Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

KT Winner

Congratulations to Kathy in GA - you're the winner of last week's KT giveaway. I really appreciate all your help in suggesting themes for new Mini Table Treats. Watch this fall for a few new designs.

Sweet Pea

Thanks for all the positive comments on the Through the Year wall quilt with button-ons. I've had several emails inquiring about when the fabric & pattern would be ready. Ship date for fabric is October, so I guess I better have the pattern done before then, as well.  Watch here for giveaways. To be the first on your block to have a piece of Sweet Pea - or any KT collection - sign up for our KT Collector's Club. You'll receive (6) fat quarters, a mini charm and a pattern from our KT Stash Society series about a month before the fabric hits the shops for just $25 - including shipping! Email me at the shop at to sign up.


Ok, if you've known me very long, I'm sure you've heard the story of my birth day on July 5th. My Dad tells that during the family's fireworks display on the 4th, my Mom went into labor and he had to quit shooting off fireworks to take her to the hospital. Such a sacrifice! For years I heard that the whole town was lighting up the sky just to celebrate my birthday. Finding out that wasn't the case was like finding out about Santa. Oh well, I still LOVE fireworks. I have a bucket list started on some of the best fireworks displays in the country that I want to experience before I've had too many more birthdays. Any suggestions? Comment here and win a few of my favorite red/tan/blue patterns.
A Wave to Old Glory  features layered patchwork for easy wavy stripes.

Picnic Plaid is simply pieced 9-patches with a red plaid bias strip  stitched
on as you quilt through all the layers.  Fast & easy for picnic fun.

One of 3 seasonal variations in our Frayed Edges, Too booklet that's all plaids cut on the bias
with no batting for the softest, cuddliest throw ever!


  1. I want to make the Wave to Old Glory, but I need to finish a few others first. Have a wonderful birthday Lynne! Love reading your blog and I sent an email for joining the KT Collector's club. Can't wait!!

    Bev Eckert

  2. Happy Birthday! My son was born on July 2 and we always told him when he was little that everyone celebrated with fireworks the day he came home from the hospital. Have a wonderful 4th and I love your quilts and fabrics.

  3. Lynne, you need to come back to Grand Island to experience our fireworks on our street! After they shoot off the fireworks at Fonner Park our street has our own finale! I normally don't like fireworks but after living on our street for 8 years I've adjusted! Sure enjoyed visiting your shop! Wish we would have had more time to visit but I know you were busy! I hope to get down there again sometime soon!
    Vicki Boord
    Nana's Country Quilt Shoppe
    Grand Island Ne

    1. Happy, Happy Birthday! What a great story.

      You must come see the fireworks in Washington, DC.
      A constant finale behind the Washington Monument. You can't help but feel USA pride!!

  4. Well, we have a 25 minute display at a small town here in Utah that we think are pretty great. I must admit though, that the 4th we spent in D.C. was my all time favorite.

  5. Starting on the first Friday in July for ten days Calgary Alberta has the BEST fireworks display every night after the Grandstand show at the Calgary Stampede. In 2014, that would be July 4-13. Happy Birthday Lynne!

  6. LOVE Wave to Old Glory (I'm trying to find it on your website...can I buy the pattern?)!!!!

    Happy Birthday Blessings! That is my Grandmother's birthday. She will be 84.

    I would suggest watching a fireworks display on an Air Force base (if they haven't been discontinued due to DOD spending cuts)! We used to watch them from our backyard when we lived on Nellis AFB in Nevada...spectacular! :)

    Happy Independence Day to all... :)

  7. I like fireworks too, last year here in Central Kansas it was too dry for the town to shoot off the fireworks. So far this year it is dry but I don't think they have canceled them yet. Love your projects.

  8. Happy Birthday! It's not a huge fireworks display, but where I live it's a very fun display--the day after Thanksgiving in Nissway, MN! Sometimes there is snow coming down and being lit up by fireworks makes it magical. Also, on the Fourth, the fireworks from Gooseberry Island in Pelican Lake is an experience--being in a boat with the fireworks overhead is a little scary but so awesome!

  9. Happy Birthday on the 5th. My niece was born on the 4th. I was there when she came and the fireworks were going off. I don't think they do fireworks like they did years ago when I was a kid. I love anything that has to do with our flag. Nancy P.

  10. Boston does a pretty good show and if you are on the Esplanade for the Boston Pops, they play the 1812 Overture and the church bells throughout the city peel at the appropriate time - the finale is the fireworks. In Manchester, NH, where I live (I work in Boston) we have a nice display ... nothing to leave home for ... and I can watch it from my porch, in my pjs, with a beer - all good! Have a fun birthday.

  11. OH wow, am I the winner? What do I need to do?

  12. You really need to be on the National Mall for the big 4th of July celebration at least one time.
    Nadine G

  13. Happy birthday to you! Mine is the 3rd, so I was always told I heard there was going to be a sparkly show, so I came early to see it. :P

    I would love to see the fireworks in DC and the ones in Boston. The St. Louis fireworks are fun, too, since they are on the riverfront by the arch.
    Sandy A

  14. Hey, Lynne, I posted some pics and referenced your retreat center on my blog:
    We really enjoyed our bus trip to your place last month! I also wanted to thank you for teaching a great class at Nana's in Grand Island this spring. I bought Loose Change, the ruler's, and have fabric ready to begin my next project! Thanks.!

  15. There's nothing like the good old red, white and blue! A great fireworks display is at the super loud and fantastic "Freedom Festival" at BYU in Provo, UT.

  16. We are small town USA in southwest Kansas - Ulysses - and we have a fantastic fireworks show each year. Of course, I would like to see fireworks in Washington DC someday. I was born on the 4th of July and for many years thought all the excitement and firework shows were "about me." I love anything patriotic . . . you should see my home . . .

  17. A belated Happy Birthday to you Lynne! Mine is the 4th and I love fireworks too. My best birthday celebration was when we lived in Irving, TX and my husband took me to the Hyatt Regency Reunion Tower in Dallas for dinner. As the Tower rotated, we got to see fireworks displays from all the surrounding towns. A totally awesome sight!!