Monday, December 26, 2011

Grand Finale winner!

Puddles of Grace is our Day #12 winner of the Flannel Days fat qtr. bundle. Colorado is the perfect place for a flannel quilt. Enjoy!

Thanks to all of you who have commented this year on my blog. I truly appreciate your time and enjoy reading every one. If you haven't won a KT giveaway so far, don't despair, there's lots more coming your way in 2012. I just received a huge box of strips from Moda that I'll HAVE to share from next year's Christmas line, Holiday Medley. Quilt shops will be introduced to all the new collections for the holidays in Jan., so watch for a sneak peek in February.

Robert had to work Christmas Day, but I enjoyed brunch with my son and his girlfriend after church, then my parents came over for dinner after R got home. I made an easy crock pot Chicken Marsala that Pam Buda shared with me. So simple but a little more elegant that your normal chicken/pasta dish. Everyone loved it! For dessert, I made a banana cream pie - R's fav - but added a little twist with a layer of dark chocolate on the crust before adding the bananas and pudding. (Just sprinkle mini dark chocolate chips in a still warm crust, let sit a few minutes and spread with a knife.) I think it helps keep the crust from becoming soggy and who doesn't love the addition of chocolate to anything??  All in all, a very quiet, but wonderful day. Today, I've puttered around all morning, picking up after having a grankid for a week. I always seem to get a burst of organizing energy each year after Christmas. As much as I love all the decorations and special holiday decor, I'm always ready to return to "ordinary time" as my sister says, doing some major cleaning and purging. It's an instant lift for me. Since Moda and our other main distributors are closed this week, it's a time for us to catch up at work, too. Seems a week is never enough!

Here's the Chicken Marsala recipe. It would great for a New Year's celebration, too!

6 boneless chicken breasts
1/2 cup butter
1 pkg. Good Seasons salad dressing mix
2 cans Golden Mushroom soup
1 cup Marsala cooking wine
1 large can mushroom stems and pieces, drained or 1 1/2 fresh mushrooms, sliced
8 oz. tub cream chees with chives & onion
1 lb. pasta - linguini, penne, etc. cooked according to instructions
Parmesan cheese shreds
 Place chicken in crock pot. In a large bowl, soften butter and cream cheese. Add seasoning, soup, wine, cream cheese and mushrooms; mix well. Pour over chicken; cook in crock pot on LOW 5-6 hours. Serve chicken and sauce over hot pasta sprinkled with shredded parm cheese. Add breadsticks and a green salad for the perfect dressed up dinner that's everyday easy. Yum!

Friday, December 23, 2011

KT Countdown to Christmas Day #12 Finale

Okay, my Friday post didn't upload automatically - sorry. Here it is on Sat. - last day of Countdown to Christmas. Day #11 winner of the Bird's Eye View BOM is kshackabq. Thanks for following my blog suring this busy, crazy time of year.

Now, Day #12 of Countdown to Christmas. Just one last chance to comment and you could open your mailbox to a fat 1/4 bundle of Flannel Days fabric. I've really enjoyed working and playing with it - it's so cuddly soft and yummy. Winner will be announced Monday Dec. 26th, so make a Christmas wish and hit enter!

It's not too late to ask for an Alaskan Quilting Cruise for Christmas. Pam and I are so excited about our Great Girlfriend Getaway in August 2012. There are lots of emails flying between Kansas and Illinois full of plans and surprises, so don't wait to book your spot!

Have you ever been on a quilting cruise?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

KT Countdown to Christmas Day #11

I'm so glad to have discovered the random number generator early this year so I don't have to select a winner. All of your comments have been so fun to read - thanks! In answer to one comment, the Mini Table Treats are each 17" round.

Congratualtions to Jayne from TX - we'll be sending a dozen MTT patterns to you next week! Please email your address to

Two more chances, ladies, to win a KT prize. For today, I'll be sending a lucky someone the very first, signed copy of our new BOM, Bird's Eye View. It will literally hit the presses on Monday after Christmas, so the winner will have to be a little patient :).

The winner of Thursday's giveaway will be announced along with Friday's winner on Saturday. I'll be out of town with the granddaughters overnight and we'll be very, very busy....or so I hear.

Don't miss Friday's final prize - especially if you like soft, fuzzy stuff.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Day #10

Congratulations to the winner of the Perennials fat 1/8 bundle, QuiltinginMinn. Maybe this little bundle of fabric will help inspire you to get your personal creative space in order. I can't imagine having to move!     

A dozen Mini Table Treats patterns are up for grabs today for a mere moment of your time and a comment. With the additon of Frost, Pinwheel and Spoolin' Around, there's a different motif for almost every month of the year! All of the MTT are available on our website (or will be soon!) for just $5 each. They are a great gift idea since it only takes about 3 hours and $15 worth of materials to make each one.

Thanks for all the suggestions for my glaring windows. Someone asked what I see out that window, so I took a shot of my grandaughter, Aleece, playing in the newfallen snow here yesterday. She ran and played with Gus until he was begging to come back inside. I didn't enjoy the weather quite so much. My car doors were frozen shut so we were truly snowed in and couldn't get into town. Lots of hot chocolate and movies saved the day so I could work for a few hours.

Are you a cold weather gal? What kind of outdoor activities do you look forward to each year? I love watching the snow from my comfy chair with a quilt, a book and a cup of hot tea. How about you?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Day #9

Monday's winners of the Primitive Quilts magazines are Grandma M and Ronnie. Hope you enjoy perusing all the wonderful projects.

Today's prize is a fat 1/8 bundle of Perennials fabrics. It blends especially well with the new Sandhill Plums with the rich plum/purples, greens and golds and classic KT reds and blues. While taking pictures of the prizes, I decided to share my design space with you. Here's the Perennials bundle sitting on the loveseat in the corner of my studio where I relax, read quilting books and magazines, and edit patterns. We used to have a twin bed in here for the grankids, but this little sofa bed from IKEA takes up so much less space and is comfy, too.

Here's a look at where I work, designing quilts and gazing out the window - writing this blog, too. Note that I had to cover the window with an old quilt on stretcher bars to keep the glare down. How ironic that I wanted a big window to be able to see out, but the sunshine glares on my computer screen so much, I have to cover it up! I'm checking into having the window tinted or glazed to cut the glare and prevent sun fading, too. Any suggestions?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Day #8

The winner of Sunday's KT tin with mini charms is Melody. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy playing with a little bit of KT - actually over 100 different prints.

We had a great weekend even  though I'm dragging today. Late nights, lots of laughs, too much rich food. Wonderful memories! Robert and I received gift certificates to dinner and tickets to our local community theatre, which we enjoy. Plus some gourmet beer and snacks for our Christmas Eve alone - fun stuff! My daughter, Nicole, found a beautiful cashmere scarf for me to go with my new winter coat and bought R an MP3 player he's been coveting. The best gift of all was a picture of my 3 handsome sons, all together for the first time at Christmas in 5 years. The bestest part was having all 4 of my kids and grankids together - all night/day. We had a blast. Wishing you all this much fun for Christmas this year.

Today's giveaway is the newest issue of Primitive Quilts with our Starry Flight quilt on the cover. This one makes flying geese even easier with raw edge applique triangles for a fun, frayed look and feel. I actually have 2 to share with 2 lucky winners. We haven't advertised on our web page, but we have a few more of these kits left, if anyone is interested.

I think these sisters do a great job of putting together a beautiful magazine. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of a couple of your first issues.

How about commenting on your affection/addiction/allergies to wool projects today? I'm hooked, how about you?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Day #7

Carrie P. (who takes a drive in the mountains each year) is the winner of the Sandhill Plums strips. Thanks for hanging in there ladies (and gentlemen). Halfway there with a fun little treat for you today - a KT tin filled with 4 mini charm packs.

My 4 kids, their spouses and 5 grandkids all spent the night at the building for our Christmas slumber party. Gotta get the egg casserole and apple french toast in the oven soon.
The little kids are already asking to open presents.
See you tomorrow for another KT giveaway. Lynne

Saturday, December 17, 2011

KT Countdown to Christmas Day #6

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your favorite Christmas gifts with me. I teared up reading several and can totally relate to the statement that it's who gave you something and how they did it that makes it even more memorable.

It's just a week until Christmas, so we need to keep moving along on our Countdown. Congrats to Lesley (pine hutch is favorite gift) who won the set of 3 QM 100 Quilt Blocks magazines and Debbie (homemade vanity) who will receive the 6-pack of charm patterns. Thanks for commenting!

Day #6 brings a bundle of Sandhill Plums assorted strips. Moda generously sent a box of leftovers after cutting swatches for their salesmen so we have lots to share. With strips between 2" and 7", it's like getting several Jelly Rolls!

Share one of your favorite family holiday traditions here, if you wish.
I'd love to know how you celebrate the season.
See you tomorrow!

Friday, December 16, 2011

KT Countdown to Christmas Day #4 & 5

Day #3's winner is Laura from Phoenix - congrats and enjoy the tin full of Warm Memories. I loved reading all your comments about your favorite holiday treats. I'm inspired to try several - I know the grankids would really enjoy the candy cane cookies. My weakness is dark chocolate, so any cookies made with that and I'm off my diet. Breads are a close second - banana, pumpkin, cranberry, cinnamon rolls - mmmmm......

For Friday, we're going to do Day #4 and 5 (since I goofed on Wednesday). We can't let this Countdown to Christmas run over the 25th! Soooo, the 2 prizes for today will be a set of 3 QM 100 Quilt Blocks (issues #2,3,4) and a six pack of my favorite charm patterns - Summer Joy, KT Classic, Signs of Fall, Churn Dash, Cockscomb & Deck the Walls.

As I was shopping for the last couple of gifts on my list today, I remembered some of the most wonderful gifts I've ever received for Christmas. One of my all time favs is from jr. high when my parents gave me a rabbit fur jacket with leather sleeves. It seemed so cool and outrageously extravagant for the time (and not very politically correct now) and I wore it for years until the fur was almost all rubbed off. As a young Mom, my favorite things were the homemade ornaments and cards from my kids with glitter, Cheerios, buttons or yarn. I still have them and get them out each year. Recently, the best gift ever was my studio at the cabin. I really will take a picture soon and post it for you all to see where I work. I'm still rearranging and tweaking.
What was one of your favorite gifts and why?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

KT Countdown to Christmas Day #3

Wednesday 10:20pm
Dang, dang, double dang! Just checked in to see how the comments for today were going and you weren't there! My post from last night didn't automatically go up this morning (I'm sure due to user error) so here it is for Thursday. We'll double up down the line to catch up. I've had quite a day - dentist, shopping, editing/printing/stuffing/shipping patterns and a big date night with Robert. We went to a Clint Black concert in a small old movie theatre converted into a stage that is just the coolest venue. Haven't really listened to his stuff for several years but sang along like it was yesterday. Sorry again about the delay on Day #3, but had a great excuse for just now getting home :). Merry Christmas to me!

Day #2 winners of a Quiltmaker 100 Quilt Blocks magazine are Happy Cottage Quilter, Jan and icraftnqlt. Congrats, ladies. Santa will have your prize delivered and under the tree in a flash.

For Day #3, we have a Moda Jelly Roll tin stuffed with 22 assorted Warm Memories fat 1/8's. Interested? Just comment here about your favorite holiday treat (I need some inspiration for our Christmas get-together this weekend).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

KT Countdown to Christmas Day #2

Carol and LKDrum are our winners of Day #1 Primitive Quilts magazine. Please send your mailing addresses and I'll get Robert right on it. I warned him about the daily giveaways in our countdown and his response was, "Well of course you're giving away stuff right now since there's nothing else going on..." Aren't husbands so understanding? My 10-year-old grandson Cooper's reply to Grampa now is "Can you spell sarcasm?" Gotta love it!

Okay, for Day #2 in our Countdown to Christmas, more magazines - 3 of the newest Quiltmaker 100 Blocks! Three lucky quilters will each win a magazine if they comment by 10pm tonight. Here's a look at my block with Sandhill Plums and Cattails fabrics. It's so much fun to transform a traditional block with a gazillion pieces into a simply doable raw edge applique version. My daughter, Nicole, turned 30 this year and selected this block (30 of them) in a really scrappy quilt as her birthday gift. I just hope I can finish it before she turns 31!

Do you buy this magazine for the eye candy & inspiration or actually make some of the blocks? Watch later during the Countdown for a set of Issues #2,3,and 4!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Day 1

Once again, congratulations to all the winners of the Sandhill Plums strips and the stack of 1300 charm squares. We'll be boxing up and shipping off the goodies on Tuesday when Robert's back in the office. Thanks so everyone who came by to visit. To keep the holiday spirit soaring, let's keep giving away good stuff! For the next 12 days before Christmas, we'll be offering a few more chances to win something for your stocking. Check in each day, leave a comment by 10pm CST and cross your fingers and toes that the random number generator will hear your plea.

For Day #1, my true love did not give me a partridge in a pear tree (thank goodness!) but uncovered 2 more of the Fall 2011 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. It sold out early, so here's your chance to win one to complete your collection. It just happens to be a bonus that our Summer's Last Bloom quilt made the cover. The winners will receive a magazine and a few fabric squares to get started on the quilt.

Do you subscribe/purchase Primitive Quilts magazine?
See you Tuesday, Lynne

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moda Blog Hop Winners will be Merry, Merry

Wasn't the Moda Merry Blog Hop just too much fun? I've had a great time peeking into my fellow designer's lives to see what they were up to this holiday season. So many creative, generous women all working together for the best fabric company - period.

Congratulations to Sarah Z, Shelley and Brenda! The 3 of you will each receive a bundle of Sandhill Plum strips - assorted widths from 2" to 6" - to enjoy before the fabric arrives in quilt shops in February. Thanks to everyone who commented during the Moda Merry Blog Hop. I love reading all your comments and appreciate your support.

It's not too late to have a little surprise under your sewing machine for Christmas. Join us for Countdown to Christmas beginning Monday for a little treasure each day for 12 days. There are odds and ends of KT finds from magazines and fabric scraps to precuts and patterns. I've even been cleaning out the back room and found a few cool things leftover from our quilt retreat days. Join me here Monday morning for the first day of fun.

After a couple days of "The Cruds", I'm back in action today, ready to decorate for our family Christmas - next weekend! No need to panic since the tree is already decorated under a big bag in the back room with just a little fluffing required. With our 12 foot ceilings at my design studio building where we gather, a queen quilt works as a wonderful wall quilt. A pile of Christmas quilts is ready to set the holiday theme and act as a backdrop to the festivities. Now, just a few last minute gifts to find, packages to wrap, cookies to bake, beds to make....I'll try to remember to share a few pictures this year. See you all Monday, Lynne

Friday, December 9, 2011

And the winner is....

The wait is over - finally! Congratulations to DebrafromMD! The random number generator gods have smiled on you today. Thanks to Debra and everyone who so faithfully commented over the past 2 weeks. It's been so fun reading all your comments and overwhelming to have over 1000 for one giveaway. Some of your names appear so often I feel we should be chatting on the phone! Thanks again for following my blog. But don't despair if you didn't win today. Beginning Monday, we're starting a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway - something new each day for 12 days. I've been gathering up all kinds of things as I clean and organize and would love to share with all of you - issues of Primitive Quilts, 100 Quilt Blocks, APQ; odds and ends of KT fabrics; a tin full of mini charms; a bundle of patterns - so much good stuff!

Sorry this post is so late today but the bug that's been going around bit me yesterday and I've been slow to start this morning. Better now than next weekend when all the kids/grandkids will be here for Christmas. It has made me feel warm all over, though to announce the winner of the Grand Finale 1300 KT charm squares. Hope you all come back next week to countdown to Christmas. This is just so much fun!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Deadlines, deadlines...

There are only 2 days left of the Moda Designer Blog Hop. Make sure to visit Camille of Thimbleblossoms, Kathy Schmitz at her blog, Edyta of Laundry Basket Quilts, Kate Spain's blog and Lisa Bonegean at Primitive Gatherings to see what's going on in their quilting worlds. I'm sure these creative ladies have a whole lot of fun in store of you.

You have one more chance to comment to win the 1300+ KT charm squares (see previous post) before the winner is announced tomorrow. Good luck to everyone!

And, tomorrow is the deadline to comment for a chance to win the new Sandhill Plums strips - there will be 3 winners! - here or in previous Moda Blog Hop posts. So much to giveaway this season!

But it's not all over yet! Check back on Monday to see what I have in store for the KT Countdown to Christmas! I've been cleaning and organizing and finding all kinds of interesting stuff  to share. That starts Monday, December 12th.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Moda Designer Blog Hop

Hello! and welcome to another edition of Moda's Designer Blog Hop. At market, we all decided to share the bounty as a holiday "Thank You" to all the quilters out there in blogland. Four or five designers will host one day this week, so make sure you stop by each and every one of them. Along with me today are Joanna at Fig Tree, Julie of Cosmo Cricket, Lucie from Summersville and Liz at Paper Pie. Some of us have been around Moda for a while, some are brand new - how fun to get to know everyone thru a blog hop!

As for KT, our world is all about Sandhill Plums right now - stitching, writing, editing patterns, etc. We're thrilled to share some bundles of this brand new line for our blog giveaway this week. Just comment here before Friday, Dec. 9th, 10pm. to be eligible to win an assortment of strips (3-6" wide) of Sandhill Plums. No one else will have it until February!

Somehow, I'm out at the cabin and my link for the recipe and quilt block are in town. It's 18 degrees here, so I'm not too keen on getting out again tonight. :)  I'll post it as soon as I can tomorrow.

Okay, it's a sunny 24 this afternoon so I've ventured out to post the link to my recipe and quilt block. I've used the block for a couple of upcoming projects with just a few changes. It's been fun to play with. Hope you enjoy playing with all the block, too.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to comment on my previous post for our Grand Finale Charm Giveaway. Enjoy the blog hop and have a happy, happy holiday season.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Moda Designer Blog Hop

It's a cold, damp Monday here in Kansas. A perfect day to stay home with a hot cup of tea and cruise over to my fellow Moda designer's blogs. Hop on over to Minick and Simpson, Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill, Barb Groves of Me & My Sister and Deb Strain of Saltbox Studio today to kick off the 5-day Moda Designer Blog Hop. There's a block pattern and recipe at each website to download - free - as our little holiday gift to you. I'm sure there will be a few other surprises along the way, too.

Join me back here tomorrow for a chance to win something Sandhill Plums. And stay tuned for the BIG WINNER revealed on Friday of more than 1300 charm squares (see previous posts).
Happy Blog Hopping!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One More Week...

Just one more week to comment and be entered to win over 1300 KT charm squares. It's been fun to read what everyone would do with this stack of fabrics - lots of drooling and fondling going on for sure. And many generous quilters willing to make quilts to donate to good causes.

We're in the process of revamping out website so I've taking pics of stuff at the KT studio. I enjoy collecting anything having to do with sewing, especially acorn shaped items. Here's a look at some of my favorite junk.
 Many of my acorns have a thimble and needle holder inside and are carved from vegetable ivory. Some are wooden, a couple have a pincushion, as well. The paper acorn on the left front is an Acorn Stove advertising piece; the card in back holds Acorn snaps. Too fun!

                       Clamps to hold a quilt in the frame were shaped like birds for fun and function.
                                The beaks open like a clothespin and some have a bonus pincushion.

An old printer's tray (about 5 feet long) keeps vintage sewing items neatly displayed - advertising thimbles, tape measures, needle cases and thimble holders. It's fun to hunt for things with local advertising as I travel.
Now if someone would just dust it for me!

Moda's Designer Blog Hop begins Monday, Dec. 5th and continues throughout the week with almost 2 dozen designers sharing a block and a recipe for you to download free! I'm sure there will be more a couple giveaways, too. I'll post a list of designers to watch for over the weekend.

Keep commenting!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

More ideas for 1300+ charm squares

I realized last night as I was working on the pattern for Collection of Scraps that this might the perfect quilt for the stack of charm squares. There are only a couple of strips (that can be pieced) that are too long to cut from a 5" square. You can just about get one block from a pack of charm squares.

Here's a closer look at several blocks so you can see that we made each one just a bit
differently depending on the fabric available. Very fun!

I better get cookin'! The kids/grankids/parents will be here this afternoon expecting to eat our version of Thanksgiving leftovers. I make a massive turkey hash with all the fixin's; Mom makes the pies (with her perfect flaky homemade crust) and my oldest son, Neil, always comes up with some fun new dessert to try. This year, pumpkin/gingersnap/cheesecake parfaits. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Have a good weekend enjoying leftover turkey.

Please comment for the giveaway on Thursdays post. Thanks.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

KT Charm Collection Grand Finale

Okay ladies (and gentlemen), here's what we've been waiting for all year - a chance to win one of each of the 38 KT charm packs from the past 11 years! I'm so glad we did this because now even I have a charm square of each of the fabrics. Here's the pile - over 1300 5" squares - almost 19" tall!

What would you do with over 20 yards or 34,000 square inches of KT prints and plaids? Can you imagine the number of projects you could make? Simply sewn together as charm squares (4 1/2" finished squares), you could have the makings of 4 centers for queen size quilts (16 x 18 squares each) or 7 lap quilts (12 x 14 squares each). Cut some into half into bricks, triangles or fourths for mini charm squares for truly charming quilts, runners and gifts galore. Oh my!

Thought I would share my stash of KT precuts - Charms, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Honey Buns and Turnovers. I also have fun collecting Moda designer tins and specialty items.

Quilters ask me all the time how much fabric I have and the answer is: Not as much as most quilters! I save small amounts of my favorite pieces for scrappy projects, but we're usually using the latest collection so it doesn't help much to have alot of oldies on hand. This is all I have of Sandhill Plums - so far :) .

 Bits and pieces, works in progress and leftover precuts are kept in 16 vintage locker baskets on an old wooden shoe rack. That's Flannel Days piled up on top. It's so fluffy, it's hard to fit on the shelves!

Best of luck to everyone! You may comment as often as once a day until Dec. 7th at 10pm. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Dec. 8th. Stay tuned for a fun little blog hop with the Moda designers in December, too. More goodies!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sandhill Plums Winner

Pat from New York is the winner of this week's Sandhill Plums charm pack and charm pattern. Just proves how random our random number generator is since she won just a couple of weeks ago, too! But Sandhill Plums is all so new, she'll have to wait a few days to receive her goodies since the pattern is still being edited. It's been so fun reading all your comments recalling memories of Gramma's cooking specialites. I thoroughly enjoyed the warm feelings flowing from the pages.

Don't stop following the KT blog now - we're not done with our year of giveaways yet! Still to come is the grand prize of one of each KT charm pack printed to date - over 1200 charm squares from the past 11 years. The giveaway begins this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, and continues for 2 weeks thru 10pm on Wednesday, Dec. 7th. You may comment as much as once a day over the 2 weeks. The winner will be announced Thursday Dec. 8th.

Better get to the grocery store before everything for Thanksgiving dinner is gone. We do our family thing on Saturday so I have plenty of time to prepare. Just Robert and I hanging out, watching movies in our pj's all day Thursday. Now that's something to be thankful for!

Something else to be thankful for is good friends, like my dear friend Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts. We met in Ottawa, IL last week to do some brainstorming and planning for our cruise to Alaska next summer and met with our travel agent to plan even further into the future. We had a great time antique hunting all day Thursday and stayed up late chatting about family and plotting projects and surprises for the cruise. If you haven't decided on whether or not to join us, ask for a Girlfriend Getaway for Christmas. Your hubby will appreciate not having to shop and you'll have a wonderful trip to look forward to next year. Have any of you been on a quilting cruise? Where to? What was the best part? Where would you like to go next?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sandhill Plums Charming Thursday

Our newest KT fabric line, Sandhill Plums, just made it's debut at Fall Quilt Market in Houston a couple weeks ago. Yummy shades of plum, red, navy, green, gold, black and tans are just made for a spring-themed project. The charm quilt for this line is a little table runner called Sand Plum Jelly. Sandhill Plums are unique to this part of the country, planted as windbreaks in sandy soil back in the homesteading years and are known for their tart berries each summer. Anyone who's tasted a Sandhill Plum can certainly appreciate how much sugar it takes to make those little berries palatable for jelly.

Several other projects featuring Sandhill Plums precuts are in a blog posted last week on
Nov. 9th. Check them out!

Comment here by Sunday 10pm. for a chance to win a charm pack and pattern for Sandhill Plums!
Anyone out there ever had Sand Plum Jelly?
What is your favorite food memory from your Grandmother/family?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cattails & Clover Charming Thursday Winner

Congrats to Lisa Marie - you're the winner of the Charming Thursday Cattails & Clover charm pack and pattern. There's only one more edition of Charming Thursday this week, then the grand finale begins on Thanksgiving Day with the most charming giveaway of all: over 1200 KT 5" charm squares - one of every fabric so far! You'll have 2 weeks to comment. What a great Christmas present to yourself!

Yesterday, I reintroduced several projects we're now offering as single patterns from previous books or quilt shop exclusive clubs. Today, I have a few more for you - Wildflower Baskets Charm, Pinwheels in my Garden Charm,Twinkling Stars and Flowers by the Cabin.

Flowers by the Cabin is a former KT Stash Society favorite. Raw edge flowers bloom
on traditional log cabin blocks.

Twinkling Stars is another KT Stash project. We've simplified a traditional Huner's Star with a raw edge template stitched onto opposite corners of a square; cut in half to make triangles, then sew 2 different triangles together. Easy, peasy!

Simple little baskets make good use of a charm pack for a spring
wall quilt to brighten up your entry.

Pinwheels and a pieced border offer the perfect background for fused and raw edge
appliqued flowers borrowed from the fabric prints in Garden Inspiration.

Stay tuned for our final Charming Thursday this week featuring Sandhill Plum, our newest
KT fabric collection due in quilt shops in February. You'll be the first on your block
(heck, on any block!) to have a little piece of it!

Monday, November 14, 2011

100 Quilt Blocks Winners Announced

Okay ladies, the 3 winners of a Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Vol #4 magazine are: Kathy, Anne & Dona! You know who you are because you received an email from me with the big news. Thanks for having your email link on your profile. It's so much easier to contact my blog winners if I can email directly instead of just posting your name and hoping you check back to see it. I appreciate all the lovely comments about the block. We're planning to make a couple projects next year featuring it, so keep watching.

Over the years, we've made quilts for books, our KT Quarterly Newsletter, KT Stash Society and Charmed Club that were very popular and have had requests to offer those projects as single patterns. I'm happy to announce several new projects as single patterns this fall - Bachelor Buttons, Prairie Medley, Crossing Mulberry Creek and Picnic Plaid. Each of these was offered in a shop exclusive program or KT book over the past few years. Now, we're making them available to everyone!

Who doesn't love a blue and tan scrappy quilt that's easy to piece with a touch of raw edge applique and finished with red buttons? Bachelor Buttons first appeared as a bonus project in our
Seeds of Time Block-of-the-Month. 

 Prairie Medley is just that - a medley of print, plaid and wool charm packs that work together to create a fun little quilt with lots of personality and charm.

Crossing Mulberry Creek is pieced with simple 9-patches - a quilter's staple - then embellished with raw edge navy plaid squares cut on the bias that are added after the quilt is quilted. A great man quilt!

 Picnic Plaid is one of my son's favorites - very soft and cuddly. More 9-patches carefully placed to look like a giant plaid. Doubled red plaid bias strips are added while you quilt-in-the-ditch for an easy finish. Imagine the color possibilities - browns and tans with pumpkin strips, reds and greens for the holidays, or any combo to match your home decor or school colors.

These are a few of the new/old patterns. Watch tomorrow's blog for more!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cattails & Clover Charming Thursday (on Friday)

For those of you regularly checking in on Thursdays here at the KT Blog,  you had a nice suprise yesterday with the 100 Quilt Block magazine blog tour. Hope you commented to win one of the free issues. It's packed full of great ideas for future projects.

Sooooo, Charming Thursday is today. We're getting very close to the end of our charm pack giveaways with Cattails & Clover. This collection is so new it's just now arriving at your local quilt shop!

Living "in the wild", as my granddaughter Delainey says, offers alot of inspiration for fabric themes. We have a marshy area on one end of the pond that keeps the cattails happy with wet feet. We enjoy watching them change throughout the summer as the green shoots poke thru the earth in June, the fuzzy brown heads appear in July and then burst into white fluff in August. The clover was once a cash crop my Grandfather grew when Dad was just a kid. He said they tilled it under over 60 years ago and planted wheat. When we built the cabin a couple years ago, Dad had a terrace built to redirect the water flow into the pond to avoid flooding our road. The next spring, an acre of clover appeared where the ground had been turned, seed that had laid dormant for over 60 years! Amazing! The graceful rows of clover, curving by the side of our road inspired our project Creek Bottom. Two charm packs are cut with our new KT-1/4 Circle Template, then raw edge stitched onto opposite corners of a Layer Cake square. Doubled bias strips of coordinating plaids are stitched over the raw edge of the curves to create dimension and texture. When the blocks are sewn together, the look of waves across the quilt is very dramatic with no curved piecing. I love it!

For even more definitive curves, we used just 5 fabrics for Cattail Creek. The wavy border is made easy with the template, adding a 1/4-circle to a setting triangle.

The table topper with just a few fabrics and giant rickrack trim instead of bias strips and the runner with rows of buttons were fun to play with and only require a few blocks. There's still time before the holidays!

Comment here before Monday night at 10pm. to be eligible to win a Cattails & Clover charm pack and booklet with all the projects shown here. Next Thursday is our final single charm pack giveaway, then the grand finale starts Thanksgiving Day. You'll have 2 weeks to comment (limit one comment a day, please) to win over 1200 KT 5" charm squares! There will be a couple other prizes offered, too, so don't miss out.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

100 Quilt Blocks Blog Tour

Have you seen the new 100 Quilt Blocks #4 magazine by Quiltmaker?  I enjoy seeing all the new, innovative, charming blocks the designers have created. This is one of those magazines you keep and collect for future reference. Do you have yours? We have them on our website now.

My block is #340, Kansas Home. A traditional star block is simplified with raw edge applique squares (4 brown corners and red center square) for even eaiser piecing. I love the texture and dimension of adding raw edge to any quilt block.

Also included in this edition are blocks by fellow Moda designers Kathy Schmitz and Camille Roskelley. Check it out! Comment here to win a free 100 Quilt Blocks Vol.#4. The random number generator will choose 3 lucky quilters on Monday.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Announcing: Sandhill Plums

KT's new fabric collection for spring is Sandhill Plums. The header at the top of the blog shows the Sandhill Plum bushes this fall changing color. In late summer, they produce a grape-size berry that varies from cream to yellow to pink to red. This year's extreme heat and drought left us plum-less - barely enough for the birds. My Gramma used to make Sand Plum Jelly every year for my Dad. After the first couple of pints magically disappeared slathered on homemade bread, it was hoarded thru the winter and only brought out for special occasions.

One of our projects for this group is called Plum Perfect, a 70" square lap quilt featuring a Jelly Roll and Charm Pack. A traditional star block is simplified with raw edge applique for the center, then surrounded by Jelly Roll strips. A charm pack cut diagonally to create triangles is stitched into the border seam for dimensional appeal. Leftover Jelly Roll strips are pieced and cut across the corners for a unique look. Remaining triangles were put to work on a charming pillow. Easy to do, great results!

Notice the scalloped edges? I hadn't received my precuts yet so we cut our own charm squares with a scalloped edge rotary blade. I love the effect!

One of my favorite projects is Just a Little Loopy. (Did I ever tell how hard it is to name quilts???) A Honey Bun and Charm Pack work together to make 3 different projects - a wall quilt, pillow & bag.

A rail fence block is made even easier by simply laying a 5" strip from a Honey Bun centered on a charm square and stitched about 1/8" from the raw edges. This results in 3 - 1 1/2" strips for a 4 1/2" finished block - very cool! With parts of Honey Bun strips left, I made long and short loops, tucked them in the border seam and buttoned them down for fun. With even more Honey Bun scraps, a textural pillow with loops sewn into the seams was next on the list. Then, when I realized I hadn't used any of the light strips, an easy bag from our KT pre-quilted Cattails & Clover fabric (3/4yd.) embellished with 3 rows of loops came to life. A Honey Bun and 2 charm packs makes a great sized lap quilt, too. How much fun can you have with a Honey Bun? Tons!

Both of these patterns will be available by Jan. 1st, just in time for precuts of Sandhill Plums. Yardage ships in February.

I enjoyed playing with the precut Honey Bun strips, creating texture and dimension with the pinked edges. Anyone out there having fun with them too?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flannel Days Charm Winner

Monday came and went - actually the whole weekend - and I totally forgot about the blog. Now that I'm back on track with the calendar (kinda) after market, let's announce the winner of this week's Charming Thursday Flannel Days charm pack and pattern - quilter4. Lois and I will be cutting 5" squares tomorrow for the lucky winner so send your address and we'll get them sent out as soon as they're ready.

Another one of the market projects is Collection of Scraps. I showed a couple blocks last summer when we started piecing them. The idea began when Lois and I saw a quilt by Lissa Alexander, Moda Marketing Director, on the cover of an APQ magazine. Lots of 1" squares in a Grandmother's Flower Garden type block seemed the perfect way to showcase 11 years of fabric collections. As we assembled 1 1/2" strips and squares, I thought how crazy it was to spend so much time making a king size quilt and then not be able to sell the pattern. So, I designed a block that could be pieced in a variety of ways with lots of scraps. We each have 1 block using the first 36 KT fabric lines and a great pieced border with leftovers. A lap size quilt with 20 blocks started with a couple of Honey Buns and a simpler border. I love the result! My quilt came home from market and went directly onto my bed at the cabin. I'm sure sleeping under 11 years of fabrics will inspire me in my dreams.

My quilt has 36 blocks - 34 of the first KT fabric collections in the order they were released plus 2 scrappy blocks in the places where Lucy's Feather Bed and Farmyard Friends would be. Lois pieced the quilts together with the pastel baby fabrics in the quilt top, but I just couldn't live with it, so mine are sewn into the backing. The border has a few squares of these two lines, so I'm good with it.

The simplified border on the lap quilt finishes it off nicely without all the extra piecing. I think this would be a good long term project, making a block with leftover scraps of fabrics from each project you finish over the course of time. Eventually, you'll have enough for a bed size quilt. For those less patient, cut 1 1/2" strips from fat 1/8's and exchange with friends to add to your collection of strips, or split a Honey Bun and share. We found that 40 - 1 1/2" x 22" strips will easily make 2 blocks with leftovers to add to other blocks. The pattern, Collection of Scraps, will be available around Dec. 1st. This project has inspired some of our blog giveaways for next year. Watch for more details in January.

Question of the Day: How do you save your scraps? Do you cut them into strips/squares and keep them organized? Any tips?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flannel Days Charming Thursday

A Flannel Days charm pack & pattern will go to the winner of the this week's giveaway. If you haven't cuddled with the new flannels, you've missed out! I was so thrilled with the feel of this fabric, but of course, it's come and gone in most shops already. Moda was unable to precut charms at the mill, so we've cut one just for this week's winner. I'm hoarding most of what I have since several of my kids have requested quilts made with this line. Even for quilt backs, it's positively yummy!

We created a simple project to showcase the flannels and keep it from getting bulky in the seams. It's amazing how "fluffy" the quilt feels!
Cheryl Ross from Heaven on Earth quilt shop in Wabash, IN made the quilt and is in Houston at Festival with a load of KT quilts and patterns. Check with her if you're interested in a kit.

Here's a look at one of the new quilts from market, Bird's Eye View, our block-of-the-month for next year. Each of the blocks was selected because of it's historical bird name, such as Hens & Chicks, Dove in the Window, Circling Swallows and Hovering Hawks to name a few. The wool & cotton appliques, buttons and stitchery add personality and dimension. So much fun to see it come together. For those of you who make KT Favorites-10 Years & Counting last year, this project is a breeze!

Watch each day thru the weekend for a new quilt/project and a peek at Sandhill Plums, available in your local quilt shop in February 2012.

Question of the day: Do you enjoy block of the month projects? What's the last one you made?