Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Countdown to Spring

First I want to shout out to Clydine and SandyG one more time - you were winners #2 and 3 in the Pillow Talk Blog Hop giveaway. We won't let the Layer Cake and charm pack go unclaimed, ladies, so email me soon! If your profile does not include an email address, I'm not sure how to contact you. Any suggestions?

Featured today are two more projects from Piecing the Past. The original inspiration quilt was just 6 blocks from a larger quilt that had been salvaged as a doll quilt - very ragged and sad, but one of Aleece's (age 6) favorites to pull out when she's here. That's not a problem except she loves to rearrange all the stuff in the bedroom, like doll quilts and the children's collectibles - ironing boards, high chairs, dolls, bears, pull toys. Since she was here a couple weekends ago, that little quilt is nowhere to be found. It might be folded up under another quilt in a doll bed for padding or even rolled up in a basket shoved between two larger quilts. I just didn't take the time to dig thru everything. Anyway, here are the two projects we made - one in plaids with raw edge triangles on the corners of the Rolling Stones blocks and the other, a traditionally pieced block that Barbara Brackman lists as sometimes being called Peek-a-Boo. What a perfect name for a doll quilt! I'll have Aleece locate the original on her next visit. It's always interesting to see where she's moved it and why. I'm glad she sees the entire upstairs at the studio as her playground. She loves to "iron" my collection of vintage children's character hankies on the little ironing boards using the old tin irons. One of the irons from the '50s actually had a cord to plug in and heat up. When she was about 3, she discovered this, found an outlet and was ironing for real when lights started to flicker. Her Mom and I both about had heart attacks when we realized the frayed wiring on her "real" iron was causing it. Who was watching that kid, anyway? I'd love to hear your grankid stories anytime. Please share.

See you Thursday for more "vintage" KT charm packs.


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. How pretty!! I see why it's her fave. ...and what a scary 3-year-old-really-ironing story!! Glad for the happy ending. Flickering lights=divine intervention. ;)

  3. Great quilts! Aleece sounds like me at that age - is there something inherent about irons and women? Very cute story!

  4. Loving the green shades on the quilts you have been showing.
    My daughter was good at leaving the iron on and burning holes in my rugs;)


  5. I love the small version. I made one of your small quilts called Sweet Autumn. It is my very favorite!

  6. Grandkids, we love them dearly...I have a similar story of missing things. Home only a few days after our Stitchin Heaven cruise our 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter,Katie comes for a visit. We have our regular tea party and then grandma was sorting out Edyta's tree parts. Katie of course was helping, for some reason she thought I should take a break and read from my Kindle. I said "no not now maybe later" and she put it back. That evening getting ready to read...no Kindle in sight. I remembered my little helper. So I started in the toy room, checked out the floor heat registers, drawers, cupboards, under couches. You get the idea. She was back the next day. So I made up a fake book cover of the same material and asked her were grandmas other book was, she ran right to were it was suppose to be and looked at me with those big blue eyes "I don't know" and off she went to play. 6 of our 9 grandkids were staying with us after this and that was the big game to find Grandma's Kindle. Then they would get me going again looking. Finally 2 wks after the dissappearance. I found it. We have a corner were our 8 folding chairs are leaned up againist a wall. There it was on the floor again the wall. I had to move all the chairs to get it out. How she got it there I have no idea. I told Katie look what grandma found, her reply,with big smile "oh yea" again off she went to play. So when you least expected it your dolly quilt hopefully will show up. Like I said Love those Grandkids..

  7. I think you have my e-mail.
    So want to win. Love KT wish more was carried in my area. Love the Blog

    LOVE KT!

  9. Love your quilts! Last time my 8 year old granddaughter came she left a note for me but wouldn't give me a hint where! So, I received my 1st KT BOM, went to my basket of 2.5 in squares to label the stacks of fabric - there was the note! She had designed a quit for grandma to make! Well we are going to make that quilt together - it's actually cute!

  10. Oh, I wish I had a cute story about Grandkids, but I don't have any yet!! (grandkids, that is).
    I can't wait, but in the meantime I'll just have to quilt!! Love Kansas Trouble fabrics and patterns!!