Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #39

Blockheads Week #39 Question of the Week

Have you started your Christmas preparations? Baking? Shoppping? Made a gift-wish list for yourself?
Kinda. I watch for interesting small gifts throughout the year for stocking stuffers (I LOVE stockings!) that I think the adults and grankids will like based on their hobbies/passions - wine glasses with built in ice cubes for Amanda, simple clothing patterns/fabric for Aleece, golf stuff for the twins, dinner and a movie for Nicole. Of course, anything electronic for the boys.  Some silly, some really cool. After what the family calls "gift interogations" at Thanksgiving, I make my final lists. Baking? No so much. Everyone brings appetizers and desserts so I don't have to cook as much. I love the variety of items from homemade meatballs to sushi to Brent's famous bacon-wrapped jalepenos to Nicole's best chocolate chip cookies EVER! It's an eclectic mix, but so fun to try a bite (or two) of everything.

Block #39 - Framed Star by Jo Morton

Jo's star would make a wonderful red/green Christmas quilt, right?  Kathy made her version in low contrast reds with earth tones. Lovely. Joy chose red/tan/blue for a patriotic vibe. Love'em both.

 Click HERE for Jo's instructions for Framed Star. 

Find my Layered Patchwork option instructions HERE.

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Happy Shopping!


  1. I’m behind in everything this year. Especially decorating. I haven’t thought of one gift yet. I’m usually finished shopping by December 1. Geez! I need an intervention!

  2. I have decorated and hung the stockings! The tree is getting smaller as I get older. That way there is less ornaments to hang. I'm trying to simplify. Both kids are gone and live far away. My daughter may come home though. I have finished MOST of my shopping but reserve the right to add some things.

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