Monday, March 1, 2010

A Weekend in Chicago

Hello! Our February winner of the 6 different Mini Table Treats patterns is.....Cindy from AZ. Congrats on winning and thanks for your input.

I just got home from a weekend in Chicago with designer Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson at the Vintage Textile Show in Elgin, IL. Laurie scored a few great fabrics there last year and I was eager to check it out. Although we didn't find much vintage fabric, we did find some way cool stuff - some hand-painted bird buttons, a nifty needlepoint purse and sterling silver necklace shaped like a purse. Laurie found some neat ephemera for an upcoming book. Definitely worth the trip if you love old junk like I do. We had a very nice dinner at a local joint before heading back to our hotel. Laurie had to leave Sat. morning, but dropped me off at the Algonquin Commons outdoor mall to shop on her way out of town. A day of wandering, inspiration and a couple of movies rounded out a very rare, relaxing weekend. If the sun had been shining, it would have been perfect! Sooooooo looking forward to spring!
Talk to ya later this week,


  1. Congratulations Cindy! :-) Sounds like a very fun weekend Lynne~ I love the header photo~ especially those hat stands! :-)

  2. The trip sounds like fun and a success.

    Just LOOK at those red shoes....

    Thank you so much, Lynne. I am truly appreciative of all that you do. I am an avid KT fan...maybe borderline fanatic. LOL

    I look forward to the patterns. You can pretty much be guaranteed they'll be used SOON!!!

    I have emailed you my snail mail info.

    And, thank you again.