Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Monday Winner

The winner of the Autumn Journey charm pack this week is "farmgal". Enjoy!

I love hearing from quilters who have taken my workshops and send pictures of their finished projects. Here's one from Nancy Reed of Wabash, IN. I love that she reconfigured the blocks in Five & Dime, making it a "Nancy original".

That's Nancy, third from the left in blue. The workshop in Wabash, hosted by Quilts 'n Bloom, was held in a wonderfully renovated old gym with a stage - very fun. We're posing on the steps to the stage here. Thanks to all the ladies of Wabash - and shop owner Cheryl - for an entertaining event.

Send your pictures to You just might make the blog!

Aleece and I are off to the building to work this morning, swim this afternoon and wait on the plumber to come fix our water pump. What a time for the well to shut down! No showers, no laundry, no's almost as bad as having no electricity at all!

Stay cool,


  1. Great quilt Nancy! Lynne, hope the plumber gets your pump fixed quickly. I've learned that I can get by without power, but I get real cranky when we have no water! Hang in there.

  2. Thank you, Thanks you, I am so excited!

  3. That quilt is just gorgeous! You have a right to be excited....and very proud, Nancy!! And Lynne I do hope you get water soon!! We had a power outage after a horrible storm, for 3 days, just a couple of weeks ago. Hottest days of summer and no A/C and lost all our freezer/ fridge stuff. I think either (no water or no power) makes for a rough day. Hoping its fixed SOON! S Warren

  4. Thank you Lynne for publishing my quilt on your blog, I am so excited. I want to thank my dear friend Elaine Reed (she's in the plaid blouse in front of me) from Alexandria IN who quilted the quilt so beautifully.