Sunday, October 24, 2010

Down to the wire.

Only a couple days left until we leave for Fall Quilt Market in Houston to show our latest wares, including the KT Fav BOM above. I'm putting together a brochure, stitching on sleeves and gathering the finishing touches for the booth this afternoon. Lois and I will be making backdrops and pole covers tomorrow, then we'll print, pack on Tuesday and head out on Wednesday. We're stopping in Dallas at the Moda warehouse on our way down. I love seeing everyone's stuff in person and it's pretty surreal to walk up and down the aisles with stacks and stacks of KT fabrics on the shelves - awesome!

Check back after market for some cool giveaways each week in November, plus the Quiltmaker 100 Block blog tour. So much inspiration, so little time.


  1. Your new BOM is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what is new after Market. Have fun!

  2. Good luck at market, wish it were closer, would love to go.


  3. Lynne,
    The quilt is outstanding!See you in Houston.
    Have a safe trip!


  4. The new BOM is awesome!!! I love how the eye travels around the quilt ....

  5. WOW... I love your fabrics, the colors, the designs... wish I could go to market and experience it .. maybe some year.

  6. It is a BEAUTY!!! Best wishes at market!!

  7. Lynne-
    What a wonderful creative tribute to the 10 years of quilts and fabric we know and love as Kansas Troubles! Congratulations! We Kansas Troubles fans look forward to 10+ years of more good stuff. Love, love, love the new BOM!

  8. Absolutely Beautiful, a total Goose Bump moment!!! Have a wonderful time at market, I know the BOM will be a HUGE success!!!

  9. I am in love with this quilt - it is totally on my to-do list! Have a great time!