Sunday, March 15, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM

Block #5 - Garden Spinner

Correction: The last purple fabric swatch in the first row is 9611-16 9612-16 from the Milestones' Layer Cake.

I love the look of half square triangles (HST), but had trouble when I first started quilting getting them to come out perfectly square and measure the right size. I've tried several different triangle papers in the past, but I don't like to peel the paper when I'm done. I feel like I get the same results by adding an 1/8" onto the cut size, sewing a scant 1/4" seam allowance, pressing the seams open and trimming. My favorite ruler to trim HST? Quilter's Select. Their rulers are clear (no neon for me!) with thin black lines that are easy to see on dark or light fabrics. I also love the texture on the back that makes these rulers practically slip-proof as you're trimming along the right side and top of your HST. And now, they have little suction-cup handles so you can move the rulers even easier. They're great on the smaller square rulers when cutting HST.

Quilters Select 2 1/2" square + handle

Once you've made the HST for Garden Spinner, the next step is to sew them together with side triangles cut to the exact size. Always begin sewing from the 90 degree square corner of the triangles, not the points. Everything will work out much better. At this point, I like opposing seams for perfect intersections.

If you're having trouble getting the block to come out the correct size, check your seam allowances. If necessary, cut the A-purple and D-tan triangles a bit larger than it says and trim your block to size.

Have questions? Go to my Facebook page (20 Years of KTQ BOM) for more information and to share your blocks with other quilters sewing along. See you for Block #6 on March 30th.

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