Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To market, to market......home again, home again, jiggity, jig.

Well, we didn't buy any pigs at market, but we saw lots of totally cool stuff all around the Moda booth. I'm sure there are pics being blogged, twittered and emailed all over for the last week, but I'm going to share a few here, too, over the next few days. Our booth was designed around a vintage gingerbread trim piece that Pam Buda and I found in Greensville, MO last summer. I knew I wanted lots of fresh flowers for my Perennials theme, so a pair of small shutters were converted into a planter by my oh-so-handy hubby, Robert. The shutters and found parts from his stash were an inexpensive project - the flowers it took to fill it up cost me a fortune! I loved the look and made it home with most of the bouquet intact to enjoy at least a few more days. Shared with my Mom and a friend since it filled several pitchers.

The KT Fav BOM was well received. We saw lots of shop owners standing about a foot away checking out all the details. Too fun! Since our Perennials line was released in September, many shops stopped to check out the quilt, mentioned they'd already ordered the fabric and pattern and wandered on. Guess we're just window dressing - what a life.

It's always so much fun to see all the other designers at the Moda party. This year, they went all out with a bash at Minute Maid Park, serving all-American BBQ and potato salad. Always good eats and lots of drinks. I especially like the aluminum bottles of beer. Who else do you know that throws their office party at a baseball park???

Better go help Robert unload the trailer. Watch for the October winner tomorrow.


  1. I loved your booth at Market... well, the photos that I got to see of it! I am glad that your fabric line is a big hit. The patterns you created are just beautiful- congratulations and thanks for the eye candy!

  2. Love your booth and all the beautiful quilts, the trim was the perfect touch to tie it all in.