Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #19

Question of the Week:

Do you display your quilts in your home? If so, how?
They're everywhere - on the bed, over the headboard, on sofas & chairs, table tops, in baskets, as a shower curtain. Some are ones I made, some are antiques. I change them out for the season, but Robert and I have our favorites on our recliners. (I literally just walked around the cabin and took a few shots, so please excuse the dust bunnies, crooked lamp shades and miscellaneous background "stuff" in the pictures. 

Flag quilt made by Lois Sprecker - LOVE IT!

Vintage 9-patch

Quilt top -not in great shape but great color folded just right.

Vintage red/white/blue

One of my fav flannels.

Kitchen table. Lightning rod balls in red/white/blue.

Quilt turned shower curtain.

Blockheads Block #19

Night Flight by Lynne Hagmeier, KTQ

I like the movement in flying geese blocks. You can entice the viewer's eye to travel across your quilt to focus on the best parts. Or a row of them make a great filler/border. However, I hear from alot of quilters that they avoid flying geese - "I lose my points", "They don't come out square", "The geese are lumpy", etc. My layered patchwork technique makes flying geese sooooo easy. If you haven't tried LP with any other block, this is the one to try.

Click on the link above for my Layered Patchwork option. The instructions are for only (4) flying geese. I'm planning to use strips of geese for sashing in my quilt. Cut (8) of the B-tan background to make two rows of (4) geese each for a 6 1/2" block.

Kathy & Joy both chose to go scrappy with their geese and backgrounds. If you prefer traditional flying geese, see the link below. 

Kathy's LP on the left; Joy's LP on the right.
I've promised numerous quilters in my workshops that I would share a sizing chart to convert regular flying geese to my LP method easily. Click here to download the
 KT Flying Geese LP Conversion Chart.  

FYI: I'm making extra flying geese to use as sashing in the setting for my Blockheads quilt, along with other 3"x 6" elements from blocks. Pairs of some of Betsy's little blocks would be great! Watch for a preview of the block setting for my quilt later this summer.

Flying Geese - Traditional Method

I'd forgotten some of the tricks I used in the past for flying geese using the connecting corner method. Try stitching just to the inside (toward the corner) of your diagonally drawn line. Your square will press toward the corner more accurately. Trim the inner tan triangle for less bulk. I chose to make my tan background all the same, but flipped the rows of geese for fun.

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Don't forget - the Moda Blockheads Directory is available for all the block instructions to date.


  1. Love your pics of the cabin! Beautiful

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  3. Posted on Lynne's email then saw she is discontinuing that site.
    Just wanted to say thank you to Lynne, Robert and Joy for a great experience at your shop! It was wonderful!
    What nice, down to earth, Midwest people! You are talented beyond my wildest imagination, Lynne and crew. You are SO-O-O creative and talented, Lynne (and Joy), also, accommodating, helpful, offering a tour of your wonderful enterprise, as we swept in from the (still) fridgid north country. Your shop was total eye candy for me, everywhere one looked!
    It was a real treat!
    Thanks to all three of you for a most pleasant experience! I really didn't want to leave! (and I could have spent much more than I did! And that would be going some)! I'll be back!