Friday, June 30, 2023

KT July Special

Back to Basics

My new 20-piece line of 10 tans and 10 darks has arrived! Back to Basics is the perfect blend of small prints and classic KT colors to mix into any KT line for a scrappier look. We're offering both versions of the Boxed In kit+pattern all month for only $79.95 plus free shipping (retail $94-104). Or, buy just the Dessert Roll for only $36 (retail $48).

The red/tan version was inspired by a wonderful, graphic antique quilt.The colorful KT version features a Dessert Roll with 5" wide strips, like a double Jelly Roll. It makes piecing this visual stunner a breeze. 

Find the KT July Special HERE.


  1. Nice color combinations. I've never created this particular before, but have often considered doing so.

  2. That should read: "I've never created this particular *design* before."