Tuesday, November 17, 2020

20 Years of KTQ - Part #21


Part #21 Pieced Border

In our year-long marathon, we're almost to the finish line! This week's pieced border uses all the leftover fabrics from the quilt to make a simple, scrappy border to tie it all together. It's an easy cornered block with assorted darks for the large squares and assorted tans for the connecting corner squares. Refer to your Connecting Corner Info page for more details. 
I found pressing the corner triangles as shown, after trimming the seam allowance, allowed for opposing seams when sewing the blocks together in a row. You could also press the seams open. Try a few of your own and decide what works best for you. 
As you're laying out the pieced border blocks in a row, turning every other one 90 degrees, note the position of the corner blocks.
Watch for border fabrics and a couple of extra goodies in your last shipment after Thanksgiving.
Talk soon.



  1. Trying to get caught up. COVID hit me hard!

  2. So sorry to hear that! Hope you're back to quilting at top speed soon.