Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Summer's End Winner, etc...

Pat F. from Jamestown, NY is the winner of the KT Summer's End charm pack and pattern this week. Congrats! Please send your info to ktquilts@twinvalley.net and we'll ship it right out.

For those of you who've been following my blog, you know we're under construction AND having computer issues. (Anyone I've sent an email with an attachment that's bounced dozens of times knows what I mean.)We moved my computer, sewing machine, etc. out of my studio on Sat. so Neil could install windows on Sunday - and it rained all day. We haven't had but a few drizzles of rain for 4 months, but as soon as the windows arrived, we got soaked with over 2 inches! Isn't that the way it goes?? But, if that's what it took for it to rain, I'm fine with it. Sooooo....the windows went in last night, I plugged in this morning and we're kinda back in business.

I've been doing some research on cameras - anyone have a favorite? The only couple of requirements so far are that it has to have the stablization feature (I tend to wiggle a bit when I take pics) and a zoom lens. I trust you guys to help me out here. Thanks for all your comments.


  1. Digital Cameras: I love love my Canon SX110IS. It's a little big for your purse but worth it! I took the pics for our class in Dansville- remember me? Basically, it's a point and shoot but it has a ton of other featires and settings like taking pics of fireworks, a macro lense, night pics,etc. It has a 10X zoom and image stabilizer cause I shake too.

  2. I have a Casio Exilim 10.1 Mega Pixel. Small enough to put in your pocket and takes great photos. Lots of features including the 'anti-shake' setting, and a great zoom feature.

  3. It really depends on what other features are really important to you...for example, I really like portability as well as the choice of doing either manual or automatic settings. Most of the time I want the camera to think for me and I only want to setup the shot. I tend to like the cameras in the Canon Powershot line, which I can clip onto a belt loop when walking in a botanical garden, or slip into a purse at a quilt show. Of course, if you want interchangeable lenses, you'll want something larger. A favorite site for camera reviews is http://www.dpreview.com/reviews
    Let us know what you get!

  4. I really like my Canon EOS Rebel T1i! We have 2 lenses for it. I take it everywhere we go (I have two grandbabies and you never know when they are going to be doing something that Gramma needs a shot of!). It's really easy to use and takes great shots. Hope you find one that you like! HUGS... and stitches ChristieB at queen bee chef at hotmail dot com

  5. Hi Lynne - After using a Canon Rebel for awhile, I wanted something small and easy to carry. I bought a Canon PowerShot, which has a stabilization feature and also zooms. I love it, and rarely pull out my big Rebel anymore. I can tuck it in my pocket or purse (I recommend a light-weight case to protect the screen from scratching). It goes everywhere!