Monday, June 28, 2010

The end is near...

The end of June and Summer's End (the pattern, that is) are both near. You still have time to comment to be signed up for a Summer's End booklet and 2 Candy Bars. Several ladies have questioned where to buy the Candy Bar cuts, but as far as I know, they were just a special market giveaway. Quite a collector's item!

Since the grandkids were here, I'm chasing daylight trying to get caught up again. My Christmas fabric collection for 2011 is due July 1st and we just got in the new KT Favorites fabric. Lois and I start sewing tomorrow to make several projects for a booklet with the KC Star, Border Garden. I'll take a picture before sending it to the quilter next week.

Thought I'd share a few shots of the garden. The Morning Glories were just 3" high shoots from a friend's garden this spring. Nancy Arnoldy also gave me alot of Brown-eyed Susans - the rabbits thank her! Just figuring out this year what grows well and what's considered a snack by the critters.

Talk to ya on the 1st,


  1. Is the KT Favorites a new line, or a bunch of grabs from older lines? I can't imagine Christmas fabric for 2011 already, but I guess that's what keeps the machines clicking, huh? Can't wait to see your booklet projects. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Candy Bars can be purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop, I believe :)

  3. I love the flower bed, nice picture. Can't wait to see what is coming.

  4. I love using rocks around my flower beds.
    Your morning glories are beautiful.


  5. Ready for more KT! I'm a little behind, just finishing my cranberry wishes lap quilt.

  6. I am new to your blog - I was born in Kansas so it caught my eye. I have not heard of the candy bars (moda)
    I am not sure how to log on as far as entering for the June drawing. Hope this is right.

  7. I am tickled to have found your blog and hope to win a pattern. I actually won 32 fat quarters of your wrapped in paisley collection in a shop hop this week. Cant wait to see what I can make with them :)

  8. Would love to win 2 packs of the candy bars - they're beautiful and I've been admiring them on the Fat Qtr website.