Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Winners & More

KT Winners

Thanks for your patience while Robert and I worked & played in Florida this month. Here's the list of winners from the past couple of weeks:

Winner of Me & My Sister's  pattern Slice of Cake - 
mtquilter-Even though I generally pick a darker palette to work with I love the brights too. I think lime greens and oranges are some of my favorites...throw back to the 70's I think!

Winner of the KT Cruisin' Sampler pattern -
sunny-Love the quilt! I wish I was cruising along with you....

PS - I said this pattern would'nt be available until after the 2018 cruises, but there are several quilters joining us again next year. So, I'm designing a new project for 2018. That means, the KT Cruisin' Sampler pattern/kit will be available at just as soon as Robert is caught up. Interested? Call Jamie today!

Winner of 6 KT plaid fat quarters -
DebMac- If you ask my children their favorite color; they will tell you plaid. Plaids are a big favorite at my house so I am very happy to see you introduce them to your line. They just add something to a quilt. 

Reflections on Florida in Winter 

Robert and I had a great time in Boca Raton, FL with the lovely ladies of the Gold Coast Quilt Guild. We shared dozens of quilts in a trunk show one evening, then had two fun days of classes. Here's proof that I didn't just lay on the beach the whole week.  ; )

30-Something Workshop - from Layers of Love book


Stacked Coins Workshop - from Loose Change book

We had a day to repack suitcases and shop a bit, then onto the Freedom of the Seas for an 8-day quilting cruise with 100 terrific ladies. Funny, the only picture I have from the cruise is of Jenny & I visiting the Caribelle Batik factory in St. Kitts. What an educational, entertaining excursion. We were able, along with all of quilting friends, to create our own batik fabric with a special stamp dipped in wax. Then we dyed our stamped fabric in bright yellow dye. I'll share my project when it's complete.

Jenny & I both found a few treasures in the gift shop and the guys bought cool batik shirts. Best port to visit on this trip!

I was pleasantly surprised how many of the quilters finished - or were nearly finished - with their quilts before we docked. I'm so proud of all of them. I can't wait until next year when we teach two cruises back-to-back! Woohoo! Hope you can join us sometime.

Watch for an important announcement next week, Wednesday, February 8th, right here. You won't want to miss it!


  1. Your trip and cruise sound wonderful. Just what a person needs this time of year. Thank you for choosing me to receive the pattern from Me and My Sister. It will be fun to get some colorful fabrics and work on a new pattern.

  2. Wow! A cruise sounds wonderful! Good to hear it was also so productive! ;)

  3. Going on a cruise with you, Lynn, would be a dream come true!!

  4. Sounds like you had great fun and are planning lots more!

  5. Thank you for visiting with my mom, sisters and myself during the cruise sewing days! We all really enjoyed your class and are working to finish our projects. Hope to attend an "on land" retreat with tou in the future.

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