Thursday, December 31, 2020

KT January 2021 Special

Looking Forward 

Whew! I was so ready to flip the page on my calendar to 2021. I'm happy to put 2020 behind me and move forward with all the good stuff that's on it's way in 2021. Not that there weren't some interesting happenings last year - I hosted my first virtual retreat via Facebook Live and had a blast interacting with the participating quilters. We had more quilters than ever order KT fabric via online shopping. And, I was blessed to spend months at a time with my teenage grandaughter, Aleece. I feel for her missing out on her sophomore year in school, but I think she learned some other things helping at the store, packing orders and organizing the storage room. Throughout the summer & fall, she practiced her driving skills in our little town and received her permit last month. These are lessons that will last a lifetime. 

Throughout the year, Robert, Joy and I have commented how lucky and grateful we are to all of you for supporting our small (very small) business. Traveling to teach at guilds/quilt shops and hosting our retreats are a big part of our income, so 2020 really threw a wrench in the works. Thanks to all of you, we're doing just fine, ready to hit 2021 with lots of new KT fun.


KT January Special

To start the new year off right, we're taking inventory and making room for new fabric, precuts and kits. This month, we're offering our Prairie Life kits 20% with free shipping. Quantities are limited (less than a dozen each), so order soon. The Prairie Life book is only $20 when purchased with a kit. Find the deals HERE.

Here are a few of the kits available:

Building Blocks lap kit - $99.95/now 79.96

Cypress Sampler runner $63.95/now $51.16

Sweet Melons mini w/fusible applique $35/now $28

Goose, Goose, Duck lap kit $110.50/now

Shadow Dash lap kit $125/now $100

Cypress Sampler lap kit $136.50/now $109.20

Double the Fun lap kit $110/now $88

Once the shelf is empty, the sale is over! Now's the time to grab a kit for your 2021 piecing list. Find the KT January Special HERE.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM

 Final Week #22 - Outer Borders & Applique

It's been a long, challenging year, but it seems time has flown by while piecing my 20 Years of KTQ quilt. Thank goodness there have been block-of-the-months, quilt-a-longs and monthly clubs to get us through 2020. I appreciate each of you for your continued support of KTQ and can't wait to show you what's in store for the New Year!

Let's talk about how to finish our 20 Years of KTQ quilts...


There are few little applique accents on the quilt - bees around the sunflower, a flower in the basket, stems & leaves on the pumpkins. I like fusible applique with topstitching. A lightweight fusible like Heat 'n Bond Lite works well. Topstitch with matching Aurifil cotton thread about 1/8" from the fused edges. OR, use the applique method of your choice. Be sure to add 1/4" to the templates given for needle-turn applique. Add the applique before adding borders for less bulk when turning the quilt. Even better, before sewing the sections together. 

Outer Borders

For now, let's talk borders. I almost always cut my outer borders the length of fabric (LOF). The weave of the fabric is more stable lengthwise (pull on a piece of fabric and feel the difference). It also eliminates seams for a smoother, perfectly flat border. This creates a better frame for your quilt with less chance of waviness in the borders after quilting. For a lap quilt, I can also cut the binding strips the length of fabric. With 6 1/2" to 7 1/2" wide borders, there is enough width left for (4-5) 2 1/2" strips. Again, LOF binding doesn't stretch as much as width of fabric strips (WOF). I also find it requires less fabric overall.

For our 118" square king size quilt with 10 1/2" outer borders, we'll use the full WOF for borders. I cut about 121" of the 4+ yards for borders. Measure your quilt through the center and on both sides to get a good measurement for borders. Open the fabric to a single layer 45" wide. Fold the fabric lengthwise so it will fit on your cutting mat. Cut (4) 10 1/2" strips, excluding the selvedges. Trim (2) of the strips to your measured length of the sides of the quilt. Fold the border strip in half and mark with a pin. Match up the center point with the center side of your quilt. Pin in the center and on both ends. Add more pins in between every 8" or so. Sew the side outer borders onto your quilt. Press toward the outer border. Repeat the process for the top and bottom borders. 


Woohoo! The hard part is over! Now it's time to prepare the backing. We have a few KT 108" backings available now with more options coming in the spring. Call the KT Quilt Shop for more information. Since our quilt is larger than 108", we'll have to piece the backing whether using 108" or 45" wide fabric. Trim the selvedge edges, measure, cut and pin the pieces just like you're adding borders. The backing needs to be straight & square with no puckers for a beautifully quilted finish. It's worth the extra time.

Thank you again for joining me on this year-long celebration of 20 with Moda Fabrics. I've looked forward to visiting with you each month. You've helped me through this difficult year in many ways. Please let me know if you have questions about the BOM quilt, or any KT pattern. I'd love to chat.


Prairie Days Sampler

I'm currently piecing a fun sampler quilt with my new Prairie Dreams fabric collection (ships in March). It's a little different for me with the color blocking versus scrappy, but I'm loving it! It starts with a Prairie Dreams Layer Cake. KT Quilt Shop will offer the kit as a 6-month block-of-the-month beginning in April, with a Facebook Live tutorial each month.

63" x 74" lap quilt

In addition to the lap quilt above, there are 6 mini quilts made with the same blocks as in the sampler using a 2nd Prairie Dreams Layer Cake. I've enjoyed piecing a mini quilt along with the same blocks for the lap quilt. I have a little quilt now (instant gratification), and can look forward to completing the quilt in just 6 months. Win, win, fun, fun!

Red Dawn (24x30)

Day Dreamin' (19sq)

Midnight Flight (15x29)

Morning Dew (25sq)

Afternoon Delight (18sq pillow)

Evening Shadows (16sq)

Watch for more information after the first of the year, or call the KT Quilt Shop to sign up 785-488-2120. 

I can't wait to see all the great things that are sure to come our way in 2021 - retreats (in person & virtual), new fabric & quilts and lots of online fun. Please follow me here, on Facebook at Kansas Troubles Quilter Lynne Hagmeier and on Instagram @lynnektq for all the latest KT news and fun giveaways.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

KT December Special

 Bittersweet Seasons

1. Piece the Bittersweet Seasons charm quilt with a fun half square triangle zigzag border.

2. Make the (4) seasonal panels.

3. Pin a panel on the center of the quilt for a fun seasonal accent for your home. One quilt + four panels = a quilt for every season.

Our KT December Special offers the Bittersweet Seasons kit for the quilt and all four panels and the pattern for only $49.95 + FREE SHIPPING. That's a retail value (with shipping) of over $65! 

It's not too late to make the Bittersweet Seasons quilt and the adorable Ornaments panel to decorate your home for the holidays. Find the KT December Special HERE.

Friday, November 20, 2020

KT 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

Join the Holiday Fun!

Beginning this week, every Tuesday and Friday until Christmas, I'll be posting a new KT goodie to giveaway to a lucky winner on Instagram @lynnektq. All of us at KTQ want to thank you for your support and patience through this trying year. Don't belong to Instagram? Now's the time to join! There's so much quilting fun going on - news from Moda and their designers, to quilt-a-longs, to quilters inspiring us with their completed projects. It's another great way to connect to quilting friends far and wide. Follow me @lynnektq.

UPDDATE: Bittersweet Lane's arrival has been delayed due to Covid. Moda is working as fast as they can to ship the new line to quilt shops over the next few days/weeks. We hope to receive the fabric & precuts early next week, then have all the preorders cut, processed and shipped the first week of December. It's a little late, but worth the wait. Thanks for your patience. 


Please Note: KT Quilt Shop Winter Hours

December 1st to March 1st - Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 10am to 3pm (or by appointment 785-488-6214)

Closed Dec. 21st thru Jan. 6th for Christmas/inventory.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

All 'Round the Seasons

Don't miss out on our newest KT series, the All 'Round the Seasons Mini Table Treats Club. Our KT November Special kicks off a year of fun beginning with the Sweet Holly table topper. We'll continue every other month with the remaining 5 unique Mini Table Treats to decorate your home for the seasons. (All 'Round the Seasons MTT Club alternates shipment months with our Kit to Quilt Mystery Club.)

We have a few spots left for the MTT Club, so call the KT Quilt Shop today to sign up! 

Please note: purchasing the KT November Special does not automatically sign you up for the Club. Robert will need a little information to enable autoship.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

20 Years of KTQ - Part #21


Part #21 Pieced Border

In our year-long marathon, we're almost to the finish line! This week's pieced border uses all the leftover fabrics from the quilt to make a simple, scrappy border to tie it all together. It's an easy cornered block with assorted darks for the large squares and assorted tans for the connecting corner squares. Refer to your Connecting Corner Info page for more details. 
I found pressing the corner triangles as shown, after trimming the seam allowance, allowed for opposing seams when sewing the blocks together in a row. You could also press the seams open. Try a few of your own and decide what works best for you. 
As you're laying out the pieced border blocks in a row, turning every other one 90 degrees, note the position of the corner blocks.
Watch for border fabrics and a couple of extra goodies in your last shipment after Thanksgiving.
Talk soon.


Sunday, November 1, 2020

KT November Special

 All 'Round the Seasons + Sweet Holly MTT

Our KT November Special brings a bit of holiday cheer to your mailbox. We bundled my Sweet Holly Mini Table Treat kit and the All 'Round the Seasons booklet. The kit includes all the fabrics for the table topper front, back, binding and appliques, plus buttons. (Batting & fusible web not included.) The booklet and kit are only $35 with FREE SHIPPING! That's a savings of over $14 with shipping. 

The Sweet Holly Mini Table Treat is a sweet addition to your home. With my technique, two circles are layered with batting and backing, then machine quilted in an easy grid pattern. Add the simple-to-cut fusible appliques, topstitch, bind and you're done in just a few hours. Not only do Mini Table Treats add a fun holiday touch to your home decor, they make great gifts!


Want even more of a good thing? Call the KT Quilt Shop and sign up for our All 'Round the Seasons Club. The KT November Special is the first installment of our Club. Then, every other month for a year (5 more times), you'll receive a kit for another one of my seasonal Mini Table Treats for only $25+$5 shipping. You can order the KT November Special HERE, but you have to call the store to sign up for the Club and continue receiving kits throughout the year.

I'm planning a Facebook Live event to demonstrate how to cut the round circles with the Cut-a-Round ruler and share tips for quick results.Watch here for more info.

Follow me on Instagram at @lynnektq for more fun KTQ news.



Friday, October 30, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM - Week #20

 Week #20 - Double Decades

I love that these two "X" blocks represent the number 20 in Roman numerals. An assortment of half square triangles (HST) and Connecting Corners (CC) create the gold X in each block. After a year of practicing these techniques, it's all easy peasy. Make sure all of the elements of each block - the center 4-patches, the star point units and the corner HST 4-patches - all measure 4 1/2" square before assembling the block. This will ensure the completed block finishes the correct size (12 1/2").

Once you've pieced the Double Decades blocks, you're ready to assemble the final Section #4. Lay out the remaining blocks, as shown. Piece in rows, as directed. There is a place next to the corner log cabin block that requires a set-in seam. Leave a couple inches unsewn when sewing the top HST row to the Double Decades, as shown by the dotted lines. Pin and sew the log cabin block to the side of the Prairie Pinwheels/HST, then pin/sew to the String of 9-Patches, completing the open seam. Take it one step at a time and it works out perfectly.

With all the sections assembled, it's time to piece the quilt center together, as instructed. (Note the changes to the section numbers in red.) Congratulations! You've completed this year-long jigsaw puzzle of blocks to create the center of 20 Years of KTQ quilt. Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and relax. The rest is all simple border blocks and applique.

Speaking of applique, I would add the fusible, topstitched appliques before sewing the four sections together. It's easier to handle the smaller chunks of quilt to add each applique. When I pieced my quilt, I was still figuring out the appliques, so I didn't add them until the top was completed. The second time around, I added them as I completed each section. 

See you in a couple weeks to talk about the pieced borders. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Market at Home by KTQ for Moda, Part 4

I'm really excited about my new sampler quilt, Prairie Days. As I decorate for each season, I'm usually digging through piles of runners and quilts, looking for just the right backdrop for my vintage collectibles. I often wish I had more two-color small quilts to use at home. So, Prairie Days, and it's companion mini quilts, was born. With one Layer Cake, separated into color groups, I made six small quilts with simple, traditional blocks. 

Red Dawn - Reds & tans combine for an early morning star mini quilt (24"x30").


Morning Dew - Traditional 9-patches in assorted greens create a fun little table topper (25"sq).


Afternoon Delight - My version of a golden sunflower, turning toward the afternoon sun, makes a delightful pillow topper (18"sq).

Day Dreamin' - Gather the plum prints from Prairie Dreams to make this adorable little mini (19"sq).

Evening Shadows - Classic blues and tans in dark & light churn dash blocks make a cute little quilt to tuck in a basket (16"sq).

Midnight Flight - Flying geese in formation create a lovely neutral table runner for almost any season (29"x15").


One Layer Cake with some extra tan backgrounds makes all six of the two-color minis. A second Layer Cake with the same blocks comes together as a color-blocked sampler (63"x74"). Watch for details after the first of the year on my 6-month sew-a-long for the Prairie Days Sampler + 6 minis beginning in April 2021.


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Market at Home by KTQ for Moda, Part 3

 Prairie Dreams is my new fabric collection for fall market that will ship to quilt shops in March 2021. I've shared more of the fabrics and quilts in previous posts, if you missed them. Here's a look at the final trio of prints for this line.

I chose this delicate floral as a medium size print to blend with the feature fabric florals. I like the dot in the background for added interest. 

I usually add an all-over tight viney print that is more heavily printed to use for inner borders, sashings and as accents in my quilts.

They're not dots, but these tiny arrows are great for backgrounds, fillers, sashing and inner borders. They bring all the colors of the line together in one tiny package.

I used the tan multi print as the background for this next quilt in the Sweet 'n Up pattern, Checks with Jelly. A Prairie Dreams Jelly Roll plus 2 fabrics makes this 66"x78" lap quilt that's perfect for the guys on your list. I love how the little tan print pulls it all together and brightens it up.

Checks with Jelly (66"x78")

 Honey Checks is the Honey Bun version, using 2 HB's plus 2 fabrics for a fun lap quilt. I'll make the Jelly Roll quilts for gifts, since they go together so quickly, but the Honey Bun quilt is all mine!

Honey Checks (57"x63")

Watch for my favorite quilts from this collection in a couple days. You won't want to miss it!

Friday, October 23, 2020

Market at Home by KTQ for Moda, Part 2

Prairie Dreams is truly a dream come true for me. It is my 67th line of fabric with Moda. I am so grateful for Moda's continued belief in KTQ, and the heartfelt support from all of you. If you didn't appreciate what I do, I couldn't continue to do what I love. Thank you. 

From the inspiration fabric, to preview swatches, to yardage & precuts, the quality of Moda's fabric is superior. I shared the feature fabric in a previous post and would like to show you some of the companion prints here. This collection is shaping up to be one of my favorites!  

The light, feathery floral print was fun to use for borders, pulling the whole palette of colors together. I'm loving the gold to add warmth to my quilts.

This scattered leaves print adds that feeling of the first tiny green leaves in spring. Or, will work great for the fall feels, too.

I love dots! I think I realized this not-so-mild obsession on about my third or fourth fabric collection, and decided to make dots a recurring theme. I especially love the multi-colored dots on tan for backgrounds. But the darker prints with dots are great for innner borders, outer borders, bindings, blocks, backing...

I love creating quilts with my fabric, especially when I can start with a precut. For Prairie Dreams, I've designed two patterns with options for Jelly Roll and Honey Bun quilts. The first one is Add It Up. One + 1 features a Honey Bun (1 1/2" strips) for a nice lap size quilt (59"x67"). Two + 2 features a Jelly Roll (2 1/2" strips) for a good size queen quilt (98"x114"). Each quilt only needs 3 additional fabrics to complete. The precuts provide all the scrappy goodness.

One + 1 (Honey Bun)

Two + 2 (Jelly Roll)

Prairie Dreams ships to quilt shops in March 2021. Watch for more of my Market at Home Preview in the coming days. Follow me on Instagram for even more fun stories. @lynnektq







Thursday, October 22, 2020

Market at Home by KTQ for Moda

 Kansas Troubles Quilters Presents...Prairie Dreams

I'm so excited to share my newest fabric collection with Moda, Prairie Dreams. This weekend would have been Quilt Market, so I'm giving you a sneak peek here at all the new goods. 

I fell in love with the feature fabric as soon as I uncovered it in Moda's huge library of vintage textiles. This beautiful, viney floral is layered over a meandering dot for lots of depth and texture. It's perfect for borders or large setting blocks.

The meandering dot pattern also shines on it's own as a tone-on-tone print to use for, well, everything! It comes in almost every colorway - tan, gold, red, blue, purple & green.

I have always loved charm packs! I've made a quilt featuring a charm pack for every line I've designed since they were introduced (over 50 at last count). The charm project for Prairie Dreams is called Starry Dreams. These spinning, swirling stars easy to piece with simple half square triangles.

Starry Dreams

 There are more prints and quilts to come over the next few days, so stay tuned for all the goodies. To see more of the Prairie Dreams collection, follow me on Instagram @lynnektq. Prairie Dreams ships to quilt shops in March 2021.




Thursday, October 15, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM - Week #19

 Week #19 - Flying Geese

Gather up your leftover scraps and stitch up a gaggle of geese. Sixteen, to be exact. Keep in mind the tips on creating accurate Connecting Corners and you'll have no trouble piecing these fun, scrappy blocks. The secret to perfect flying geese points? Make sure you have a 1/4" for the seam allowance where the two triangles overlap at the top of the block.

Once you've made the flying geese blocks, sew them together in sections, as shown. Now, you're ready to add them to Section #3 of your quilt.

For Section #3, lay out the blocks indicated, as shown. Piece the blocks together in order shown, pressing carefully. You're almost done with the center of your 20 Years quilt! Woohoo! (insert happy dance here)

I'll see you on October 30th for a very non-spooky Block #20, when we'll be just a couple weeks from finishing our quilts. Please post your blocks/quilt on our 20 Years of KTQ BOM Facebook page. I love to see your progress.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Bittersweet Lane Arriving Soon!

 We're eagerly awaiting a truckload of Bittersweet Lane fabric & precuts any day now. The rich, yummy colors and prints are perfect for quilts for any season. 

 I added a few precuts in with my collection of pumpkins on the dry sink for fun. The color palette is perfect for my home - and yours, too.

Bittersweet Lane Precuts

Bittersweet Lane offers colors and prints for any season with golds, greens, pumpkins, purples, reds, blues and browns to contrast with the lovely tan prints and tone-on-tones. (I'm saving a bolt of the background tan print for myself. It's great backgrounds and backings.)

Bittersweet Lane charm pack


I had so much fun playing with Moda's KT Bittersweet Lane Honey Buns. I made a dozen projects to decorate my home all through the year - wall quilts, table runners & pillows to coordinate. 

Bittersweet & Honey booklet & kits

Bittersweet Pumpkins offers two ways to piece this lovely quilt - with a Layer Cake for year round appeal, or with a Honey Bun for fall pumpkins. This is the project I designed for our KT & Friends Retreats last summer that were cancelled. I hosted (3) Facebook Live tutorials for all our retreat ladies, and anyone else who's interested in making these projects. Find it on the KT & Friends Retreat FB page.

Bittersweet Pumpkins (2 lap options)


Make a charm quilt with a scrappy zigzag border, then whip up four adorable panels to change with the seasons. Two Bittersweet Lane charms plus yardage make the quilt and all four panels.

Bittersweet Seasons charm quilt w/4 seasonal pin-on panels

Everybody needs a reason to smile these days. Who could resist these happy guys with their silly grins! Make Happy Jacks for the season this year, or get a head start on next year's fall stitiching.

Happy Jacks charm Pattern & Kit

Watch for all the Bittersweet Lane fabric, precuts and patterns at your local quilt shop, or