Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome to Fabric Fondlers Anonymous

Ladies, I need to set the record straight and admit that Aleece is my granddaughter, not my daughter. Actually, I would rather stick a hot poker in my eye than have a 5-year-old full time at this point in my life (52-years-old). Don't get me wrong, I dearly love all my grandkids, but there's no way I could keep up with this job and chase little kids, too. I remember all too well how hectic is was 25 years ago when my own were that age. Now, my oldest, Neil, is 32; Brent & Brian (twins) are 30, and my daughter, Nicole, is 28. Glad I had them when I was young and stupid :).

Anyway, here's a shot of 4 of my 5 grandkids after the Easter Egg hunt last Sat. From right to left, Cooper, 9; Aleece, 5; Delainey, 3 (Cooper's little sister); and Bronson, 4, in front. Rowan, 7, lives in WA and couldn't be here this time. He'll be back for 6 weeks this summer between our house and his other grandparents. We'll try to squeeze all the fun we can out of time we have with him.

Watch in the next few days for the April Giveaway.


  1. I just recently found your blog. Don't ask me how come I didn't know about it until now! Not that with it I guess! I have loved your fabric and patterns for years. Actually your fabric lines are always my favorite from Moda. I'm always excited to see what you come up with next! JUst wanted to stop by and say how much I appreciate your work! Have a great day!

    Happy Quilting!

  2. When I saw "fabric fondlers", it reminded me of when I was little and went to the fabric store with my mother, she would touch all the fabrics and I would wonder why! Now that's me!!LOL ♥

  3. Hello,
    I have 5 of those grand daughters who all love to fondle the fabric.. I love sewing with them but they wear me out too. I have really enjoyed teaching them what I know about quilting and hope it lives on through them..
    Have a great week,

  4. You have a beautiful group of grandkids. I know that feeling, I am the same age and know I would not have to patience to be a full time mom now;) I am still waiting for grandkids though.


  5. Hi Lynne, was blog hopping tonight and saw you had a blog. How fun to see your sweet face! I will have to catch up and read your old posts. Just had to stop and say hi. Don't do the quilt markets anymore, life got very hectic caring for Phil's Dad and then my Dad. Getting back into the swing again.

    So good to see you have grand babies and are so happy!!!!!!!! I have 9. Love it!!!

    Blessings, Linda
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