Wednesday, March 20, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

2 Days and counting...

I keep telling myself it's okay if everything isn't perfect, but I'm not really buying it. One of the things I'm having the most issue with is space - finding enough room to store 20 years of KT quilts. So, I've decided to share them with the world! Obviously, they are one-of-kind, KT originals -maybe even the one that didn't make it into a book or pattern. I don't have the time to sort thru all of them between now and Friday, but I have to clear them out soon. It's sad to think of letting them go, but also fun to think of someone enjoying them instead of being stuck in a cupboard.


  1. What fun to see years of your work together! I imagine it will be hard to see them go! As always, I love your designs and colors!

  2. Morning Lynne, HAPPY SPRING. Oh what beauties there are in your treasured quilts. I can sympathize with you. May you be blessed with wonderful new homes for your beloved 20 years of quilts. Enjoy your Wednesday. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  3. You do have a lot of beautiful quilts and it will be nice to know someone else will be enjoying them. I am new to quilting itself, so I only have a few quilts, but I plan on making them as gifts and charity quilts.


  4. I'm so excited for you!!!

    Perhaps the quilts you don't sell could go to a charity of some sort? Just a thought. :) Take care!

  5. I find myself saying "ooh and ahh" to even the small edge of your quilts in this photo :) I so love your patterns and fabrics Lynne. My stash has oodles, yet this girl always need more :)
    May your store find itself with too many folks walking the floor-boards with purchases in their arms.
    Blessings to you dear Lynne.
    Jackie in NC

  6. Wish I lived closer, I'd love to come to your new shop. I love your fabrics and patterns.
    Best wishes, Janet