Saturday, February 29, 2020

20 Years of KTQ - Block #4

Block #4 - 4-Square

Are you following along, making your blocks for my 20 Years of KTQ block-of-the-month? We're ready for Block #4 this week. 4-Square is a simple little block that works well to fill a corner in scrappy fashion. When we look at a quilt, we "read" it from left to right, top to bottom, as if we're reading a book. The 4-Square blocks continuing around the corner add visual flow to the quilt and lead your eyes to the next row of blocks.

I used four different fabrics of the same color for each block, but you could do each block in just one fabric. It's your quilt, make it your own.

The only "tricky" part of the piecing is sewing the partial seam to start. The instructions have step-by-step illustrations showing how this is done. I've included the first couple below.

1. Sew B to A leaving about 1" open, as shown. Press seam open or toward blue.

2. Add the next B blue strip to the right side, stitching the full length; press.

Continue with the third and fourth strips, then complete top strip, as per instructions.
Here are Kathy's finished rows of 4-Square blocks.

See you on March 15th and 30th for Blocks #5 & #6.

For those of you receiving our KT BOM kit, Robert is shipping out Shipment #2 this week.

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