Sunday, October 30, 2011

Warm Memories Winner

Congratulations to Moosecraft from NJ - you're the winner this week of the Warm Memories charm pack and patterns. This post comes to you from the lobby of the Hilton at 10:45pm on Sunday night because the cheap &!@?! charge for Internet in the rooms and it's $100 to connect at the convention center. Really people? Whatever happened to free air? Guess it's time to purchase a monthly plan for my iPad.

Anyway, what you want to see are pictures from market. A slightly fuzzy one of the KT booth will have to do for today. I'll have more for you when I return home on Wednesday.

Happy Halloween to all! Have a mini Snickers for me.

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  1. ooohhh market...more photos!!!

  2. Yippee! Thanks so much! The fabrics are gorgeous and I'm looking forward to stitching up BOTH of these patterns! Thanks so much! I really can't believe the hotels are charging for internet... and $100 to connect at the center? Wow! That's crazy robbery! Love the pics of your booth! I know we all wish we could visit you there! Have fun!

  3. $100!??!!! Wow! Unbelievable.

    Congratulations to Moosecraft.

  4. Congratulations to Sharon!
    That is ridiculous, the hotel rooms cost enough these days, that should be free.


  5. Cannot wait to see the other photos. The booth looks great. Those hotels are ridiculous!

  6. A tradition in our family is to bake our family receipe and give them as gifts to the family members.
    Another tradition is for my husband and I to cuddle up in front of the Christmas tree and enjoy the decorated christmas tree in the dark.

    Happy moments in time...Karencg

  7. Could I see a close up of the quilt on the left in your booth?

  8. Love the arbor and birdhouse. Very pretty booth. I had two Snickers for you. Or was it three? Hmmm.

  9. I would love to make up your flannel quilt. It is cozy and yet does not scream must be masculine.