Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There's only one word to describe Houston this year - soggy! We arrived to 90 degree/88% humidity and were melting as we hauled the parts of our booth into the convention center. By Saturday, the temps were dropping, but so was the wet stuff - and it didn't quit until we left on Tuesday morning. We drove home in rain, mist, downpour alternately all day. Good to be home cuddled under piles of quilts with a high of 45 today. Promises of sunshine for the weekend.

We had a great time visiting with everyone at market - fellow designers, shop owners, new friends and old. In the Moda Village, we were sandwiched between the crazy girls at the boardwalk, Me & My Sister, and all the giggles and fun to be had there and the prizewinners of the Best Single Booth Award, Minnick & Simpson, with their wonderful red, white and blue quilts. With a July 5th birthday, I'm convinced Laurie and Polly make their quilts just for me. Their Cabin on the Shore pattern is perfect for my front porch. Just need to collect a few more fat quarters...

Robert took a few pictures of some of the other Moda designers before his camera died - Sandy Klop of American Jane, Deb Strain & Mom of Saltbox and Edyta's Laundry Basket. Sandy outdid herself with a wonderful quilt made with a gazillion half square triangles the designers traded as a challenge; Deb's new eggs and coordinating prints from Cherish Nature look like you could pluck them from the fabric (but avoid "the new grandma zone" unless you have time to ooh and aah over her new twin grandsons - they're so cute!) and Edyta's new book on Friendship Triangles is as full of energy and enthusiasm as she is (she's been fondly dubbed the Moda Energizer Bunny). Additionally, Barb & Alma of Blackbird Designs had a beautiful booth with twinkly lights and pumpkins at the foot of a bed dressed to the max, Kathy Schmitz made original framed artwork from old paper photo frames, newspaper and bird prints to adorn her space, Sandy Gervais of Pieces of My Heart created adorable wool projects to stitch - but the pattern itself is cute enough to frame! Surrounded by all this talent is both humbling and energizing.

Better get back to work for now but will post more pics in the next few days.


  1. Hi Lynne -

    I'm so glad that you decided to do a blog! I've been hoping that you would and now it is here! Great job - love the pictures and am a devoted fan of Kansas Troubles anything!

  2. thank you for all the detail.. i just posted a bunch of pictures with limited text.. ;-) it was great to meet you @ market!!

  3. I totally agree that it was great to meet you and your husband at Quilt Market. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us - I love Kansas Troubles Quilters fabrics!

  4. i love your fabric. Most of the girls at the quilt shop I go to . Have our own quilt shop of kansas trouble fabrics. Which we love. I would love to win.