Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Enjoying all the Island had to offer...

Connie and I flew into Seattle Thursday morning, then headed north to Anacortes to meet the ferry the next day. Our first stop was a delightful deli in Marysville, WA for the most spectacular California Turkey Sandwich I've ever had. Fresh avacado and a special salsa dressing made it perfect. They even throw in one of their homemade cookies for the road! Can't beat that.

In LaConnor, we love to explore the rows of little boutiques and shops with clothing and accessories unlike anything we see in the midwest. After dumping our purchases in the car, we headed up the hill to Nell Thorn for dinner on the patio. We shared an outdoor feast of crab cakes, tender assorted green & yellow beans in a light viniagrette sauce and a lusciously creamy berry dessert. We started the day off right with brunch at Calico's in Anacortes then headed to the ferry. Usually arriving an hour or so before boarding is plenty of time - except during the summer on a Friday - duh! We waited more than 4 hours in line to drive on the ferry, but it was worth it to know we had a spot. We made the best of it with cookies and Diet Coke while Connie stitched and we caught up visiting. Before we even set foot on the island, we encountered enterprising ferry-goers grilling a feast on their tailgate grill, making the most of their wait time. Connie made herself at home as the grillmaster - check out her smooth technique with the tongs.

Once on Orcas Island, we headed for our cozy secluded cottage ( to unpack, then straight back to town for dinner at Luna's. Tender, homemade ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, spinach and cheese was the perfect end to the day.

Saturday morning, we made a beeline for the downtown market to check out everything from fresh fruits & veggies & gorgeous bouquets of flowers to homemade art and crafts of all kinds. After shopping for jewelry and pottery, we took a break and had these two handsome fellows make us fresh fruit smoothies in a rather unique way. Delicious!

The wafting aromas from the unique food vendors, including fried oysters (Connie's husband's absolute favs!) called to us by late morning. So far in my life, I've never had to eat more than one oyster - memorably awful. But we dared to try them, they weren't too bad, now we're done.

After more shopping, we stopped to indulge in a relatively new island offering - Kathryn Taylor Chocolates. A cup of frozen chocolate drink topped with chocolate whipped cream to savor with a delectable chocolate almond torte was the perfect mid-day mood booster (like we needed it). We were thoroughly enjoying our chocolates, making yummy noises, when a table full of ladies beside us leaned over and asked, "What are you having?" Right out of When Harry Met Sally....
Our perfect day continued with more shopping, then dinner at Chilada's Mexican restaraunt with fish tacos that were to die for (no dessert). Sunday morning started with brunch at the Olga Gallery with omelets, cinnamon rolls the size of a dinner plate and homemade granola we bought to eat with yogurt and fresh berries the next morning. Supper was simply the best with a piece of berry pie from Passionate for Pies with locally made ice cream as we sat by the water and savored the cool evening breezes.
I can't say enough good things about Orcas and the people who live there and so generously share their little piece of heaven with the tourists. Maybe it's the weather, or the food, or the wonderful company. It was a girlfriend's weekend to remember.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Charming Thursday. Then watch for highlights of my shopping trips over the weekend - just as soon as I get unpacked!

And don't forget about the Moda Blog Hop beginning Sept. 6th. I'll have more info tomorrow.


  1. Enquiring minds want to know, what is the name of the deli in Marysville? I live across the border in New Westminster B.C. and always looking for somewhere for a meal when vacationing.

    Did you go to Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop in Smoky Point? Stop next time and say hi to Carrol!

    Looking forward to more of your adventure.

  2. Wonderful place for a vacation and good food. I had fried oysters once in Maryland, I actually liked them, lol.


  3. I am starving just reading your blog!

  4. Hi, I read about your trip on Connie's email and had to stop by. I'm going to San Juan/Orcas Islands next month so you've given me a great starting list of places to see.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time. Spent a week in the SanJuan Island last year what a great place.

  6. Lynne,

    Glad to hear you & Connie had a great trip. I fondly remember our Orcas Quilt Camp experience. What a beautiful place