Monday, May 23, 2022

Studio Update

I've been enjoying my new studio space for about 3 weeks now. We worked our tails off over a 10 day period laying floors, touching up paint, building shelves and moving all the stuff from my sewing room at the house and the building in time for pictures for a secret deadline (more on that later). Now, I'm slowly sorting through drawers and boxes and bins full of vintage sewing collectibles, UFO's, collected fabric and so much paperwork. It's amazing how much you can accumulate over 25 years in business! I still have alot I want to do, but here's a first look at parts of my new sewing room/office.

Robert made a vintage wooden expandable scaffold into a shelf over my fabric shelves where I have some of my antique children's sewing machines and thread holders on display. Above that, we only have the half circle barn vent up so far, but I plan to fill in with my collection of metal quilting stencils and other fun vintage items. 

I love the high ceilings and searched a long time for lighting. I LOVE the light over my cutting table. It's a wooden beam wrapped with 8 lights. It doesn't photograph very well, but I love how bright it is! 

One of my favorite purchases is this 6ft diameter ceiling fan that reminds be of the windmill by our driveway. It moves alot of air and is the perfect rustic touch. The fan and light fixtures plus the pipe for the fabric shelving are the only new pieces I've purchased so far. Everything else was in my former sewing room or in my archive/storage room at the store. 

I'm searching for a vintage piece that would make a good base for my big ironing board with lots of storage for WIP. I store blocks and partly finished projects in cardboard boxes similar to pizza boxes. I can make labels for the ends for easy identification. Now, they are scattered in drawers, suitcases and boxes all over the room.  I know alot of people like to use plastic storage containers, but I avoid plastic of any kind - for environmental reasons and for aesthetics. Until I can find the perfect vintage piece, Robert is working on an open shelving unit using our leftover pipe. 

Watch for more updates as I finish painting the last window frame, add new comfy chairs to my window area and figure out where to put everything cluttering my sewing table. Whew! It could take a day or two. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's beautiful! You're not going to want to go home!

    1. Actually, it's connected to my home. How perfect is that???

  2. Wow ! It is perfect. My sewing table is the wooden kitchen table that belonged to my grandpa & then my Mom. Yes, a table from Kansas. I absolutely love the ceiling fan.

  3. How special to have a family piece to sew on. I love that it's from Kansas, too.