Saturday, February 15, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM

Block #3 - Kansas Troubles

Welcome to the 20 Years of KTQ block-of-the-month quilt along. This week, we'll piece my namesake block, Kansas Troubles. Historically, this block was created during the Civil War by a quilter who was protesting slavery and all the violence between Kansas and Missouri during the vote to prohibit slavery in those states. I like the idea that women at that time found a way to express their views, even if they couldn't vote. Smart quilter.

If you'd like the instructions for this block and the rest of the 20 Years of KTQ quilt, go to to order it HERE.

One of my piecers and our KT Event Coordinator, Kathy Limpic, offered to make this block for me since Robert and I took a little vacation last week. She did a great job piecing and taking photos for you. Note her pressing - it's perfection.

For each quarter of the Kansas Troubles block, you'll make (4) matching half square triangles (HST). Sew the HST together in pairs of two. Note direction of HST for each quarter block.

Follow the instructions to sew the HST units to the small middle triangle and add the matching side triangles and tan corner square. Make sure the large tan triangle is the same size as your pieced triangle. Adjust your seam allowance here, if needed. Here are the (4) quarter blocks, 6 1/2" square each.

Add the large blue triangles to opposite sides of the completed 12 1/2" square Kansas Troubles block; press toward blue, then add the remaining two triangles. Your framed 18 1/2" square Kansas Troubles block points should "float" within the blue border.

Stitch the tan squares diagonally over the blue corner triangles, as shown. Trim the tan and blue behind the tan triangles for less bulk (shown below on 3 corners).

 Add the red corner squares just like the tan ones above; trim the red and tan triangles.

 The completed Kansas Troubles block with sashing.

The quilt needed a few filler blocks, so I stitched up some extra HST to make pinwheel blocks with some leftovers from the KT block. Here are Kathy's pinwheels from the front, and back. She has pressed her seams open to lay flat.

Kathy is an absolute perfectionist. I know she'll hate that I posted this picture, but it proves we all turn a block the wrong way sometimes. Funny how it's so obvious in a picture. That's a great way to see if you've laid out any blocks incorrectly in a quilt, too. Take picture before sewing your blocks together. Any mistakes will jump out at you.

 Of course, her final pinwheel section with sashing is perfect! Thanks so much, Kathy!

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See you all on February 29th for Block 4.

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  1. Great block! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on 20 years.