Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #20

Question of the Week:

Do you wash/clean your quilts? If so, any special tips to share?
As usual, I can't give a straight "Yes" or "No" answer (drives my hubby crazy!). If it's a quilt to display in the store, no. I like the crispness of the sizing so it hangs well. A wallhanging for home or a gift, no. A quilt with layered patchwork that I want to emphasize the dimension, yes - maybe even a couple times. A lap quilt to cuddle up with, absolutely. I wash my quilts with a mild detergent made for quilts in a front load washer. There's much less stress on the stitching when a quilt is tumbled versus agitated (who wants to agitate their quilts?). If it's a cuddle up quilt, I'll throw it in the dryer on damp dry for a bit, then lay it out flat to dry. I guess the simplest answer is, I wash my quilts when they need it.

Blockheads Block #20

Devil's Claw by Betsy Chutchian (click here for instructions)

This was such a fun block to make. Soooo easy using either method. I like that Kathy used two different prints for the triangles. The layered patchwork version is simply two fabrics and 4 seams after layering/topstitching. (The brown print in the background is from my new fall line, Harvest Hill, coming in October.)

Kathy's traditionally pieced block on the left; layered patchwork on the right.

Click here for my layered patchwork instructions for Block #20.

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  1. I also don't like to wash my wall quilts. I like to keep the vibrancy in case there is any color fade and they hang beautifully. Throw quilts, I want the softness after its been laundered. I use shampoo and tumble dry on low!

  2. If it's a quilt that will be handled quite a bit, like a lap or a throw, then yes. If it's a wall quilt, or even just a little candlemat, no. If I spill on the candlemat I'll wash it, obviously, unless I can spot clean it.

  3. I have numerous wallhangings and I have never washed them. Like you I like the cripsness to stay in the fabric. I have put them in the dryer on air fluff to remove the dust from the fabric. I wash all my quilts that we use and I love to hang them out on the clothesline to dry and get that fresh smell.

  4. I wash my quilt with cold water and if it's a wallhanging I don"t wash,I use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

  5. Love the brown. Especially the light blue in the design. You rock!

  6. I never wash wallhangings, just vacuum them occasionally. Any quilts that we actually use, the ones I keep thrown over the back of the couch or the bed quilts do get washed a couple times a year. I usually take them to the laundromat since I have a traditional agitator machine. I do go ahead and dry them because I don't have anyplace to lay them out to dry completely. I like the way the dryer puffs them up and makes them more cuddly!