Monday, July 18, 2011

Is it hot enough for ya?

Temps are hovering above 100 here in the heartland. Oppresive heat and humidity are forcing me to stay inside and sew instead of working in the yard. Not a bad thing, it's just starting to feel like cabin fever in Feb. all over again. I'm ready for a change of scenery. Thank goodness next week I'll be headed to Threads of Friendship Quilt Guild in Bloomfield, IA for a program (Thursday, July 28th) and a workshop on Friday. Then on to Cherokee, IA for a workshop/program at Quilt 'n Kaboodle Quilt Shop on Saturday. We'd love to see you there!

Aleece was checking out the blog comments and quilter's pictures over my shoulder and remarked "June must be a nice lady". I asked why she would think that and she responded, "Because she has Hello Kitty by her name."  That was random enough for me! Congrats to June for winning the BtoPII charm pack this week. I love the way that child's mind works.

Betty Lou asked in a recent comment if I would classify KT fabrics as reproductions. My understanding is that reproductions are designed to come as close to the original quilt with period colors and prints as possible. I have the luxury to choose vintage prints from any era, then  recolorize, resize, cut and paste and play with them as I please to get the look I want. I'm not locked into strict reproduction rules, I've just kinda developed the KT look over the years and try to stay true to what I love. Color is the biggest factor for me, but often, I start with a print that is just 2 colors and make it a multi-color or it might be a double pink or a funky acid green and make it any color I want. Small, even geometrics/dots and vine-y prints are my go-to favs for mix-ins once I find the right larger print for the feature piece. Having a theme helps, but often, the fabric leads me to the theme. I like to use stripes and prints with a strong line and turn them on the diagonal, too. They're easier to work with in a block. What are your favorite go-to prints? Do you start a quilt with a larger print or just collect randomly and pull from your stash? I'd love to hear how you "plan" a quilt.
Thanks to all of you for your support and comments over the past 20+ weeks of Charming Thursdays. Another Christmas line is up this week.
Til then, stay cool!


  1. I hear you on the heat, at least in the winter, I can go outside, even if it is freezing;)


  2. I do not like the heat either. I like to choose fabrics randomly!

  3. Even here in Canada it's too hot. Sewing is a good inside sport so that's what I'm doing too.
    When I'm planning a quilt I usually have a focus fabric and then pull colours from it to blend in. I've done a couple of scrappy quilts and found myself trying the match colours or not putting two prints beside each other. I had to work at just pulling a strip from the box and using it. Have fun on your trip to Bloomfield and Cherokee.

  4. Lynne, you should plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest, we have had little summer here with temps rarely above 75!! Today in Vacouver Wa it's cool and rainy and we would gladly have some heat and sun :). Usually a quilt pattern that I love speaks to me first and then I fit in the fabrics from there. That determines what kind of prints and patterns I use, sometimes I base it on a focal print but more often than not it's color or a collection that do it for me. I've really enjoyed the Charming Thursdays and reading everyone's comments as well as your beautiful quilts, Thanks SOO much for sharing with all of us. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon!

  5. It seems where I have gone this summer, it was suppose to be cooler tempertaures until I get there and of course the place is having record highs. Guess I will just stay home and quilt.