Thursday, May 13, 2010

Panhandle QGuild in Scott's Bluff, NE

Here's a look at a couple of workshops from last month's trip to Scott's Bluff, NE. Twenty-five quilters took classes each day to learn my raw edge applique technique to make the Skipping Stones quilt on Friday or a Mini Table Treats quilt on Saturday afternoon. I love Diana and Alvina's versions with batiks! Thanks to Sharon Armstrong for sharing the group shot at their guild meeting.

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend of quilting!


  1. Just a suggestion, why don't you link your blog on your home page?

  2. Wonderful pieces. We have a guild here, but their membership is full, would love to get together with a group.


  3. Love this! I'm from Nebraska and this just looks like so much fun. It truly is a great place to live "the good life".