Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrating Kansas Day with quilts

Robert and I had a great time this afternoon hosting Mrs. Swearengen's 4th grade class from here in Bennington. They've been reading Little House on the Prairie to prepare for Kansas Day (Jan. 29)and were interested in 9-patch quilts. I just happened to have a few to share - old and new. I showed a few examples of 4-patches and 9-patches, then sent them into the bedroom with more than 30 quilts on beds, walls and chairs to hunt for more quilts with the same blocks. They spotted several right away and asked very intelligent questions. We moved on to the kitchen to check out the various tools they might have read about - butter churns & molds, cast iron skillet scrubbers and hand mixers & mashers. In the hall with the laundry collectibles, there were lots of questions about the sock stretchers and wash boards. So inquisitive! They were a delightful bunch - very polite, engaged and interested in all the old junk we have around the building. Definitely something we need to do every year. Kudos to Mrs. Swearengen for trying to bring history to life for her students.

Be sure to check out Moda's Designer Pillow Talk Blog Hop beginning Feb. 1st. Go to for a complete list of participating designers and visit a different blog each day. Lots of fun and surprises! I'll be back for my Pillow Talk day on Feb. 7th. 'Til then, wishing you sunny skies and drinks with umbrellas!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! I'm sure the children were thrilled with their visit and kudos to the teacher! Happy Cruising!

  2. What a fun experience for the children, seeing what they have been learning about, in a fun environment.


  3. blog hops are so much fun! Can't wait to visit them all!

  4. I bet you've inspired more than a few future quilters - great job!

  5. Help please..
    I found a picture of a quilt with a nice block pattern in internet. Unfortunately, there was no title to or a label. Maybe there is somebody in blogland can help me? I would intressted the name and perhaps the history of the pattern.
    It was a wonderful two-color quilt in blue and white. I made a sketchy picture and put in my blog.
    I would be happy to answer a helping.
    greets from Berlin/Germany
    Kat :)

  6. The blog hop sounds interesting, haven't done one before. I bet those kids had a great time, you always make things interesting. Seeing the room makes for good retreat memories.