Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday's Winner

The winner of the last Quiltmaker's 100 Block magazine is.... Linda from Georgia. Congratulations to you and all the winner's this week. The QM blog tour has been alot of fun.

Watch in January for a Moda designer blog tour - Pillow Talk. We each created a pillow for a Schoolhouse presentation at market that reflected us as designers and women. Mine, of course, started with a KT block. The 4 larger triangles represent my 4 children - Neil, Brent & Brian, and Nicole; the 24 smaller triangles represent the 24 years Robert and I have been married (as of February 2011; and the 8 penny flowers are for our 8 grandkids. It started with a pieced block, the I added raw edge and fused applique with button embellishment - very similar to many of my quilt patterns. A pretty good representation of me as wife, mom, gramma and designer. It will be fun to make the rounds to see all the different pillows in Jan., so check back for more info later.

My twin sons are huge NE fans and are off to Lincoln to the game today to celebrate their birthdays along with their wives and oldest grandkid, Cooper (actually, all of their birthdays are within a couple weeks - GADS!). We get to stay home and play with Bronson and Delainey today/tonight. Personally, with temps in the low 50's, I'm much happier with my slippers on at home. Hoping to stitch as bit as we all watch How to Train Your Dragon. It's one of the kids' movies I can sit thru again and again.

Check back tomorrow for next week's giveaway announcement. I've been cleaning/rearranging/discovering treasures the past couple days, so stay tuned the next few weeks for some cool junk.

Thanks for stopping in this week for the QM blog tour.


  1. Beautiful pillow and even more beautiful representations!!

  2. I absolutely love, love, LOVE your pillow! Gorgeously yummy it is. ~Kathleen

  3. Your pillow is absolutely gorgeous! Will be looking forward to the Pillow Talk in January. Go Big Red!!! HUGS... and stitches, Christie in SE NE

  4. The pillow is so beautiful. GO HUSKERS!!! This Omaha girl is hoping for another win.

  5. That chair on the porch is my favorite destination in Kansas, and I didn't think it could be any better, but the addition of your pillow made me pine for it even more. It's just lovely! So warm and inviting and what a perfect match it would be with a cozy KT quilt! Wonderful!

  6. Congrats to Linda on your last day of the 100 Blocks Giveaway.

    Lynne, your pillow is absolutely divine! It's representations and your story about them is just the best!! I'll keep posted here for sure to see what you've been up to and what treasures you've been discovering.

    No wonder Pam loves that chair!! You both have great taste!

  7. What a special, meaningful pillow. Love your patterns.

    Char S.

  8. I love that pillow. I want to do some for my couch and designs like that would be perfect.


  9. KT fabric and quilts are so beautiful----my favorites! The Border Garden pattern is lovely. And your "family pillow" idea is great! Thanks for sharing all of your talents with us!

    Mary Jo