Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lauren will be Wrapped in Paisley!

Congratulations to Lauren (, our March Giveaway Winner! We'll be sending her a Wrapped in Paisley booklet plus a bag of fabric scraps leftover from our quilts. With 3 little ones at home, you need to start your Christmas projects now. Enjoy!

The new fabric for market, Summer's End, arrived yesterday. It's always so much fun when the UPS guy brings boxes from Moda. Lois and I will be sewing like crazy beginning next week. For now, I've got grankids here for the weekend (short spring break at Aleece's school). She'll help do some stitching on charm squares, but I'll wait to do the big projects after she's back at home. Aleece, 5 1/2-years-old, loves fabric. I've purchased a couple of charm packs for her - the latest was Sandy Gervais' "Needful Things" with the adorable shoe prints - and she'll lay out the squares in various configurations, pet the fabric and talk about which print she wants for borders, etc. She's my best hope for the next generation of quilters, so far. We'll work on her quilt this weekend when we can, but the weather is so beautiful we'd both rather be outside. I have flower beds that need a good spring clean-up and pansies to plant and she has a dog to chase and a cat to cuddle. It'll be a busy weekend all the way around!

Have a happy and blessed Easter at your house,


  1. Congratulations Lauren! Make something wonderful!!! I also have to tell you that your remarks about your young daughter 'petting' her fabric, really made me smile. I was moving my sewing from our living room, to the family room downstairs today and I had to take the drawers of fabric out of the holder to move it down. My hubby happened by while I was going through and rearanging my stash and said, "you go through that stuff at least 4 times a week, why???" I explained to him that auditioning fabric for a block or quilt is very serious business...I didn't add that I like to fondle and 'pet' my fabrics so much that even if I'm not 'auditioning', I still have to go through it. He has said many times that he believes I am addicted to fabric. Well, okay then, "Hello, my name is Nancy and I'm a Fabric Fondler". I also wish I had started quilting earlier in life when my daughters were young. I just know that at least one of them would have contributed to the 'next generation' of quilters, just as your little girl will. Thanks to you and your daughter for making both my face and my heart smile today.

  2. Congratulations Lauren.....I too am a fabric fondler like your daughter....I shop for clothing the same way...If it doesn't pass the touch test it stays on the rack....have fun with your fabric....

  3. Congratulations to Lauren.
    I am guilty of being a fondler too, I have to touch things before I buy them.