Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Moda Blockheads Week #30

Welcome to Week #30 of Moda Blockheads! 

Each week, as I gather more blocks, I'm anxious to see how all of this is going to turn out. It's kinda like a mystery novel, right? Interesting characters, great parts, loads of information - we're just waiting to see how it all fits together. (Hopefully, no quilter in the closet with a bloody seam ripper lurking.) Me? I have a couple ideas, but those will have to wait until market madness slows down a bit. I promise a peek at my setting options soon. In the meantime, I'm loving all of your posts on FB with your blocks in the wide array of color palettes and themes. So inspiring!

Question of the Week - Name a famous quilter that inspired/taught you in the past twenty years.

I was drawn to quilting because of antique quilts. I love all things old with a history and quilts are no exception. I took my first quilting class to recreate a vintage quilt I had yearned for at an auction, but alas, could not afford with 6 kids at home to feed. (Geez, they always wanted breakfast.) So, although technically, not a quilt-maker, Barbara Brackman has inspired/impressed/challenged/taught me more than any other quilter I know. Her vast knowledge of antique textiles and quilts is amazing. I use her books as my quilting bibles and follow her blogs religiously. Every time I find an antique quilt, I refer to her rules of how to date a quilt based on the newest fabrics found in it. Barbara, if you're reading this, thanks so much for all of your contributions to the quilting community. And thanks for being a friend.

Block #30 - Four-Patch Dash by Carrie Nelson
I enjoy Carrie's blocks almost as much as I enjoy her blog posts. So clever. This week's block was easy peasy to stitch, but a good test of your 1/4" seam allowances. Sometimes it's the easy ones that trip us up. Click on the link above for Carrie's block.

Kathy & Joy chose similar colors for their blocks this week - Kathy's version (left) could have a Christmas-y vibe, while Joy's block (right) mixes some KT favorites. There isn't a simpler way to piece this with Layered Patchwork, so we'll go with tried and true traditional.

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Harvest Hill Coming Soon!

I just broke open a Harvest Hill charm pack for a project and couldn't resist fanning them all out - just to look at the luscious fall colors. The weather here in Kansas has changed abruptly to fall temps this week, even to the point of a sweatshirt and sox around the cabin. This collection is bursting with autumn notes perfect for your next project. We'll be watching for the brown UPS truck any day now and will let you know when it arrives. Pre-order fat quarter bundles now.

One of the project booklets featuring Harvest Hill is Be Brave. These quilts were inspired by some sage advice from my grandaughter, Aleece, who claims Jr. High is anything but simple to navigate these days. She has been drawn to any heroine with a bow & arrow since she could choose her own Halloween costume. From Merida in Disney's Brave to Katniss in The Hunger Games to Wonder Woman, these are her female role models.

Aleece, these quilts are for you.

Be Brave booklet with lap quilt, runner & pillow - $12.95
We'll have kits as soon as the Harvest Hill fabric arrives. But win the Be Brave booklet now! Comment here to win a copy for your bookshelf.


  1. I am always a fan of arrow quilts. I like the symbolism of giving a quilt to point the way...home? to a goal? toward the future? Thanks for the chance to win these inspiring patterns.

  2. I love your block and your arrow quilt!

  3. The person who taught me to quilt is only famous in our little town! Kay gave me wings so I could fly. By teaching me the critical basics, she helped me be brave enough to try so many fun techniques, including your wonderful designs. I will always be grateful to her!

  4. Aren't granddaughters wonderful? They push us to do more than we think we can do.

  5. I have a friend dealing with some serious health issues and she is facing them with incredible grace. When I first saw your Be Brave quilt I thought of her. She will be the first I make it for, but I can see making it for anyone dealing with adversity or any sort of adventure that signals they should 'go forth and conquer'. :) Another beautiful quilt.

  6. I love this new fabric line. Can't wait for the release of it. This quilt pattern would be wonderful to make for my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I too have a new Jr. Higher, who totally agrees with Aleece! Love love the arrows......jmh

  8. Beautiful new fabrics and love the Be Brave pattern!

  9. Beautiful new fabrics and love the Be Brave pattern!

  10. Jenny Doan from Missouri Quilt Company & her awesome videos!

  11. This is an awesome pattern! I've been looking for some kind of bow and arrow - type pattern to make, as my son and daughter-in-law have taken up archery in a big way! Crystal was inspired by Ayla in the "Clan of the Cave Bear" books, which your granddaughter may enjoy as well.

  12. Just love your fabrics, old and new! The Be Brave pattern is the perfect quilt to be working on this time of year!

  13. I love the Be Brave pattern, but then I'm in love love with all Kansas Troubles.