Monday, October 26, 2020

Market at Home by KTQ for Moda, Part 4

I'm really excited about my new sampler quilt, Prairie Days. As I decorate for each season, I'm usually digging through piles of runners and quilts, looking for just the right backdrop for my vintage collectibles. I often wish I had more two-color small quilts to use at home. So, Prairie Days, and it's companion mini quilts, was born. With one Layer Cake, separated into color groups, I made six small quilts with simple, traditional blocks. 

Red Dawn - Reds & tans combine for an early morning star mini quilt (24"x30").


Morning Dew - Traditional 9-patches in assorted greens create a fun little table topper (25"sq).


Afternoon Delight - My version of a golden sunflower, turning toward the afternoon sun, makes a delightful pillow topper (18"sq).

Day Dreamin' - Gather the plum prints from Prairie Dreams to make this adorable little mini (19"sq).

Evening Shadows - Classic blues and tans in dark & light churn dash blocks make a cute little quilt to tuck in a basket (16"sq).

Midnight Flight - Flying geese in formation create a lovely neutral table runner for almost any season (29"x15").


One Layer Cake with some extra tan backgrounds makes all six of the two-color minis. A second Layer Cake with the same blocks comes together as a color-blocked sampler (63"x74"). Watch for details after the first of the year on my 6-month sew-a-long for the Prairie Days Sampler + 6 minis beginning in April 2021.



  1. What a fun way to use a layer cake! I love it!

  2. Love all the Prairie Dreams quilts especially the sampler quilt(what a great idea). Looking forward to the release of the Prairie Dreams line of fabric.

  3. Very much like your idea. Looking forward to this sew-a-long!

  4. Ireally love to read your posts but could you change or darken the font. Hard to see with the background.

  5. These are my favorites! I love making little quilts and often use KT fabric to make them. Thanks for creating these patterns!

  6. Love your Prairie Days sampler and it's companions! Thank you for sharing - I might have to sew along with you next year. HUGS... and stitches

  7. Love all of the projects for this fabric line! Definitely looking forward to the sew-a-long!