Monday, September 3, 2012

Moda Designer Blog Hop, Coming Soon!

I'm headed out the door to film an episode of Quilting with the Stars for Fons & Porter this week in Des Moines, IA. I'm so thrilled to be part of their broadcast! So many fellow Moda designers have been featured on their show, it's an honor to be included. Watch for air date later.

Speaking of Moda designers, this week is the beginning of a 10-day long Moda Blog Hop, and you know what that means? Lots of fun, facts and giveaways from every Moda designer. This year's theme is Our Hometown so you'll get a glimpse into the everyday lives of each designer. I can't wait to see where each of these creative minds lives and breaths and is inspired each day. My day is Sept. 12 along with Malka Dubrawsky of and Edyta Sitar of Three designers will post each day, so don't miss out on all the great insight and surprises you'll find on every page.

Start Sept. 6 with Barbara BrackmanAneela Hooey, and Me & My Sister and follow the Moda links for each day of the hop. I'll see you back here on the 12th!

Before I go, just want to share a picture of my grandaughter, Aleece, with her new cat condo. She acquired "The Marker Brothers", Smudge (black & white) and Sharpie (all black) on her birthday last month. When we went shopping for cat supplies at Petco, she was dazzled by the extravagant cat climbing posts. We sent a couple pictures to my Dad for inspiration, and here's what he came up with. He definitely lived up to his motto: Bigger is better. I'm delivering it in pieces to Aleece's home since it wouldn't fit in her Mom's car. Can't wait to see the cats' reaction, too!


  1. That cat condo will be worth the $$ and trouble. My cats love theirs :-)

  2. What a great cat tree, they will love that, lots of room and climbing space.


  3. Have fun with the Quilting with the stars! I've been watching them for awhile now and think they are great! Love the cat tower! It's going to be so much fun watching the cats play on it! You Dad really out-did himself! :-)

  4. What a lucky girl with a Papa to make this for her! And the cats, too!

  5. Wow! I bet your granddaughter's cats will enjoy their amazing cat tower. I am keeping my daughter's two cats while she and her husband are enjoying a vacation. Cats are amazing creatures. My poor husband is allergic to cats, so he stays groggy from taking antihistamines.

    Can't wait to watch your episode on Quilting with the Stars. Previously, I enjoyed listening to your radio interview with Pat Sloan. Looking for to the Blog Hop!

  6. I tape all Fons and Porter shows, can't wait to see you on it!

    Lucky granddaughter!


  7. I love the Moda Blog Hop!!! It's how I found your blog, and all of the other lovely ladies at Moda and their blogs over a year ago. :)

    That is so neat your father made that cat condo!!! What a huge amount of money he saved you all. Those cat condos go for ridiculous amounts of $$ at pet stores! And your granddaughter is very cute. :)

  8. I've never been to your town, but you make me want to plan a trip there, it sounds like a great place to live. Love the soda shop. I rescued a tiny kitten who was taken from his momma too early a year ago. I got him a cat tower, and inexpensive one from wallmart, that goes from floor to ceiling. He loves it, It was only $38. and worth every penny. He is now a yr old and weighs 15 lbs all pure love.

    I live in a quaint little village near Hillsdale MI I love Hillsdale so much. In the summer the Farmers Market is so much fun, with lots of fresh produce, fruits locally grown meat and crafts is always a delight.

    There are many little shops here with great gifts, a quilt shop several great resturants and the Court House on the town sq is a beautiful historic site as well as Hillsdale Collage. We are about 20 yrs behind the times, as this is a rural community, somewhat similar to yours just on a larger scale.

    I really enjoyed the Moda Blog Hop! (I love Moda fabric)

    Your granddaughter is beautiful. Would love to hear how the cat condo is accepted :) I KNOW the cats will love it!!! Thank you for sharing all the info on your town. It was a real treat to visit you this way~

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