Thursday, August 3, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #22


A little birdie told me I blew it yesterday. Sorry I missed the Wednesday Blockheads. I thought I'd pre-scheduled it, but it didn't post. User error, no doubt. I've been away from my studio the past few days, working on trading-in my Mom's car. Since Dad passed in May, there are times when  helping her comes before work. It's a real juggling act, but one I'm sure you can all relate to. I wouldn't have it any other way. The good news? She found a car that makes her face light up ("It's so cute!") and she feels safe in it alone. Check, check. 

Week #22 - Birdhouse by Jan Patek

Here are Kathy and Joy's Birdhouse blocks - one in cotton, one in wool (right) - both wonderful. I think Jan's primitive applique blocks will make a great addition to our Blockheads quilt. Click HERE to find Jan's pattern on her blog. (I'm sure you've already been there, done that.) She has a great tutorial for her applique method.

As always, it's fun to see what everyone else is doing this week. Lisa has an alternate pieced block for those of you who break out in a rash over applique. Betsy has her mini block, as well.

Betsy's Blog -
Lisa's Blog -
Jo's Blog -

Carrie's Blog -

See you next Wednesday - for sure. :)


  1. Quite understand. Family first. And this stretches out looking at the birdhouse blocks done by everyone. Glad your Mom found a car she'll enjoy using.

  2. Where is Kathys Blockhead 22 directions. I can't find them Help!

  3. How I love plaids! Your star block with the green plaid background looks fabulous! Thanks for offering the giveaway.


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