Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Star Cluster Quilt-a-Long Week #6

Week #6 - Mini Churn Dash

How did you get along with the mini stars last week? They're a challenge, for sure, but now you're totally ready for the mini churn dash blocks! They're easier to piece and press, so the worst is over. Let's get started...

Half Square Triangles (HST) 

Technically, the half square triangles (HST) for the mini churn dash blocks are cut 1 5/8", but I usually add an 1/8" to the cutting dimensions to allow for trimming. I cut my HST squares 1 3/4" to have a little wiggle room to easily trim down to 1 1/4" for a 3/4" finished HST. The steps are the same, just on a smaller scale. Draw a chalk line diagonally on the wrong side of the darker square; layer right sides together with the tan square. Stitch on both sides of the drawn line. I line the right toe of my presser foot up with the line when stitching in both directions. When the stitched squares are cut in half on the line, I have a smaller seam allowance which works better for a small block.

I finger press the center seam open, and press with my iron. Then I spray with sizing and press again to set the seam. 

Now, it's time to trim. Line up the 45degree diagonal line on your square ruler with the seam line, allowing excess fabric on both sides of the 1 1/4" square lines. Trim the right side and top, turn the block 180degrees, and trim again for a perfect 1 1/4" HST.

Assembly is a breeze - it's just a little 9-patch. Press toward the C-tan rectangles for opposing seams. Here are a few of my mini churn dash blocks using the new Sweet Holly fabric plus a couple other tans.

Over the long weekend, I laid out the center of the quilt and am ready for the HST filler blocks for next week. This is a chance for me to use some of the larger Christmas prints that will shine in bigger pieces.

We're on the home stretch now. After next week's filler blocks, we'll talk about the HST border and assembly. See you next Tuesday!

Remember, the KT Quilt Shop is reopening next Tuesday, June 2nd by appointment. Please wear a mask and adhere to social distancing practices. We're eager to welcome quilters back to the store safely. Call 785-488-2120 to let Robert know you're coming.

How is your quilt coming along? My Quilter's Select square rulers in several different sizes have been such a great help trimming all the HST in this quilt. Comment here to win a Quilter's Select 3 1/2" square ruler. I'll post the winner next Tuesday.


  1. I haven't started my quilt yet...only because I am trying to get a quilt done for a wedding.

  2. I'm loving this quilt. Also working on the BOM and Woven Dreams, so I'm living the KT life! Enjoying every minute!

  3. I am having so much fun working on this quilt. Those little stars are a bit fidgety and I might lose some points when it sewed together. I love it so far and can't wait to start putting it together. Thank you,Lynn,for your tips and lessons along the way.

  4. I am loving the Star Cluster and thanks for the great tips you are sharing.

  5. Your instructions are very clear and helpful. I am curious about that little ruler you use for squaring up.

  6. haven't started mi quilt yet - have 2 UFOs that I promised myself I would get done before anything new gets started - hoping that will spur me on!

  7. Lynne, I'm behind and haven't started yet. Is there somewhere that talks about the amount of fabric we need? I have lots of Kansas Troubles!

    1. The pattern is Star Cluster and is available in print or PDF at ktquilts.com.

  8. Love this - doing good so far! My sampler class is also using KT fabrics this year - so excited! This ruler would be awesome - haven't seen it before but would love it!!!

  9. I have 2 Quilters Select rulers at home that I picked up when at the retreat last year! They take a little getting used to but once you do, you want one in every size! Still trying to catch up on Star Cluster but between that and the BOM, the quarantine hasn't been so bad at all!