit, I'm back at it trying to recover as much info as possible from my own flawed memory. Thank goodness I hadn't sent the quilt off to the quilter yet, so I have it here for reference.

Anyway, enough whining. Robert and I enjoyed very nice weather and even nicer quilters in South Dakota last weekend at a retreat sponsored by Kim and Laurie at Dakota Quilt Co. in Spearfish. These ladies truly know how to have fun. At one point, I was laughing so hard I was crying my mascara off. Too fun! I'd even consider going back next year as just one-of-the-girls. Here are a couple of pictures from our trip. It's worth the drive!

Almost 60 quilters whipped up a Five & Dime quilt starting with a Layer Cake and a Charm Pack. I created a ruler to help position and cut this easy-to-assemble quilt and the ladies loved them! Watch on our website for the new rulers - exclusive to KT - and make a Five & Dime even easier!

We'll be giving away a Five & Dime pattern along with a ruler this month. Only a couple weeks left, so hurry!

Off to Pittsburg, KS for a workshop and lecture for the local quilt guild. Check us out if you're in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August Winner

Cooper chose a number this weekend for the August giveaway - a KT Fav Jelly Roll - and "lips" was the winner! Congrats and thanks for everyone's comments about their favorite KT lines and the reasons why. It always helps to have constructive input.

Had a question previously about how I chose the blocks for the anniversary BOM. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. Some were taken directly from a favorite quilt from the particular fabric line, others an applique used on a quilt and some were inspired by the fabric motifs. There are about 22 pieced blocks with 11 appliques for a total of 33. We're still trying to decide which bonus projects to include from earlier books. Any requests? I have always loved the quilt As the Wind Blows from Kansas/Oregon Quilt Connection so will certainly include that one. Otherwise, we're open to suggestions. Time is running out, so help - please! Waiting on the final border fabric for the BOM, then will post a pic before it goes to the quilter.

Packing the car for a trip to Spearfish, SD this weekend to teach at a retreat with 60 quilters hosted by Dakota Quilt Co. It promises to be great fun with a Thursday night pj party to kick it off. Better dig out my winter jammies - it might be a bit cooler up north.

Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall is in the air

It's a gorgeous day in the neighborhood! Chilly nights and cool days have made me itchin' to get out the fall decorations. It's a bit too soon to go over the top with pumpkins and Halloween stuff, but a bit here and there is a fun relief from so much summer red/white/blue. A new picture mixed with a lighted pumpkin (from a dear friend) and some other stuff I had sets the scene on the porch for a weekend of quilts around the campfire making s'mores.

Watch next week for the final pictures of the BOM before it heads to the quilter.

A beautiful weekend to you all!