Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Greetings from Alaska!

What an adventure! We've seen mountains and glaciers, whales and bears. We've eaten tons of seafood and exotic fare, watched delightfully entertaining shows and laughed until we've cried. Our first class with the quilters went smoothly - Pam taught her Stillwater Creek quilt with stars and flying geese. I'm up on Thursday with Spare Change, then Sat. is our joint project, Friendship Garden. Here's a brief overview of the trip so far.

We started out in Seattle, visiting Pike's Market, watching them throw fish at the market, beautiful bouquets of flowers - most for $5 or $10 bucks! - and lush fruits and veggies. We snacked our way thru, then indulged in a seafood feast at the Fisherman right on the dock.

Mendenhall Glacier and a bear sighting...

Oops! Here's the real bear, sauntering down to the stream to catch his supper of tasty salmon.

There were fields of purple flowers everywhere, along the street, in the ditches. They're a weed here called Fireweed, but beautiful.

We were amazed at how well flowers grew when the highs thru the summer are about 60, but they get alot of rain.

So that's the trip so far. Follow Pam's Facebook page for daily updates (my phone doesn't work up here in the wild). More later!



  1. What an adventure, sounds like you have having lots of fun.


  2. Beautiful! I hope to make it there some day!! :-)

  3. thanks for sharing some photos. what a great place to visit. I with ya' when it comes to eating seafood. Yum!

  4. Oh wow! Thank you so much for sharing! :) We moved from WA state last year, and have many fond memories of Pikes Market! Such a fun place. And yes, those flower bouquets are so beautiful and so inexpensive!

    Love the wildflower pics, and bear pic from AK! Have fun and be blessed!

  5. Your header said "Greetings from Alaska!" but your picture was of the Pike Place Market in Seattle so I was very confused for a minute :D

    Looks like you were in the Seattle area in time to discover our closely-held secret (it doesn't always rain here and can be downright beautiful when it's not raining). Don't tell anybody.

  6. What a trip! Love the picture of the wildflowers!

  7. I have some nearly identical pictures when I went a few years ago. When I was in Seattle we found a great yarn shop. I wish I could have gone on your trip. I think you could see Alaska every year and still want to go again. I got my KT Christmas quilt back from the quilter today and it's awesome. I'm all geared up for your new book to come out. Can't wait!

  8. I went the same time that Brenda ^ went. Such an awesome trip.

    Sure wish I was there with you taking your class.

  9. Alaska sure is beautiful! Glad you are having fun!