Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goodbye Florida - Hello Kansas Snow!

Home Again
Robert and I made it home Tuesday night just before the rain turned to ice and it started to snow. Pretty good timing. It was sooooo nice to sleep in our own bed again after almost 3 weeks on the road and a dozen motel beds behind us. The 3 things I miss the most when I travel?
*my own Tempurpedic bed
*everything in it's place on the nightstand
*good toilet paper

We take a bag with our own pillows, a king top sheet and a couple of quilts to remake the motel beds, if needed. Usually, it's needed. Robert freezes and I melt under the "down" comforters so many of them provide anymore. If I can snuggle under one of my own quilts, I'm usually good for the night. Do you travel with your own quilts?

The Winner
Our winner of the Pheasant Hill Dessert Roll & Dessert for Two pattern is.....June D! Congrats! I read about your move on your website - hope you found good boots and warm socks. I love my Uggs, but they don't hold up to big puddles.

Camp Blanding
Pam & I met in Florida at Gloria Parson's semi-annual retreat for about 200 quilters each Sept. & January. I was amazed and intrigued by the wide variety of projects being stitched by these very talented ladies. There were lots of batiks, novelty prints for kids, patriotic quilts for donation to veterans and even a group of rug hookers. The quality - and quantity - was staggering to behold. I taught a couple of classes - the first was Coin Toss from my new book, Loose Change, available on my website at Here are a couple of versions that were finished the same evening!

The first one is made with a KT Layer Cake & Charm. This lovely quilter's frown turned into a wide smile with every stitch!

 Her friend chose to use her stash to make the same quilt in muted brights - love the pops of orange and lime! Two more converts to the layered patchwork way of stitching up fast & easy quilts. Just remember to cut the squares to be layered/stitched with a pinked edge rotary blade.

Watch for more quilt pics of the Spoolin' class on Monday (they're on R's phone).

The Giveaway
Check back in on Monday when we'll have a new giveaway - any requests???


  1. Beautiful quilts and looks like a fun retreat.
    I found one of your older books in a thrift, lucky find.
    I love books with smaller projects that I can use for gifts since I am making them all year round.


  2. There is nothing like sleeping home in your own bed! I always bring my own pillow and a blanket of some sort to snuggle up in to sleep.

  3. Oh my gosh - this is perfect! I'm so glad I stopped by to see your blog and put my name in for the drawing! Thank you so much! June

  4. You have me giggling at your "own toilet paper". PRICELESS !!
    Just another reason why I love you, Lynne!! LOL

  5. Love the idea of remaking the hotel bed!

  6. Yes! I'm a terrible travler anymore all those News shows have made me a crazy person. My husband always says if were takeing the house why are we going any where. Eveything looks better in KT.

  7. Love seeing what was done in class and the different versions! I always bring my Tempurpedic pillow but usually don't have room to bring a quilt unless it's a car trip. I agree--the best thing about being back home is my Tempurpedic bed--wish I could pack that!!

  8. What a beautiful pattern! Love.the quilts. I must get that pattern.

  9. Love that you remake the beds! The things that we quilters do! I am right there with ya on the toilet paper!
    We would love to have some giveaways for some "Spring" patterns.

  10. Tip for future travels - pack your own TP LOL - I was one of the "hookers" at the CB retreat. Your "shop" items and quilts were gorgeous. It was nice to meet you - hope you enjoyed your time in the sunshine state and have fond memories. Melody

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